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Gluten-free Waffle Donuts – No oven needed!

Gluten-free Waffle Donuts – No oven needed!

You know you can make donuts in a waffles maker, right?  Wonuts, I guess?  It’s a game-changer.    OR I’d been craving donuts, but it was during one of those high 80/90 degrees stretch of weather this summer and I didn’t really want to turn […]

Ant Wars.  We won (so far).

Ant Wars. We won (so far).

Moving is never fun, especially when you discover that there are already tenants that you were unaware of.  I never know where to start with unpacking, but the kitchen makes the most sense, because you gotta eat. Back in April when we moved in, I  […]

Kitchen failures #87

I had a doozy of a night in the kitchen on Tuesday with multiple kitchen failures.  I decided to be “on top of things” and throw together some ingredients to prep a casserole to cook after work today.  I had cooked chicken and some broccoli […]

Kitchen Courtesy and Dishwasher Lessons

Let’s talk about kitchens in work situations.  We are fortunate to have kitchenettes in every department, but we are not fortunate enough to have many people with kitchen etiquette.  The kitchen in my office is only shared by 12 people and includes a full-size refrigerator, […]

Regrow green onions in your kitchen

I didn’t have time to write a post, but head over to Living on the Cheap to see the post I wrote about how to regrow green onions on your counter from the bunch you buy at the store.

How to make homemade vanilla extract

How to make homemade vanilla extract

I’m a contributor over at Living on the Cheap and I wrote about how to make homemade vanilla extract.  It’s super easy and I promise it will taste way better than any junk you can buy in the store. Even real vanilla extract that you […]

Press’n Seal Fridge Shelves

Our refrigerator has been mostly disorganized since we bought our house.  It was a big change from a top bottom to a side by side fridge and after we scrubbed it inside and out hard core, I kind of just started throwing stuff in there […]

Do this stuff already: Pantry Organization

Our pantry was really embarrassing and in serious need of full on pantry organization.  It’s slightly bigger than the pantry that we had in our apartment, but when we moved in May, I just opened the boxes and shoved everything in there.  And I left […]

Cookout Leftovers Egg Bake

Cookout Leftovers Egg Bake

One of the best ways to save money in the kitchen is to make sure you eat your leftovers. My husband and I are usually good about eating leftovers, but sometimes we got bored or I want to turn them into something else. The day […]

Cooking Bacon in the Oven

Cooking Bacon in the Oven

I like bacon, but I hate cooking bacon so Lo usually takes care of that (and almost all weekend breakfasts).  On the few occasions when I need to make bacon, I refuse to do it in a skillet and get burned by grease splatters, so […]