Organizing photos, baby books and memories

I feel like I’m constantly behind on a million things I want to do…but maybe that’s just life with kids?  Lately I’m obsessed with wanting to write things down for my kids so they have documented memories forever.  I think a lot of it has to do with how much Marlowe is changing, and how […]

Business is good at the Germ Factory

I’ve always known that kids are little germ factories, but we avoided all but 1-2 sicknesses a year.  Until this winter.  This winter, our kids became the bosses of a germ factory, and we are their lowly employees…getting paid every 2 weeks in colds, viruses, and stomach flus.  We literally can’t leave the house without […]

Day in the Life: SAHM version of a bad day

We all have bad days, and bad days have a way of feeling like the worst day ever…until the next bad day.  Luckily, time softens memory about those days. I realized I hadn’t done a “Day in the Life” post for a long time…mostly because I’ve barely gotten around to posting much at all.  It […]

Let them play: Avoid sport specialization in youth

In the last 15ish years, it’s become a thing for many parents to allow and/or encourage their children to specialize in a specific sport at an early age.  The sport choice may be because a parent excelled at the sport, coaches the sport, loves watching the sport, or because the child showed a lot of […]

Magic Milk and a “mom of the year” moment

]About a month ago, I saw a facebook post where a mom showed 2 bottles of pumped breastmilk side by side, showing that the milk she pumped when her baby was sick was thicker and more yellow, like colostrum.  I’ve always thought it was cool how our bodies know what to produce for nursing babies […]