marlowe zantac for babies

Dear Zantac: Please make Zantac for babies

Marlowe has been taking Zantac for about 2 weeks now and it seems to be helping.  I mean, she’s still not sleeping more than 2-3 hours at a time at night, or napping longer than 30-40 minutes in most cases, but she’s less fussy and is nursing better.  That’s a win.  You know what’s not […]

chocolate chips

Running low on chocolate chips = Costco

Growing up, there were always chocolate chips in the house.  My mom made homemade chocolate chip cookies regularly – probably weekly or every other week- and still does.  We would often help (or lick batter), or when we were older, make them ourselves.  I still remember my sister putting in a tablespoon of salt instead […]

marlowe fussy

Magic Milk and a “mom of the year” moment

]About a month ago, I saw a facebook post where a mom showed 2 bottles of pumped breastmilk side by side, showing that the milk she pumped when her baby was sick was thicker and more yellow, like colostrum.  I’ve always thought it was cool how our bodies know what to produce for nursing babies […]

marlowe and jenson

Snippets from our week

Jenson watches a couple of shows in the morning before Marlowe gets up – otherwise known as mommy time (when I either get on the computer, or get stuff ready if we are going somewhere).  He picks between a few shows (Sesame Street, Super Why?, Doc McStuffins, Daniel Tiger, or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).  When an […]


From the mouth of Jenson: December 2015

When Jenson really started talking, he was constantly cracking us up with things he would say, or surprising us with his verbal skillz.  I bought a wall calendar that had blank lines on the top page, and the calendar at the bottom and hung it in the kitchen, so that we could record milestones or […]