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Baby Watch: Week 18

We had the second trimester scan during week 18 and everything looked great!  The baby is moving a lot now!

Boof really wants this sweet potato.  I tried to tell her that it’s her sibling, but she was howling for it anyway.


(This is a look back on week 18.  I’m currently 21 weeks, but want to get these all posted in order.)

Week 18: May 14 – May 20

Baby size: Sweet potato

Maternity Clothes: I have a few pair of pants, jeans, capris, and shorts that still work, but barely.  Shirts are hit or miss.  Many still fit, but I’m not comfortable having shirts stretched tighter over my stomach yet.

Sleep: I wake up a few times each night to roll to the other side and once to go to the bathroom, but otherwise, I’m pretty comfy wrapped up in my Snoogle.  I’ve also noticed I don’t sleep in nearly as late as I would on weekends lately.  I regularly wake up well before 10, which used to be almost unheard of for me.  It’s weird to wake up and see a single digit on the clock!

Symptoms:  I’ve been pretty symptom-free mostly.  I had a pretty bad headache one evening, but it was gone by the time I got up for work.  I kind of just feel normal right now, though a little chunky!  My feet have started to hurt when I’m on them for a long time.

Workouts:  I didn’t get many workouts in at all.  My first day back after Vegas, I opted for a nap since we didn’t get home until almost midnight.  The next day I had an appointment so had to skip my lunch.  I did get in some elliptical and yoga classes, but it definitely felt like an off week.

Good moments of the week:

  • We had our second trimester scan and everything looked great!  The tech spent tons of time trying to get the baby to move around so she could measure everything she needed.  She printed probably 20 or so pictures for us too.  It was crazy to see the baby moving around so much during this one, since we couldn’t see much movement in the last one.
  • On Saturday I went to buy some baby clothes off of a few ladies from the local Facebook buy/sell group and also stopped at a few garage sales.  I got a lot of cute things – it’s kind of addicting!

Movement: I feel movement every day now – usually a few times a day even.  I ate fruity pebbles on top of my cottage cheese and blueberries on Monday and the baby went crazy with movement.  It’s really a weird feeling, but also awesome.  I still can’t feel movement from the outside yet, but hopefully in another week or two Lo will start to be able to feel it.

Food cravings: Not really.  I’ve been enjoying cereal (cinnamon chex or fruity pebbles) on my cottage cheese or yogurt with fruit, but I’ve always liked that.  I’m much more hungry now, and that helps tie me over for a little longer.

Food aversions: None now.  I might as well pull this category off after this week.

What I miss: Being able to go all out at yoga. Knowing what clothes are going to fit me week to week.

What I’m looking forward to: Our next Dr. appt (I feel like I have one every week).  Feeling stronger movement and Lo being able to feel it from the outside.

Milestones: A super-successful second trimester scan.  Feeling movement everyday now.

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