Marlowe update: 10 months

I can’t believe that Marlowe is 10 months old – and how much she’s changed from even just a few months ago.  She’s so happy and content and loving.  She getting more verbal and LOVES to eat food.  She loves exploring (sometimes a little too much) and trying to do whatever Jenson is doing, but […]

Marlowe update: 6 months old

Six months was the magic age for Marlowe.  Things got much better as the month went by on all sides and she’s finally much happier!  She started out the month nursing constantly….like around the clock every 1.5-2 hours.  It was exhausting.  One day she woke up and was so obviously heavier.  It was crazy.  She […]

Marlowe update: Three months old

Marlowe is 3 months old now and she’s changing so much!  She started to interact with us (and objects) so much more this month and is really developing a personality. She’s still a clingy little thing – my velcro baby does not really want to be put down. We took overnight trips to our families […]