jose cuervo margaritas in a can

Review: Jose Cuervo Margaritas in a can

I love margaritas.  A lot.  But I don’t like just any margarita…  I’m kind of picky and prefer higher end ones – rocks and salt, please.  The premade ones aren’t that great (I mean, I probably won’t turn one down), but when I saw these Jose Cuervo Margaritas in a can, I couldn’t pass them […]

life lately family

Life Lately: In August…

Here are some things about our August… Life Lately Outings: We had overnights with both of our families.  We also enjoyed the Friday Farmer’s Market in town, Touch-a-Truck, Beatles tribute band (British Invasion), Led Zeppelin tribute band (Get the Led Out) with Lo’s family (minus Lo), Darke County Fair with Nana and Papaw, playdates, and […]

lemon noosa yoghurt

I Love Lemon Noosa Yoghurt

If you’ve never tried Noosa yoghurt, I understand.  It’s expensive, and obviously pretentious because it’s not spelled yogurt (actually, it’s because it’s Australian-style).  But it is soooo good.  I think it typically runs around $2.59 per single serving container, but I NEVER buy it unless it’s on sale…preferably marked down for quick sale. I’m willing […]

jenson arboretum

The Olympics and my own personal PR

I love the Olympics.  I love how there are sports to watch 24/7.  I love hearing the athletes back stories and seeing their triumphs.  I cannot imagine the dedication it takes to become an Olympic athlete.  As Loren said – they train for 4 years for an event that sometimes just takes 2 minutes.  Through […]

marlowe 6 months

Marlowe update: 6 months old

Six months was the magic age for Marlowe.  Things got much better as the month went by on all sides and she’s finally much happier!  She started out the month nursing constantly….like around the clock every 1.5-2 hours.  It was exhausting.  One day she woke up and was so obviously heavier.  It was crazy.  She […]