Friday Photo Favorites: April 1-6, 2014

Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom hosts a Friday Photo Favorites linkup and its a fun way to post a few (or bunch) pictures from the week.  I switched my date range to Monday-Sunday because it wasn’t working for me to try to get the pictures up from the night before on Friday.  But I still failed to get this posted by Friday.  Whatever.

I’m finally not taking a million pictures of Jenson each week, so it’s easier to choose which ones to feature.  My dad said Jenson is going to get cataracts because of the camera flash.  He’s totally wrong though…I don’t usually use the flash.  He also said our next kid is going to get mad because I’ll never take as many pictures of the 2nd baby as I do of Jenson.  I say that they’ll find a reason to be mad at us anyway.

1. Happy to be going for a walk
2. Making his “old man” face (chewing on his gums)random pic


3. Trying out the hearing protection earmuffs we got him for when he goes to Crew games or other loud places.
4. Glowing eyes on the monitor – yikes!  Go to sleep!

5. Gramma and Pappap arrived for a visit and brought an Easter basket!
6. Checking out the basket (which was mine growing up)easter basket

7. Taking a little snooze (before they arrived actually)
8. He was very interested in the bow – as much as the goodies inside

9. Sitting steadier!
10. Family nap time (except for me, but I got to sleep in)saturday collage

11. He loves chewing on cloth
12. Devilish face

13. Hanging with mom
14. His new mischievous face – sitting alone…crawling and getting into everything is probably coming soon!sitting and mom collage

15. – 18. This series with Boof and Dad is ridiculous (and very common).  Boof wants ANYTHING that my dad has and thinks she can get it from him.  She harasses him constantly and he loves every minute of it.  Apparently she really wanted the milk in his cup.  She’s not a lap dog, but she jumps up when she wants something.  I love her bug-eyes in the 3rd pic and her tongue out in the last one.  Crazy and boof collage

19. – 22. Playing with Gramma – she was trying to teach him to crawl.  red sleeper collage

23. – 26. He’s 6 months old! (26 weeks). Boof showed up for her photo op as usual.26 weeks

27. Jenson hanging with Pappap
28. Checking each other out.pappap gramma collage

29. Wearing his new Babiators to go for a stroll.  We picked these glasses because the company will replace them within a year if they are lost or broken
30.  Kids with Gramma.

31. Peeking from behind his stuffed doggie.
32. Reading with daddydad collage

33. Very serious conversation with daddy.
34. Our smiley, gorgeous 6 month old baby boy.




Thursday Thoughts: 6 months old…

I’m joining Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Thursday Thoughts linkup, so here are some thoughts currently in my head.

Jenson is 6 months old and I can’t even stand that.  I can’t believe that’s he’s growing up so quickly!  I know that everyone says that about babies, but it doesn’t make sense until you have one yourself.  It’s going too fast!  When I rock him at night in the dark in his room, I swear in the dim light I can see what he’s going to look like as a little boy.  He’s already looking less baby-like, but I just want time to slow down so I can enjoy this fun stage with him right now.

jenson sitting

At the same time, I thought that he’d put on some serious weight and I weighed him at 16.2 on our new scale (I even checked my “math” with a calculator because I”m that bad at it).  At his 6 month appointment today, he weighed 15.8 lbs. I guess the difference is that I weighed him with a cloth diaper and clothes.  So…I guess he’s a little smaller than I thought still.

It’s time to really start to think about how I want to start Jenson on food.  I decided I’d wait until after his lip and tongue tie revisions to really start anything, and I’m leaning towards Baby-Led Weaning, which means that he’ll get larger pieces of food to play with and mash with his gums as he chooses.  I read the Baby-Led Weaning book and it just made sense.  It’s how people use to feed their babies before the jarred baby food boom began.  I’ll probably end up doing a little mix of both “methods”.  Die-hard BLW’ers say you CAN’T do both – that it ruins the benefits..but whatever.  At the very least, I’ll probably use some of the mesh feeders for food that are more choking hazards.

I’ve been watching episodes of The City (spin-off of The Hills, with Whitney) and like all shows set in NYC, it makes me think about how living there is probably like a whole different world.  I’m so intrigued by New York City, but have never gone.  It’s kind of silly because it’s not all that far away.  Other than see the typical tourist sites, I don’t really know what I’d do though.  It’s not like I’m going to go shopping there.

I swear I’m going to get back into working out regularly again – more than twice a week (not counting volleyball).  I swear.  It’s gonna have to be next week though.

thursday thoughts

Gluten-free Chicken Avocado Spinach Burgers

I found myself with spinach and avocado in the fridge, and some ground chicken in the freezer and remembered seeing a pin about chicken and avocado burgers, so I pulled the chicken to thaw overnight.  This recipe is really customizable because the burgers take on the flavor of the spices that you add.chicken, avocado, spinach burgers

For the crumbs, toast gluten-free bread and crumble it, or used crushed gluten-free crackers, pretzels, or chips.  I keep a container in the freezer to which I add leftover or stale crackers and pretzels to use in recipes like this.  There’s a bonus of extra flavor by using these in place of plain breadcrumbs as well.  If you are using crumbs that are salted, leave the salt out from the ingredient list.

These were so easy to mix up – I did most of it while holding my baby and stuck the mixture in the fridge until we were ready to form patties and cook them.  They turned out really well and are something I’ll definitely make again.  We just ate them with oven-baked frozen fries.  I asked Loren what vegetable we should have and he decided that there were enough vegetables in the burgers.  I couldn’t really argue because I didn’t want to bother making a vegetable either.

chicken, avocado, spinach burgers

Chicken Avocado Spinach Burgers
Use your favorite spices to customize these burgers to your preference.
Recipe type: main dish
Cuisine: gluten free
Serves: 4
  • 1 pound ground chicken
  • 1 large ripe avocado – cut into small chunks
  • ½ cup gluten free bread crumbs, or gf crackers or pretzels, crushed
  • 1 chopped clove of garlic
  • 2 handfuls of fresh spinach, torn
  • couple of shakes of your favorite spices (I used Trader Joes 21 Seasoning Salute and red pepper flakes)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Toss the chunks of avocado, crumbs, garlic, and seasonings together.
  2. Gently blend mixture and torn spinach into ground chicken, leaving chunks of avocado.
  3. Form into 4 or 5 patties and cook in a skillet, in a grill pan, or on the grill until cooked through to 165 degrees.


Friday Photo Favorites: March 24 – March 31, 2014

Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom hosts a Friday Photo Favorites linkup and its a fun way to post a few (or bunch) pictures from the week.  I switched my date range to Monday-Sunday because it wasn’t working for me to try to get the pictures up from the night before on Friday.  (except this week I’m posting 2 minutes late)

“Just hanging out, wishing for warmer days.  And that mom wouldn’t make me do tummy time”stripes

Naked tummy time!  This also is only about the 5th time Boof has voluntarily gotten near Jenson.  She did lick his face once last week real quick.
He’s wearing the hat because he’d just taken a bath and if we put a hat on while his hair is still damp, it sticks up all cute for a day sometimes. naked tummy time

and Baby arm rolls!! <3

Practicing some sitting skills with Boof.  (she’s a sloppy sitter though – look at her)doggie

and Weekend sunshine

Getting sleepy for bed with dadSweet sleepy smiles
Mischief facerandoms

Looking so much bigger in his crib! It’s awkward to lay him down in it now because he’s long and he often wakes up
Backseat reflection on the way to visit friends (the car wasn’t moving)
Wearing his Blue Jackets onesie while daddy is at the hockey game.  They lost, and Lo says they’ve lost both times he’s worn it, so he shouldn’t wear it anymore.  I say they lost because they always lose to the Pens and Rangers.

Sitting on his own!  He can sit for about 10 seconds at a time…and then a ton of pics because his eyes looked so big and bright that day.

sitting in camo

He’s 25 weeks old! NOOOO…..almost 6 months old!25 weeks

And Boofy showing up for her obligatory photo/treat.

Thursday Thoughts: Boob talk and milestones

I’m joining Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Thursday Thoughts linkup, so here are some thoughts currently in my head.

I forgot to write about what the lactation consultant said last week.  Basically, Jenson is lip and tongue-tied and that’s likely causing the plugged ducts/mastitis because it’s not fully draining the ducts when he’s nursing because he’s not getting a perfect seal.  It may also account for his reflux, and could cause speech and teeth issues later for him.  So we are going to a dentist near Dayton after Easter who specializes in there so he can laser the ties.  He’s the only one around who uses laser, which heals better and doesn’t require sedation. The dentist emailed with me a little and I feel comfortable with the situation.  If we get there and he decides it’s not necessary, he won’t do it.

No nursing pad mishaps at volleyball this week, but I wasn’t hitting well.  Maybe it would help if I got back to the gym.  I lost the weight, but I am weak for sure.  I haven’t even been napping on my lunch instead of working out.  It’s just that pumping takes so long at work that I’ve just been working through my lunch, or doing personal things I need/want to get done on the computer instead.

I need to figure out an outfit/outfits for Jenson’s 6 month pics!  We are going to be in a couple, so I need to think about that too.  I have NO style.

He can sit pretty well on his own now!  But his sleeping through the night strike is still in full effect.

jenson sitting

Lastly, several people in my life have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.  It’s crazy and it sucks. All have good prognosis, but still have hard battles to fight.  They are too young.  Send positive thoughts for these people and for a cure for breast cancer!

thursday thoughts

Friday Photo Favorites: March 17 – March 23, 2014

Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom hosts a Friday Photo Favorites linkup and its a fun way to post a few (or bunch) pictures from the week.  I switched my date range to Monday-Sunday because it wasn’t working for me to try to get the pictures up from the night before on Friday.

It was happy baby week again.  He’s still waking during the night more than usual – usually once sometime between 2-4:30 a.m., and once around 6:30 (which is when I would want to nurse him before leaving for work anyway).  He slept later on the weekend, but he’d gone to bed later too.  We went to Yogi’s on Friday for a bit to watch some basketball and see friends – he just hung out in the katan wrap – quiet as usual when in public.  We went to try on soft structured carriers at Sprout Soup on Saturday, and of course, we liked the most expensive one they had – the Kinderpack.  We want one that can be worn on our back.  So far Jenson likes to be worn in carriers, and we both like to wear him, so it seems like it would be a good investment.  Lo went to the Crew game that night and after Jenson went to bed, I realized I was getting mastitis again.  I was laying under 5 blankets and a heating pad by the end of the night.  It never got as bad as the first time, but I was hurting and tired on Sunday for sure.  I called the doc and got on antibiotics that day.  As much as I hate to be on there, mastitis isn’t something to mess around with.  Aint nobody got time for that.

1. Hanging with dad
2. You know you frozen blueberries were picked and frozen fresh when you have a perfectly preserved green leaf in them.  These were from my mom’s blueberry bushes.  Mine aren’t producing yet, but I can’t wait until they are as good as hers (years from now)

st paddys

3. Jenson’s first St. Patrick’s Day.  We didn’t do anything after work, but he obviously needed pictures taken.
4. Lo made us green beers since we didn’t do anything for the “holiday”.  Mine was the Trader Joe’s brand beer.  It’s not a favorite, but it was the only option.  St. Patrick’s Day used to be my favorite holiday…and then I couldn’t drink gluten-full beer (I especially miss Guinness), and it makes me a little sad now.

5. This was weird – I was at a light on South High Street and there was this huge trailer park, which seems so bizarre because it was about a mile outside of the city and right off a main road.  In the front, there was a super beat up trailer with a flashy H2 (or 3?) outside of it.  I’m sure the vehicle cost more than the trailer!  But maybe it was just a visitor…
6. Braxton stayed with us for a bit one day after work and we had fun reading a book.  One was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and he’d flip to a random page and I’d sing whatever was on that page and he thought it was so funny that I was singing out of order and whatever page he turned.

weekly fun
7.  You know there has to be a sleeping baby pic.  His pacifier had just fallen out.
8.  It was so nice on friday after work (70 degrees), that we took a family walk.  It was the first time we felt like we didn’t need to worry about Jenson being too cold.  Crazy thing is – that 3 hours northeast, where my family lives, it was 40 and snowing that day!

9. Wearing his Jackets gear for the game that night (they lost).
10. Funny faces and weiner dog jammies

weekend fun

11.  Sleeping after our baby carrier appointment
12. Sitting up on his own!  For 3-5 seconds at a time….

13. He loves putting fabric in his  mouth
14. Smiley face

faces of jenson

15. Silly face16. Adorable face

17. Sitting again (a little more steady this time)
18. Babywearing.

sitting in stripes


19. Waiting up for Daddy to get home after the first home Crew game of the season.
20. Hanging with dad in the morning while I was suffering from mastitis.

21. He also loves how his hands taste.
22. Getting up on his knees, though he seems to forget how to roll over still.

tummy time

23. and 24. These faces!  I just die about his cheeks, lips, and eyes.  Yes I realize that is most of his whole face.

25. and 26. He’s 24 weeks old!  It’s going TOO fast!

24 weeks

27. Luckily I felt well enough to take his pictures on Sunday, but had to go to bed for a few hours after because I felt so bad from the mastitis.
28. Boof showed up for her pictures treats.

Thursday Thoughts: Nursing Woes

I’m joining Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Thursday Thoughts linkup, so here are some thoughts currently in my head.

When we were getting ready to book flights for Vegas, the were running about $400 each roundtrip for nonstop for the “gotta get away” fare.  On the Southwest website it says the have “reasonable infant rates” available (instead of flying with a lap child for those under age 2), but you had to call to book.  Lo called and it was 15% off the FULL price ticket – which would make it about $900 round-trip for him.  OR we could book an adult ticket for him for $400 roundtrip.  (or he could fly for free on our laps, but we ruled that out for a variety of reasons for this trip).  Why do they even have the “affordable” infant rate available?  It’s pretty much the least affordable option because no one has probably ever paid full-price for a ticket since discounted ones are always available.

We were going over our weekend calendars for the next couple of weeks and we have 1 weekend without any plans until the end of May – and it’s our friend’s birthday weekend, so obviously we are going to save it for her anyway.  It’s not like we are fully booked all weekend, every weekend…but something is on our calendars for each one.  It’s all good stuff though.

I bought some DoTerra Digestzen to try when my stomach gets messed up (from gluten or otherwise).  I wanted to try it one night for the heck of it and put one drop in a full glass of water, and it tasted TERRIBLE! Nearly undrinkable.  The next time I tried a drop in a spoon of honey and it was just slightly better.  Then one night my stomach actually hurt bad and I rubbed a little on it as i was getting ready for bed, and it felt better after a few minutes!  It could have been a placebo effect or just time for the pain to naturally go away, but something worked either way!  I think I’ll buy some empty capsules so I can take it in pill form when needed.

So this week in our volleyball game, my nursing pad fell out of my bra/shirt!  LOL!  One of my teammates pointed to the heart-shaped object on the floor and was like “what’s that?”  I was like – oh, that’s mine -and shoved it back in my bra.  It was pretty funny – though the guys looked a little uncomfortable, lol.  We had a girl subbing with us and she was so confused (bc she didn’t know I had a baby).  She thought I was either stuffing my bra (and wondered why I was using something so thin) or that I had just stuck something in my bra earlier and forgot about it.  I was wearing a new nursing sports bra that I bought at Target…it wasn’t spectacular, obviously.  Back to the drawing board….  I don’t need my sports bra to be a nursing bra, but this seemed like a good option – especially since I try to nurse him immediately before I leave for games.

Speaking of nursing woes, I got mastitis AGAIN!  It wasn’t nearly as bad and I’m pretty much recovered, but it shouldn’t happen multiple times.  So I had an appointment with a lactation consultant…but I’m too tire to write about it right now, so that’s for another day. Unfortunately it’s not a simple fix.

I’m at a loss for what to put on tv for when I stay up late to do stuff on the computer and pump.  I’m watching Call the Midwives and it’s okay, but it’s almost over.  I may have to move on to reality tv.  It can’t be anything i need to pay super-close attention to because I get distracted or leave the room without pausing sometimes.  We already actively watch the good shows.

It snowed again.  Blarg!  Jenson doesn’t even know that warm weather exists because it hasn’t since he’s been alive. And he’s almost 6 months old!  He’s ready though.

ready for sun

thursday thoughts

Friday Photo Dump: March 10 – March 16, 2014

Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom hosts a Friday Photo Dump linkup and its a fun way to post a few (or bunch) pictures from the week.  I switched my date range to Monday-Sunday because it wasn’t working for me to try to get the pictures up from the night before on Friday.

We had a pretty great week. Jenson was a calm, happy baby for the most part.  He’s been waking one more time in the night than usual, but hopefully that’s a phase.  He’s so used to wearing sleepers that when I put real outfits and socks on him, he really noticed his feet because one pair were striped and another had orange toes.  He’s still doing a ton of squealing and will lay and play with his toys on his own, but he loves to be carried around in our arms or in the carriers too.\

1. Sitting
2. Leaning

sitting pretty

3. Falling
4. Smiling

5. Hanging out in the high chair – pretending to eat baby Sophie
6. He loves playing on his playmat


7. Jenny visited!  When she visited a month after he was born, I took several pictures of her with Boof and failed to take a single one of her with Jenson!
8. Warm day = family walk!  Spring is coming?  Fun fact….the high tomorrow is 61 degrees…and on the weather app it shows sunshine with snowflakes underneath.  What?!

9. These orange toe socks really caught his attention.  Left foot..
10. Right foot

orange socks

11. They were watching Ohio State lose to Michigan in the Big 10 tourney.  This photo was NOT staged, lol.
12. Baby planks

13. He looks SO chubby here, but he’s not! I’m actually tempted to take him in to the pediatricians for a weight check.  I know he’s “fine”, but it’s easy to worry.
14. Squealing on his playmat again.  He arches his back like this to get to toys – hopefully he’ll figure out how to roll to his stomach like this soon.  random horizontal

15. Nana was going to come visit, but had a bad migraine, so Jenson wrote her a note.  He’s very advanced.
16. Just playing with mommy

17. I start him out on the far left of his crib and he slowly migrates….
18. And eventually ends up with his hand outside the crib, or his head against the side.

crib shots

19. Naps in the crib are rare (he wakes up when I go to lay him in the crib usually), but this one was a winner.
20. Obligatory sleeping baby photo. One of the many that I take each week. I can’t help myself.

21. Bathing baby!
22. Getting ready for photos!

23 weeks

23. 23 weeks old!
24. “I’m done mom….taking off the sticker”.

25.& 26. These striped socks and pants blew his mind – I could hardly get him to look up!


27. & 28.  If he could only see his striped hat too, his mind REALLY would have been blown.

29. – 32. Finally looking up and being silly

lucky me

33. Boof was MIA during Jenson’s weekly photos, but she came to get in on this photo shoot once she realized what was going on.
34. Spiky hair from putting a hat on him too soon after a bath. It was SO cute!

Thursday Thoughts: NCAA edition

I’m joining Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Thursday Thoughts linkup, so here are some thoughts currently in my head.

They’re calling them “Reese’s Fan Edition Printed Cups” and there are 10 designs in all.  The designs are printed in edible white ink onto each cup (like M&M’s). Images in the designs include jerseys, basketball brackers, and basketball jargon like “Double Team,” “Nothing But Net,” and “Dual Threat.”

Ok, I played basketball for years, so I know all of the terminology…  But am I the only one who doesn’t think of basketball when I hear the phrase “double team”?  I know that’s incredibly inappropriate of me, but I can’t help it – it just doesn’t make me think of basketball and I think there were probably better prints they could have used.

So these have words and/or pictures on them…does the double team one have a picture? What is it?!  It is actually the second one from the left in the picture above with the cheerleader girl and the two cheerleader guys?  This idea is disastrous.  So is this chain of thought.  Moving on….

  • I did a bracket for the first time this year – I figured it’d be stupid not to play the $1 billion bracket.  I made my picks pretty randomly and ended up with Louisville as the winner.  Mostly because Jenson has a Louisville bib he can wear.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t put Ohio State making it past the 2nd round.  I wish they would, but they just aren’t very good this year.
  • Except Aaron Craft.  I know he makes some big mistakes sometimes, but you guys, he’s carrying this team on his shoulders.  Sadly, its the end of the Aaron Craft era and this city is going to mourn him.  Everyone loves him.  Even other men.  It’s not even a physical attraction thing.  He’s just awesome to watch.  And he’s not a jerk or full of himself.  I think everyone could imagine themselves having a beer with him or cheating off him on a test (he’s super-smart).  And this video?  As terrible as the song itself is, I love that these guys did this with no shame.

  • It kind of feels similar to the end of the David Lighty era.  Again, not a physical attraction thing, but I loved watching him play.  He was the hardest working player on the team (Craft filled his spot quite well).  David Lighty played for the Buckeyes for about 12 years, or so it seemed.  During his last year, I realized that he’d been playing for OSU as long as I’d been dating Lo, and I told Lo that David Lighty is the glue that holds our relationship together.  Luckily I was wrong.
  •  It’s going to be winter forever.  Sure, we have warmish weather (60′s) occasionally, but then the next day it’s like 10 degrees.  It feels like it’s been winter ever since Jenson was born.
  • My hip seems to be healed/healing.  But I haven’t been working out because something has come up every day over lunch…or I did my pt exercises in my office…or whatever.  I didn’t suck so bad at volleyball this week though – I played well enough.

That’s all for this week…I’m tired and I need to get to switching the cloth diaper laundry and pumping.

thursday thoughts

Jenson update: Five months old

Jenson is five months old and gets more fun every day.  This month included lots of snow and cold (longest winter ever!), but some great visits with Lo’s family and a trip to see my family over Valentine’s Day.  Plus, his cousin Maxwell was born, and he’s excited about planning a trip to see in him Las Vegas.  My postpartum hair loss started, so I got 6 or so inches cut off my hair…it’s still everywhere though.  Boof is taking slightly more interest in Jenson.  She’s sniffed him a couple of times, and briefly licked his hand once.  They’ll be BFF’s soon enough when Jenson starts with real food.

IMG_14195 months with boof

Monthly Jenson update:  February 6 – March 5, 2014
  • Age:  5 months and some change, by the time of posting.
  • Weight:  13.5 lbs at his 4 month appointment.  He weighed about 14 lbs (unofficially at home) when he was 5 months and 1 day.
  • Length:  I used a measuring tape and it looks like he’s 26 inches, which would explain why he grew out of even more clothing in length.
  • Size:  He’s in 3-6 months for outfits, 6 months Carter’s brand (still a little big), and some 6-9 month sleepers, depending on brand.  He’s growing out of everything lengthwise.  I got some onesie extenders, so that should prolong him wearing some of those.  He has a long torso.
  • Diapers:  Cloth diapers are still going well.  Our favorites seem to be Best Bottoms and Flips, and then Bum Genius Freetime for when he’s going to be in it for longer and we want him to feel dry against his skin.  He wears disposables at night still since he wears the Snuza, and is wearing size 2′s since we ran out of the 1′s.
  • Hair and Eyes: His hair is filling in and getting longer, and is still brown.  His eyes seem to be changing ever so slightly.  They are more grayish blue now – probably on their way to hazel, like ours.  Mine lean towards green, but Lo’s are straight hazel.
  • Teeth: None yet, though I’ve been expecting them for over a month now.  He’s still been super-drooly and does a lot of chewing on anything he can get in his mouth, but I guess that just part of being that age.
    monkey rattle
  • Sleeping:  He’s struggled with his sleep a little this month.  Many babies have a sleep regression around 19 weeks, and while I wouldn’t call it a regression, he definitely wasn’t as sound of a sleeper and had more wake-ups.  We decided to start leaving his arms out of his swaddle and were so terrified of how that would go since he was normally a good sleeper.  We left one arm out a couple of times and then just left both out one Friday night expecting a bad night.  He slept 12 hours that night before nursing, and then 2 more hours.  Somehow he squirms around so much in the crib that in the morning, his head is usually against the outside rail – no matter how far I lay him on the other side.  I think that’s part of the reason he wakes sometimes.  He still goes to bed between 8:30 – 9:30 most nights and usually wakes to nurse sometime between 330-630.  He’ll nurse then (or slightly earlier) and go back to sleep for 1-2 hours, though several days he was up for the day after his 630 nursing..  He wakes and fusses throughout the night, but he puts himself back to sleep (or doesn’t fully wake up).  I usually hold or nurse him to sleep, even though “they” say you’re supposed to put them down slightly awake and let them fall asleep on their own, but it’s one of the best parts of my day.  His sleeping face is just gorgeous.
    He still takes fairly short naps, though we’ve had a few 2-3 hour naps from him on the weekends.  We’re trying to get better about not picking him up right away when he starts fussing after a nap.  He’ll either put himself back to sleep (sometimes after we give him the binky), or he’ll lay there and play for a bit, cooing and looking at his hands.  Other times he wakes up horribly upset.
  • Eating: 100% breast milk.  I plan to wait until 6 months to introduce food, and the Dr. is okay with that.  Pumping is going well at work, as annoying as it can be sometimes.  I’m lucky that I can just sit in my office and pump at my computer, so I really shouldn’t complain, but it’s still a process.  I can usually freeze several bottles worth of milk each week.  One week I froze enough for 10 bottles, and the next week I had to take 3 bottles from the freezer because of low supply.  He takes 5 bottles of 4 oz. each day when I’m at work, and then nurses 2-3 times in the evening (and 1-2 times in the morning).  We’ll start some food next month and I’m nervous about it.  I’m reading Baby Led Weaning and will probably do some of that combined with homemade purees.  I don’t plan to do rice cereal because other than iron, it’s fairly nutritionally void, and I’m not going to be in a hurry to give him a certain amount of food if he’s not interested.  It’s fine if he gets most of his nutrients from breast milk for awhile.  He still has reflux, but it seems to be getting little better.
  • Movement:  He only rolls front to back still, and doesn’t even do that very often – it’s like he forgets sometimes.  He’s come close to accidentally rolling the other direction when he’s suddenly arched his back, but I don’t think he’s trying to do it.  He loves to kick his legs when we put him on his changing table – he kicks like he’s running really fast.  He’s also able to grab toys with both hands and bring them to his mouth now, and can switch toys between hands.  He can put in and take out his binky, though when he does that, he usually just chews on it.  I’m trying to get better about letting him lay and play on his own, so he knows how to entertain himself.  He does really well like that, but I struggle to not be in his face all of the time (Boof feels his pain).  I can prop him to sit for about 2 seconds before he starts tipping over.  He usually fusses like it bugs his belly, so I don’t do it that often.pulling blanketchewing on giraffe toy
  • Words & Sounds:  He’s a constant screecher – like a baby pterodactyl.  He also loves to babble, blow bubbles and raspberries.  When he’s just around us, or a small group, he’s almost constantly making noise, even if they are just little coo’s to get us to look at him.  But if he’s around a bunch of people or in public, he’s pretty quiet.  He laughs a ton and is ticklish around his armpits.blowing bubbles
  • Milestones:
    - Studies his hands very closely and has good control over them. Can pass object back and forth and get them to his mouth.DSC_1101studying hand- Notices his feet, but doesn’t try to grab them yet.
    - He watches people (and the dog) as they walk through a room or when they are talking
    - He looks at us when we say his name now
    - Sleeps unswaddled and in the crib (mostly) through the night
  • Favorite Toys/Activities:
    - Sticking his tongue out
    - Hanging out in the carrier.
    - We picked up a new (used) playmat because he outgrew the other one and could pull the arch down.  This one has crossing arches and is bigger, so he fits much better on it.  It was more places to hang toys too, so he likes the options.
    - Putting everything his mouth
    - Hanging out of his changing table and playing with us.  He loves when I kiss his face (unlike Boof) and opens his mouth as soon as I get close to his face.
    - Chewing on his pacifier – he doesn’t usually want to suck on it unless he’s going to sleep or is upset, but he likes to chew on the side of it.chewing on binkie
    - Enjoys looking at pictures on the fridge
    - He loves it when we sing to him, whether they are real or fake songs.
    - Also, he met a girl.  Technically they met before, but now he actually knew she was there and liked watching her roll all over the place (she’s over 8 months old).
    playing with grace
  • Dislikes:
    - Rolling over, apparently. He did this more last month than this month.
    - Having his neck/chins washed in the bath.  He fine with the rest of it, so we have to do that at the end because it ruins his bath.
    - Putting on or taking off his onesie/clothes.

Monthly Photos:

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