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Build a Salad Table

Lo built me a salad table on Sunday and it’s set up and planted now!  I’m so excited to see if I’ll get lots of lettuce! The table will be in full sun through the second week of June or so, and then we (meaning, […]

Regrow green onions in your kitchen

I didn’t have time to write a post, but head over to Living on the Cheap to see the post I wrote about how to regrow green onions on your counter from the bunch you buy at the store.

Benjamin Moore Aura® Waterborne Interior Paint

Benjamin Moore Aura® Waterborne Interior Paint

We were pretty lucky that when we moved into our house, we didn’t need to do a lot of painting.  Most of the rooms were painted pretty well with decent colors.  We painted one bathroom before we moved in because it was an awful seafoam, […]

Sparitual Disco Inferno Polish

I bought this nail polish at Earth Fare when it was on sale.  It’s DBP, Formaldehyde, and Toluene Free.  I thought it had some weird name that I couldn’t pronounce and then weeks later I noticed that’s it’s just Spa Ritual, but the words are […]

We Bought a Composter!

Ever since we bought our house, I’ve been so excited to buy a composter.  We never had a yard before and I can’t believe it took me this long (3 months) to finally purchase one.  We eat a ton of fresh fruit and veggies and […]

Save the Earth – it’s the only one we have…

One year in middle school, I convinced one of my teachers to let me and a friend leave class everyday to write a song about saving the Earth in an empty classroom.  I swear it was my math teacher, but seems like an odd class […]

Recycled Magazine Bowl Tutorial

  Looking for an Earth Month project (or just something to do with those stacks of magazines laying around your house)?  Check out my Recycled Magazine Bowl Tutorial posted on Living on the Cheap!       

Best All Purpose Cleaner (according to Cook’s Illustrated)

For those still needing to do some spring cleaning, Cook’s Illustrated did a product comparison for all-purpose cleaners, specifically testing on tough kitchen tasks.  They tested natural and antibacterial cleansers on a variety of messes.  There was only 1 that was highly recommended (that I […]