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Christmas Eve with the Crud

Christmas Eve with the Crud

Christmas is here, and it’s so different this year because Jenson understands Christmas so much more as a 3 year old.  He “gets” Santa, is starting to understand certain traditions, and knows tons of Christmas songs.  He’s been excited for Christmas Day and has enjoyed […]

Book It: I finally read some books

I took an unintentional break from reading for a bit, but I recently finished up two books that I really enjoyed – though they weren’t ones that I’d say I couldn’t put down.  As usual, Kelley gave me the books to read once she was […]

October 14 Sunday Social

It’s Sunday Social day where Ashley and Neely post questions each week for people to answer on their blogs and linkup.   1.  Favorite childhood book:  I’m not sure if there was a book that I asked for over and over.  I know I really […]

Young House Love Book

Since we’ve become homeowners, we are both much more interested in DIY and home repair, naturally.  At some point I stumbled upon a blog that has become one of my favorites: Young House Love.  They are DIY-masters and pretty darn funny, plus they do relevant […]

Book it! July/August

I haven’t had as much of a chance to read in the past two months, partly because I’ve been going, going, going, and by the time I get to bed and play a word on my Words with Friends games, I’ve been tired.  The other […]

I Quit a Book

I’m not sure if I’ve ever quit reading a book, no matter how bad it was – except maybe some books back in school that I didn’t choose to read and had no real intention of finishes (Fahrenheit 151 comes to mind).  Well, I tried […]

Book it! June

Does anyone remember the Pizza Hut Book It Program from school?  If I remember correctly, you had a button (like flair) and each time you read a book you got a star sticker to put on your pin.  Once you filled up the spaces on a […]

January/February Books

I’ve read 3 books in the five or six weeks and had pretty different opinions on all of them.  Water for Elephants was definitely my favorite among them, I would recommend In Cold Blood for people who like crime stories, and I wouldn’t recommend Stern […]

Some Favorite Books

Apparently I have really good taste in books.  No one actually told me that, but so many of the books I love have been turned into movies.  I guess I can’t always claim that I read the book before I knew there would be a […]