duplers pumpkin land

Dawes Arboretum and Dupler’s Pumpkinland with Gramma

I’m still catching up on posts from October with all of the fun things we did. One of the days while my mom was here after Jenson’s birthday, we headed to Dawes Arboretum to walk around before lunch.  They have this Story Trail for kids, with pages of a book displayed at numbered stops on […]

emma, lydia, jenson

The Zoo, EmmaLydia, and a visit home

Jenson has always been fond of my nieces, Emma and Lydia.  They live just a few miles from my parent’s house, so they get a lot of time with him when we are home.  But after they came to his birthday party, he became absolutely obsessed with them.  They (and my sister/brother-in-law and parents) stayed […]

Jenson 2 bday party

Jenson’s 2nd Birthday Party: Monkey Style

Jenson’s 2nd birthday party was over a month ago, but I thought I should share some of the few pictures I took.  It was a good day, but man, are parties stressful to prepare for.  Honestly, it wasn’t the party itself…I really think I kept it pretty simple.  It’s the fact that I was still […]

jenson 2 year photo

Jenson update: He is 2!

This kid cracks me up so much.  Now that he talks constantly, he says the funniest things and is so entertaining.  It was a busy month – I felt like September just disappeared.  And then I started writing this and October disappeared. I’m going to start quarterly updates for him instead of monthly, now that […]

max and jenson

Jenson’s 3rd trip to Vegas

It occurred to me that Jenson has never been to the beach, but has been to Vegas 3 times now (4th if you count in utero).  No, we are not gambling addicts, and neither is he.  My sister’s family lives there, and Max is 4 months younger than Jenson.  Considering the next closest-in-age nephew/niece on […]