Life in the busy lane

I feel like I can’t get caught up on anything lately…life has just been so busy.  It’s a good busy though, so I can’t be too mad about that.  Summertime is always like this I suppose.  Last summer was incredibly busy, but I still had free time to do things I wanted, like ill-advised glider refinishing.  Now life and my free time revolves around Jenson.  And that’s okay right now.  He’s worth it.

jenson north market

I’ve done some workouts lately – like real workouts and not just reading a magazine on the treadmill or elliptical (though I still push myself when I do that). I got them from Carrots and Cake blog.  She does some crossfit and some made-up workouts and I just pull the things out of them that I’m capable and willing to do.  She just had a baby like 6 weeks ago and is already doing serious workouts. At 6 weeks postpartum, I had taken a few walks around the neighborhood (before the weather turned) and one or two yoga classes.  At nine months pp, I’m just starting to do “real” workouts.

I learned that a seemingly simple workout of KB snatches and overhead walking lunges really kicks my butt (I was sore within 20 minutes) #nomuscleanymore

AND, I’m completely incapable of doing an overhead squat properly anymore (or ever?).  Not sure if it’s because I was already sore, my hips are tight, or I’m just too weak to squat with 24 lbs overhead.  But they were sad ½ squats.  The other part of the workout was no better.  I sucked at the double-unders (and I would need to pump immediately before future attempts because it hurt), so I switched to single and messed up enough times that I stopped after 125.  I’m blaming the fact that I couldn’t find the good speed rope and had to use the ropes like we had in school (with the plastic tube clacky things).

I’m SOOOO behind on posts.  Like weeks.  And I have a bunch ½ completed in drafts.  But often I’m in the kitchen or running around doing things until 1030.  And then I have to edit photos, work on my photo album (while pumping), and sometimes spend too much time on facebook.  I need more hours – and this is with me going to bed at 1230 or 1 a.m.!  And Lo is helpful, so it’s not because I’m doing everything myself. 

We’ve had lots of company lately too (which accounts for some of the behindness on posts) – but it was great!  Like I’ve said before, I’d rather live life and enjoy company than blog about it, so I’m not mad about that.  Plus our overnight guests were mostly there to help us.  Our sitter was on vacation, and we (thankfully) had several family members (some of our sisters and our moms) offer to stay with us to watch him so I didn’t have to take all the days off work.   It was a perfect situation because he got to be with people who love him (like his sitter “grandma w” does), and we knew he was in good hands and didn’t have to worry. Plus we got to spend time with our families in the evenings.   So 8/9 days, we had overnight guests – but since they are low-maintenance family, we don’t have to impress or entertain them and could just go about our business. 


….like how I left my sister downstairs hanging out with the dogs (boof and her little sweetie Gemma) while I opened some packages that arrived.  I ordered a bunch of clothes from Kohls, Gap, and Target (some for family pics, and others just because I need some new clothes that aren’t black and gray).  I was like – I’ll just open these since I just put Jenson down for the night and was already up there and the packages had been sitting there for 2-3 days.  (it drives Lo nuts that I don’t open things right away)  Well, I ordered about 15 things from kohls (some for each of us) and they sent each and every item in a different package.  Literally.  One pair of baby jammies in one bag, a pair of socks in another, one shirt in another….all the way through each and every item.  Actually, that’s a lie…the very last package I opened (which was a box instead of a bag for some reason) had a shirt and a single serving pack of some type of keebler cookies, lol.  I’m not sure if it was just a free sample that Kohls was including for some reason, or if the person packing the box left part of his or her lunch in there, lol.  So anyway, I had to open like 20 shipping bags, most of which didn’t have the easy tear tabs.  By the time I got to the last few, I stopped even opening the bags that the clothes were in inside and finally just stacked them all back on the floor.  Some of the things that I did look at and try on are great though!

I got a haircut and highlights!  I was having some bad post-partum hair loss regrowth, and all of the hair along my hairline is short baby bird hair that just sticks straight out.  While the bangs don’t hide them (since they are side swept), they do distract from them a bit.  It’s a nice change.  I haven’t had highlights since the month before I got pregnant and they’ve all grown out.  I go to a lady who does balayage highlights and she’s really good at them, so they grow out really well.  She travels all over the U.S. to teach coloring training at salons and such.  My (male) coworker said I looked taller today and asked if I was wearing big heels.  I think it’s just that my hair is much shorter.  I was also told that I looked like I lost more weight…by someone who saw me last week.  I didn’t…I took this picture in the Dr’s office, and I weighted exactly the same as last week.  Sometimes I think people say that just to have something to say.  But anyway…my hair isn’t as light as it looks in this picture – she really just added like 15 or 20 highlights.


If you like to eat at Chipotle, you’ll want to know these 12 secrets of Chipotle.  What I really want to know is the recipe for their Honey chipotle vinaigrette.  It’s what dreams are made of.


Jenson update: Nine Months Old

This month it felt like Jenson really isn’t as much of a baby anymore.  I know he’s not a toddler yet, but he’s just so much more independent and I know being mobile and talking is just around the corner.  It’s so exciting, but sad at the same time.  People said the first year would go fast, but I could have never expected it to feel like this.  Jenson grew!  He finally moved up in percentile for weight – from 10% – 35%.  On a related note, he loves food.  He really increased his table food intake and has gotten so much better at getting more in his mouth.

9 months
Monthly Jenson update:  June 7 – July 6, 2014

  • Age:  9 1/2 months at time of posting.
  • Weight:  approx. 18 lbs, 14 oz.
  • Length:  27 inches
  • Size:  He’s grown out of  most of his 6 month clothes, and is wearing either 9 or 12 months.
  • Diapers:  Cloth diapers, except at night.  Our favorites seem to be Best Bottoms and Flips, and then Bum Genius Freetime for when he’s going to be in it for longer and we want him to feel dry against his skin.  He wears disposables at night and wearing size 3 now.  He’s been getting diaper rash more often now – I think it has to do with eating different foods.  We’d had to resort to rinsing diapers or using disposable liners for his #2′s not that he eats more food.  It’s no longer just liquid.
  • Hair and Eyes: He has so much hair now – it’s really filled in, but it’s lightening up I think.  It’s getting long on his forehead and hanging over his ears if I don’t tuck it back. It may be time for a trim soon. :( His eyes are more grayish blue now, and so big and bright.  I still think they’ll change, but it’d be awesome if they didn’t.
  • Teeth: One of his bottom teeth finally poked through on July 16. It’s just barely out at this point.  He was a little fussy the evening before, and woke up fussing several times in the night on his stomach and not able to roll onto his back.  Lo’s mom was staying with him the next day and she noticed the tooth had come through.  He‘s been a little fussier since then…it’s possible the second is coming through sometime soon.
  • Sleeping:  His sleep got better this month, and he even slept through the night a few times.  He typically wakes and nurses once during the night still.  He gets stuck on his stomach sometimes and wants to be on his back, so I have to go in and flip him over.  He doesn’t usually even really wake up.  Sometimes he’ll stay on his stomach for a couple of hours.  He wakes again around 630 or 7, and I nurse him before work, or bring him to bed on the weekend to sleep with us for another hour or two.  I know it’s a bad habit, but I love waking up with him all snuggled up against me.  He’s pretty consistent with 2 naps a day of 45 minutes to 2 hours.  One morning nap an hour or two after he gets up, and one in the afternoon.  Sometimes he fights his naps a lot, but I’ve been able to get him to sleep by singing Alice in Chains “Rooster” and Billy Joel “Goodnight Saigon”…not your typically lullabies, but whatever.
  • Eating:  Nursing sometimes feels like a wrestling match.  He’s really distracted and wants to sit up and look around, or chew on his toes.  If he hears a noise or voice, he has to stop to listen. It takes twice as long to feed him now because of this, and it can be a little frustrating.  I can pretty much forget about nursing him in public now.  I typically take him upstairs and nurse him on our bed now.  He takes breaks and rolls around and plays, unless he’s really tired and is nursing to sleep.
    He’s eating a ton of table food now.  We aren’t doing true baby led weaning because I don’t usually give him big pieces of things to gnaw on.  He tends to shove things in his mouth and it’s just too hard to make sure he’s not going to choke.  I tear things up and put them on his tray usually, or put them in a silicone feeder for him.  He really increased his intake between the 8-9 months.  I can barely get the food torn up and on his tray fast enough before he wants more.  He seems to prefer proteins- shredded chicken or pork, ground turkey or beef, eggs, and even fish.  So far he hasn’t refused anything that we’ve offered.  If we are eating something that is appropriate for him (like not pizza), we give him bits of what we are eating, otherwise he usually has some sort of veggie, fruit, and some leftover meat.  He usually just has two meals a day and that’s just worked out best for when he naps, but we probably need to add a meal in soon.  He typically only takes 4 bottles now while I’m at work instead of 5, due to his eating and napping “schedule”.
  • Movement:  Jenson  FINALLY rolled back to front!  He’d been getting close for so long.  Once he mastered it, he spent hours rolling around in the evening practicing. He especially likes to roll around on our bed.  He sits really well and can even squirm around while on his butt without falling usually.  When he’s on his stomach or back, he can kind of squirm around to get to what he wants a little.  He get his knees under him and rocks back and forth, but hasn’t started crawling, except for inching around on his belly. He loves standing up and holding onto things (or us).  Sometimes he’ll step his feet a little.
    He mocks our movements a lot.  He’ll bang on his high chair if I do it, or try to bang two toys together.  He not only likes to drop things to watch them fall, he’ll throw his toys just out of reach, and then try to reach them.
  • Words & Sounds:
    Babbling is still mostly Dadada, but I think he does relate that to Loren now.  He’ll say it when he hears or sees him (but also says it randomly still).  His next favorite sound is Ba.  I think he’s going to say Boof next, because he’ll say B and then Ff.  He talks so loud sometimes – especially if he’s trying to keep himself awake (like in the car).  Other times he whispers sounds, like he’s practicing.  He’s very giggly and happy, but he will occasionally show a little temper now.  Sometimes he’ll start crying when he gets frustrated, or he grunt and straighten his arms and clench his fists (hulking out), or cry and yell dadadadadada.  He’s definitely becoming more strong-willed about things.
  • Milestones:
    - Father’s Day.  We had a relaxing morning, dinner with friends, and then went to his first baseball game for the Columbus Clippers.
    - First parade.  We went to the Worthington Hills 4th of July parade with friends and then to a cookout at their house.
    DSC_0768 4th of july
    - Rolled back to front
    - First tooth (bottom right) on July 16
    - First time in a swing (loved it)
    - Gives kisses- they are open-mouth and slobbery, and completely awesome.

    - First baby shower (for baby Tominey)
    - First 5k for the Jakestrong 5k in Powell.
  • Favorite Toys/Activities:
    - Practicing rolling
    - Sitting on his car.  He can even scoot it forward a little bit.
    - Being worn in the kinderpack.  He’s just big enough to wear him on our backs, so I’ve done that a few times.
    - Being sung to.  It doesn’t really matter what, but he really likes Itsy Bitsy Spider and the Wheels on the Bus.  We make up words for all of the kids songs like that, and every song has Boof’s name in it.  Actually some songs only have Boof’s name in them (to any tune).
    - Rocking and playing in the exersaucer
    - Playing outside on a blanket or in the exersaucer
    - Watching Boof and trying to get her toys
    - Zombie baby: he yells and bites at my face when he’s hungry.  He’ll try to suck on my chin or nose.
    - Slamming his feet down when trying to put himself to sleep
    - He loves kisses (thank goodness!), and have his cheeks, chin, and neck stroked lightly.  Sometimes when he’s fussy and needs to nap, I can kiss him to sleep.  I just kiss his cheek lightly over and over again, and he calms and the falls asleep.
    - Looking at books.  It seems like he finally pays attention and is interested when we read to him.
    - He likes to splash around in the bath, and he’s outgrown his little tub for the sink, so we use this duck tub in the bathtub or the yard.
  • Dislikes:
    - Waiting for food
    - Taking something away that he wants (like when he’s chewing on the metal clasp on his pacifier clip).
    - Getting stuck on his stomach when he’s sleeping.

1 month2 months 3 months 4 months jenson 5 months 6 months 7 months8 monthsDSC_1615


Photo Favorites : June 30-July 6, 2014

I thought June was busy…and then July hit.  We’ve been so busy, yet I feel like we haven’t seen friends much.  I keep telling people “let’s get together soon”, but can’t ever figure out a time to get together.  Oh well, I’m sure everyone is busy in the summer.  We’ve actually been doing better at making dinner – partly because we need to have food for Jenson to eat now.  He typically eats the parts of our meals that are ok for him (protein, produce, grains, etc), but we cut things up and season them less for him.  Often I need to cook steam an extra fruit for veggie for him.  He usually eats earlier than us, so he usually has whatever we had for dinner for lunch or for dinner the next day.  I feel  like I spend so much time in the kitchen just getting meals together for him so that he has variety.  We’ll eat the same thing for 4 meals in a row, but I feel like he should have more variety.

Boof hates that I’m busy.  She follows me around and isn’t happy until I sit down on the couch and put my computer on my lap – which hasn’t been until 10-1030 for the last few weeks.  Poor spoiled baby pie.

So I’m playing catchup.  Here are my photo favorites from the first week of June.  Still need to edit the rest!

1. We decided to go to the Zoo on a whim on June 3 after work.  It was nice and cool out (cooler than we thought, hence the blanket).
2. We got to see the new African safari area – it was really neat and they did a good job at looking like it was all open and like the animals are roaming free together.  The lions were separate from the other animals (for good reason) but the way it was built, you couldn’t really see the divide that well.  The two lions on the left were chilling together and the other female walked over.  I was filming it walking over and greeting the male, and the male got up and mounted the female.  We we got to the area, no one was around hardly…but people had flooded the area right around then, so there were a ton of people around and everyone was laughing and parents were hightailing it out of there.  Awkward lion porn.  The lady decided she wasn’t into him and she walked away.
3. They’re number 14. I was trying to find a quiet empty area to nurse Jenson (the Zoo was almost closed), and as soon as I’d find somewhere and sit down, people would flock to the area and be loud.  He’s so distractable now that I had to just find a bench in an open area away from any of the exhibits.  People were walking through, but they were just passing by and not being loud about the animals.


5. – 8.  Jenson’s first 4th of July Parade.  We went with friends to a nearby neighborhood and they really do it up for the parade.  The streets within the ‘hood build floats and have a competition.  The last pic was afterwards when we ran into a store to get food for a cookout at their house and he passed out.  Parades are tiring!
I know you’re probably jealous of his outfit.  I was glad it wasn’t too hot that day because the night before I remembered that I bought this one piece jumper for him while Christmas shopping and it was going to fit just right for the 4th of July, so I dug it out of his storage clothing bin and washed it the night before.

4th July parade

9. and 10. More parade pics with us
11. He and Ryan were staring each other down.
12. With one of his favorite kids!4th of july

13. Kisses from Elli!
14. I love how she’s smiling at Lo.  He was throwing her up in the air, so she was pretty thrilled with him.
15. Practicing faces
16. Zombie-ing mama

4th july

17. and 18. His first time in a swing.  Lo hung one in our tree but decided it wasn’t hanging quite right.  He enjoyed it though!
19. and 20. My mom picked up this outfit at a garage sale – it’s so cute!  He wore it for a bit, but it’s too tight in the legs, so I’ll see if it fits Max.

swinging and styling


21. – 24.  Jenson is 39 weeks old!  The picture with Boof cracks me up…they are sitting the same and have the same expression!


39 weeks


25. – 28.  9 months old!  Oh man…



9 months

29. – 32. Just playing with me after his pictures.



33.  Pretty babypie Boofypants
34. Showing the food in his mouth
35. and 36. Baby yoga!  Upward dog/cobra



eating and yoga

37. She doesn’t usually sit up against us, but I guess she was feeling extra lovey that night.
38. Excited for a morning walk on the weekend
39. Um…I guess he gets some faces from me…
40. Bathing al fresco

summer fun


41. He loves driving his car.
42. In reverse/checking blindspot
43. Yabos with Uncle Chuck (he misses Aunt Kelley desperately)44. Ending the week with a walk in the kinderpack (he was passed out by the time we got back to the house.).



on the go

Photo Favorites : June 23-29, 2014

I’m a little behind on my photo favorites post again.  I’m blaming Jenson, because he’s so cute and I have to take so many pictures of him and then edit them.  In his 38th week, Jenson really started to seem like a little boy more than a baby.  He sits and plays with his toys happily.  He’s been a distracted nurser all week too.  It feels like a wrestling match to get him to nurse before bed.  There’s just so much he wants to do and see, even though he’s tired.  He had salmon, pumpkin, pasta with red sauce, pears, squash, pumpkin pancakes, broccoli, and more this week.  He really filled out suddenly – especially in his face, and he weighed around 19 lbs., so maybe he’ll finally make it to above 20%?  He copied me at banging blocks together and on his high chair, and he copies noises that we make.  He had some pretty fussy and wakeful nights, but I muddle through.

1.-4. He’s 38 weeks old!  His hair is getting long, but I don’t really want to cut it yet!

38 weeks

5. Facetiming with Gramma…hmmm…I actually took a facetime picture with her this week, but this picture appears to be one from a previous facetime session, because he’s younger in this picture.  But the collage is already made, so I’m not going to change it.  He facetimed with gramma while she was at my nieces softball game (so he got to see them too).
6. Boof is fake-smiling.  She’s been really special lately.  She’s my shadow and she won’t relax at night and lay in her bed on the couch until I sit down and put the laptop on my lap.  Pappap Cheese will be here tomorrow though, so she’ll be happy.7.  Jenson is just dying to figure out how to get to Boof, and Boof just wants me to play with her and her hippo.
8.  She begged me to put this onesie on her.  Maybe she didn’t “beg”, but she followed me around when I took it out of the bag, and when I held it out to put it on her, she sat down and let me do it – even helping to put her paws in the sleeves.  She’s more of a 12 month size, and this was a 9 month, so it wasn’t the best fit.


9. – 12.  Food pics!  Enjoying broccoli, though he just tried to shove it all in his mouth, so I had to cut off the tops for him to eat.  Also had some salmon and squash over the next few meals.


13. He looks so sad in this picture (and so tall!).  But he was perfectly happy, as evidenced by the next picture.
14. After-bath spiky hair!
15. – 16. Just more of him looking adorable.


17. A little gift I made for my friends’ baby shower
18. The boys playing at the “shower”
19. He’s finally mostly big enough to wear on my back like a little turtle shell
20. Boof makes it a point to lay on Jenson’s blankets and look sad occasionally, even though her couch bed is 1 foot in front of her.


21. Sweet sleepy babe
22. Riding his car.  He loves sitting on this thing and can even move on it.
23. Meeting Ashlee (she’s cooking a little friend for him – due in August).
24. Group shot at Ashlee’s shower.  I love her dress!



25. Boof was getting jealous that they were playing….
26. So she moved in for a kiss
27. And later, she appears to have taken a nibble on Lo’s fingers during outdoor bathtime.
28. Everything is intact.


29. It was such a nice day, so we tried out his ducky tub recently given to us.  He’s outgrowing his sink tub, and the regular tub isn’t the easiest yet, though this works in the tub too.
30. I wanted to get some fresh air to his buns, and when I set him down on the blanket, he wouldn’t put his left knee down…so cute.
31. Still chilling with his knee in the air
32. Cuddles with my baby.


Photo Favorites : June 16 – 22, 2014

Another week has passed (well, two by now), so I wanted to get my photo favorites posted from that week.  Jenson started rolling back to front this week, had lots of new foods (quinoa, blueberries, pasta, baked beans, taco meat, hummus, and some other things), visited with both of his grandmas, his pap-pap, some of his aunts and cousins, and his learned to cluck his tongue from Nana.  He’s started inching around when he’s on his stomach now, but he doesn’t get up on his knees yet.  He’s mostly cut out his after work nap, but usually is ready for bed between 7:45 – 8:30.  I prefer the nights when it’s closer to 8:30 so we get more time with him after work.
1. Jenson finally rolled back to front on June!  He was a little late to the game, but whatever.  :)  He rolled a bunch that day while we were hanging out in the bed after work and I finally caught one of them.
2. Avocado beard.
3. and 4.  Nana, Misty, and Sadie came to visit one evening and we had a great visit.  He learned to cluck his tongue.  Jenson was sitting in between Kim’s legs while Sadie was playing, and Sadie decided she wanted to sit there too.
rolling, nana, avocado
5. He really likes corn on the cob.  He just chews on it and mashes the corn up.
6. Jenson fell asleep during lunch one day while we were at work.  How sweet!
7. Eating a Baby mum-mum on the kitchen floor.  Boof was jealous.
8. Bath time spiky hair!  It immediately flattens like mine, but so cute for a bit.
9. – 12.  We went home for my nephews grad party.  I love this series with my mom.  She was whispering in his ear (which he really likes) and he’d stop and look at her, and then lean back in for her to continue.  The last picture it looks like he’s saying “seriously?”
13.  He loved this book with a finger puppet doggie that my mom picked up.  It’s awesome because its about adopting a dog from the pound (and boof is a 2x pound puppy).  It is not written by Eric Carl.  Apparently he’s a big deal in the children’s book world.
14.  Jenson with my nephew Calvin (the one who just graduated).  Calvin was about this age when I graduated high school – I’ll have to find the picture of me holding him.
15. and 16. Playing with Gramma at the party.  Looks like they planned their outfits.
17. – 20.   Jenson with Aunt Jackie and Aunt Christine.  There were so many cute pics, it was hard to choose!
aunts21. – 24.  My dad was eating a piece of cake (actually, I think this was his second piece) and Jenson was following his every movement, just begging with his eyes.  He’ll learn soon enough, as Boof did, that Pap-pap shares.  He actually wanted to share some frosting with Jenson, but Lo said no, thankfully.  I think my dad’s response was “it won’t make him simple”.  dad and cake
25. – 28. This was Jenson’s biggest meal so far.  He ate SO much at the party.  He had smoked chicken, cheesy potatoes, pasta salad, baked beans, and fruit.  He was shoveling it in.  I think he likes the country air.
graduation food
29. He took an epic nap at my mom’s – about 2.5 hours, which he never does for us.  He’d only been awake for about 2 hours at that point, so it was a surprise.
30. Hanging out with Boof and my sister’s baby girl puppy Gemma.
31. – 32. Gemma was a little nervous around Boof because she’s so tiny, but they did quite a bit of playing.
fun at grammas
33.  Laughing with his cousin Gannon.
34. Relaxing with da da da da
35. If he could crawl, he’d get that toy!
36. Checking himself out in the mirror while Lo watched the World Cup game.
 gannon and daddy
37. – 40. Baby boy is 37 weeks old!!  And stinking adorable.
37 weeks

Life Lately… June

I haven’t been great at posting lately, so I’ll give you an idea of our life lately.


Loving -

  • Outdoor baby baths.  I think he’s the only one who was clean that day (no-shower Sundays).
  • Tacos Hass tacos (authentic taco place near us). I read about it awhile back and we gave it a chance when the wait was too long at another restaurant last month, and have been back 3 times. (don’t worry, Yabos, we still love you) So now I have a favorite place for tacos (hass), a fav place for other mexican (yabos) and a favorite place for margaritas (cinco).  I need them to all join forces.
  • The Lone Bellows Pandora station (thanks, Claudia)
  • My blueberry bushes have berries!!! They aren’t ripe and there are just a few bunches, but every year there will be more, and that’s exciting!
  • Jenson’s new noises – he’s making a lot of mouth fart noises and brrrrr noises, and it’s funny.
  • The anticipation of a long weekend and days worth of baby snuggles

Not loving -

  • Ann Coulter’s article about “soccer”. I wrote a big long explanation about why she’s an idiot, and then I decided that she doesn’t deserve more attention, so that’s all I’ll say about it. Don’t google it because it’s a waste of time, but if you already read it, you know what I mean. She doesn’t seem to know anything about any sport.

Doing -

  • Project Life album: I’m almost done with December, lol (I take A LOT of photos). And when I say almost done, I mean that the photos are mostly in place – I still need to write notes throughout. This is what I do during my bedtime pumping session. I was pretty thrilled I’m that far, but considering it starts with Jenson’s birth in October, that’s not so great. Part of the holdup was needing to buy an album and more album pages. I need to be more selective of which pictures I choose, but it’s hard because Jenson is SO cute!
  • Just a few workouts a week. Jenson isn’t the greatest sleeper, so my workouts depend on whether I need to nap on my lunch hour or go to the gym. I’ve been doing at least 2 workouts/week, which isn’t great, but I’m not sorry. I’m mostly just doing about 40 minutes of cardio and 5-10 minutes of body weight exercises afterwards. Sometimes the only motivation I have to go to the gym is to read a magazine on the treadmill or elliptical. Besides, those magazines aren’t going to read themselves.

Planning -

  • To do something with our garden or salad table. Yeah, we haven’t done anything yet, and it’s almost too late! Some things planted themselves, including a tomato plant or two, and zucchini. We pretty much have a zucchini and tomato garden right now. It did have asaparagus, but we forgot to pick it because it started while we were in Vegas.  There are a lot of weeds, but there’s a ton of zucchini, and at least 4 tomato plants (none of which are in the area where they were planted last year)


  • Constantly planning Jenson’s meals. While he mostly eats pieces of what we eat, I try to be more well-rounded with his meals so he has better variety.  Since he tends to cram things in his mouth, some things that we would eat just aren’t going to work for him until he has teeth (pizza, for example).

Wishing -

  • We lived closer to my sister’s family. Max and Jenson are 4 months apart, and it would be amazing if they were closer. That’s not going to happen, so we are looking forward to them visiting at the end of July.  Look at this mug!
  • Time would slow down. Jenson is nearly 9 months and that makes me a little sad. It’s so fun to see him grow (he is REALLY growing right now) and change, but he’s almost not a baby anymore!

Have done -

  • We went to our friends’ baby shower over the weekend. They moved to Chicago shortly after Jenson was born and they never got to meet him, so it was nice that the shower was for everyone, not just the women. It was actually a luncheon (no games, etc), so….bonus.
  • Donated my frozen milk from January. I feel lucky that I’m able to produce plenty of milk for Jenson, but also have enough leftover to help out a local baby who lost her mother shortly after birth.
  • Donated blood.  Apparently it was fluid donation week for me.  When I donated in January, the Red Cross sent me an email to tell me that my blood was used for a man in Michigan.  I thought that was really cool to know that it was used – hopefully they do again.

Friday Photo Favorites: June 9-15, 2014

Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom hosts a Friday Photo Favorites linkup and its a fun way to post a few (or bunch) pictures from the week.  I got behind, because that’s what I do…but it’s better to live life than to blog about it.

Umm….I thought I already posted this…so now it’s super-late.  I only noticed this one wasn’t published when I went to work on the next week’s post tonight!

1. – 4. Being silly one evening before bed.

striped fun

5. – 6. I made a homemade teething biscuit for him and he loved it.  We needed to introduce wheat to him and this seemed like a good way to do that.
7. – Playing with daddy
8.  Posing in an outfit his Aunt Jackie got him awhile ago.

cigar biscuit

9. – 11.  He had northern beans and avocado for dinner and smeared the avocado all over his face.  He was pretty happy with himself.
12. As a result, it was bath night.


13. and 14. Playing after bath with spiked up hair.  It falls flat as soon as it dries, like someone I know (me).
15. “I am baby, hear me roar”
16. Not only has he noticed my toes and wants to play with them, he LOVES chewing on his own toes.

naked time

17. This picture cracks me up.  It looks like it’s taken with a fish-eye lens, or that he’s wearing a face suit face.  His cheeks are chubby, but not like this.
18. – 20. We were just playing around before we went to Trader Joe’s and then Hass Taco’s for dinner.  He rode in the front of the cart at the store for a bit, but got tired of it eventually.

big face
21. – 28. Yogurt and pears for breakfast was possibly the messiest meal yet.  I put the yogurt in a bowl with a suction cup on his try and I turned my back to get his pears and he’d pulled up the container and tried to drink from it, spilling much of the yogurt in the pocket of the bib.  But he had fun and there’s no harm in a little mess.  Obviously, this required a bath, and then some naked tummy time.
yogurt after yogurt bath
29. – 32. Father’s Day! We all slept until 10:15 – Jenson joined us in our bed around 7 a.m.  We gave Lo his gifts and made pancakes while Jenson played.  It’s so nice that he can sit and play by himself for a bit now.  (Many of the rest of the pictures got posted in the Father’s Day post, but oh well)
fathers day play
33. – 36.  Fun Father’s Day pictures
 jenson and lo
37. – 40. He’s 36 weeks old!!
36 weeks
41. – 44. Our friends came over for an impromptu BBQ before going to the Clipper’s (minor league) baseball game.  We ended up having a picnic in the grass where it was shady.  Jenson loved gnawing on this corn on the cob. He got mad when I took it away (he needed to nurse and nap before we left, and I didn’t want him to get super-messy again).
fathers day picnic
45. – 47. Clipper’s game pics.  Tickets for seats were sold out, so we ended up standing at the railing for the game.  It worked out better because Braxton has more room to explore, and it was easier to wear Jenson in the carrier when we were standing up rather than sitting down.  Plus, there was little fear of stray foul balls where we were standing.
48.  Boof was so distraught when we got home.  I don’t know if she thought we weren’t coming back, or if she got scared about something while we were gone, but she started crying so hard when we got in the door, and continued for some time.  She ended up self-soothing by tearing up her baby hedgehog toy.  It had survives since April, so it had a good run.
  clippers game

Friday Photo Favorites: June 2 – 8, 2014

Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom hosts a Friday Photo Favorites linkup and its a fun way to post a few (or bunch) pictures from the week.  I got behind again, because that’s what I do, but it’s better to live life than to blog about it.  Really, I just need to be less anal about editing every picture.

Jenson changes so much each week now.  He always has a new sound or movement that he’s mastered.  Or something new that he really likes. He has become quite the distracted nurser now. Unless he’s sleepy, he stops every minute or so and wants to sit up or play with his toes, or whatever else he can grab.  And he gets mad if he can’t start nursing the moment he decides he’s ready to go back to it.  He’ll also grab at my shirt when he’s ready to nurse sometimes.  In addition to loving his feet, he also loves my feet now.  If he can see them, he’s trying to grab at the,  He laughs when I wiggle my toes if he touches them.  I don’t want him to be obsessed with my feet and thought it may be the red nail polish, so I took it off tonight.  It’s been on for 2+ months, so it was well past time anyway.  He’s so much fun.  And he’s stinking adorable to boot.

1. – 4.  He would not roll front to back at this point still (he has since then).  He’d get stuck, like in the second picture, and give up.  As you can tell, his eyes are still blueish gray, but I’m sure they are changing.  There are some blue and gray-blue eyes in my family, but I’m sure our dominate hazel will take over.  Isn’t there some sort of probability chart for eye color based on genetics?  I vaguely remember something like that.floor time

5. This was a nursing break to chew on his toes.  He wasn’t getting them to his mouth consistently until then.
6. and 7. Pictures with Daddy for Lo’s birthday (it was a day or two later though)
8. I was changing Jenson and Lo had an F1 race on the tv, and Jenson spotted it and was enthralled.  He was fussy (hence the binky) until he saw that, and then he was fine.  Guess he may be another race fan (fitting, since his name was inspired by an F1 driver).


9. Food pics!  Trying a plum for the first time with some eggs (he mostly liked it).
10. Orange slice while we were at breakfast.  He LOVED it!  I need to probably buy an orange or two for him. He had a few bumps on his chin after eating it, but I think it was just a contact rash and not an allergy.  They went away pretty quickly.  He also had a few little pieces of Loren’s toast.  After doing much research that led me to no definitive answer, I went with the most current study out of Canada, which suggests exposure to wheat earlier on may be better than waiting until after age 1, as far as allergies/intolerance go.  I don’t have the exact study, but this is their recommended guidelines.
11. and 12. We went to our favorite place- Yabo’s Tacos, and this is the first time he sat “at” the table. He loved some guacamole with this trainer spoon (we’d just help him dip) (though I’d actually recommend this training spoon instead because it’s more like a spoon, but still has the ridges that help “grab” food), and then I put some burrito filling in his silicone feeder. He ate some of the filling stuff, but was getting fussy, which is what he does when he’s done.


13. and 14. Eating chicken and pinto beans
15.  Boof is also eating chicken and pinto beans :)
16. Dinner funchicken and beans

17. Jenson and Boof are mostly friends now.  He was trying to “play” with her, though he probably just wanted to chew on the hedgehog too (these things smell horrid, so thankfully Boof doesn’t share).
18. Check out the look of fear in her eyes when he grabbed her leg. “How could you let this happen!”
19. Boof is contemplating whether he took it too far with the leg grab.  The friendship is over when he gets handsy.
20. Though Jenson is pretty pleased with their  interaction.

playing with boof

21. It was a nice cool evening, so we hung out in the grass for a bit.  Jenson was watching Boof eat grass and smiling. (she doesn’t eat it bc she’s sick, she eats it because she’s a cow.
22. Boof –  “I’ll pose for this picture, but if that kid touches me (without food on his hands)…”
23.  CHEEKS!
24. Obligatory sleeping baby photo…

playing in grass

25. At Yabo’s (same night as the food picture above)
26. Boof is my nursing companion. She often sits beside me while I’m nursing Jenson, but this time she laid with her head on my leg. To be honest, she kind of follows me around now no matter what I’m doing and I have no idea why.  I always sing the “My Buddy” song her her (remember that doll/commercial?), but as: “My boofy, my boofy, wherever I go, she’s going to go…”
27. Vampire dog!  Hanging out on our bed one morning…
28. Froglegs are delicious!  (my mom crocheted the frog for him for Easter)

home and yabos

29. Jenson’s getting handsy with Boof again.
30. And there’s her stress yawn…
31.  And a BIG tongue kiss for Loren
32. She’s very pleased with herself.  She looks a little drunk.

family time

33. – 38.  Jenson’s first 5k!  There was a small charity race called the Jakestrong 5k in Powell that Kelley was doing and she asked me to do it too. Chuck ended up being off work, so we all did it.  It was a really nice morning, and a lot of fun just talking and walking with them.  We even stopped at a garage sale, lol.

jakestrong 5k

39. Oops – the orange slice picture made it in this collage too. :)
40. He loves sitting in his exersaucer and watching Boof on the couch. He just sits there and smiles at her, and she pretends she doesn’t see him.
41. Trying out his doorway jumper!  We tried one at Lo’s parent’s house a few months ago, but he was too small and didn’t like it.  He doesn’t jump in it yet, but he likes hanging out and spnning around.
42. Goofing with Daddy.

more play

43. No more laying down for pictures!  I tried to lay him down and he just kept struggling to sit.
44. Cute, but he’s flipping off the camera.
45. Enthralled with Boof, who wanted to make sure we knew she was in the picture so she could have a treat.
46.  And there we go.  35 weeks!!!!

35 weeks

47. – 50. My baby was 8 months old on June 6!  I especially love the cheesy grin he’s giving Loren in the 3rd picture.  I love this kid.  Yes, kid…he’s barely like a baby anymore!  We weighed him at 18 lbs, 12 ounces this week!

8 months

Loren’s First Father’s Day

On the weekends, Loren usually gets up with Jenson between 8-9 a.m. so I can get a little extra sleep.  For Father’s Day, Jenson gave him quite a gift…we all woke up at 10:15.  I brought him in the bed when he woke around 7 and he nursed and went back to sleep.  I vaguely remember nursing him once or twice more when he woke, and he’d lay and play for a couple of minutes and then he’d snuggle up against me and go back to sleep.  So when he woke again and I looked at the clock, I was surprised to see that it was after 10.  We were at a friend’s house until 930 the night before, so he went to bed late, but I was still surprised.  We facetimed in bed with his Nana and Meemaw for a bit before getting up.fathers day

I gave Lo his Father’s Day gifts…just some little things…an OSU flag for our garden flag stand (he got Crew and Reds ones for his birthday), a photo mug, and an 8×10 picture collage of pics with him and Jenson that came free with the purchase of a photo card.  He didn’t actually get the card until yesterday because CVS screwed things up several times (and ended up giving me the card for free too).IMG_3342 IMG_3343 IMG_3345IMG_3346  IMG_3347 IMG_3348

We made last minute plans with our friends to go the Clippers game that night and decided to grill out before the game.  I made pancakes for brunch and Jenson played in his exersaucer in the kitchen and chewed on a homemade teething biscuit while we cleaned up and got some stuff ready for dinner with our friends.fathers day

They came over and the boys played while we got dinner ready.  We ate on a blanket in the backyard since it was such a nice day outside.  Boof was beside herself….she couldn’t believe that there was food down on her level like that!  She didn’t try to snatch anything, but she was right there waiting.  I let Jenson suck on some corn on the cob and some meat from my kabob – he LOVED it and got mad when I took it away (I didn’t want him to get really messy and it was time for him to nurse again anyway). cornpicnic

The game was sold out, but you can always stand at the stadium, so we got a good railing spot and just hung out there for most of the game.  It was a fantastic night and a great way to spend Father’s Day and the Clippers won by like 18 runs or something silly like that.

clippers Boof was all out of sorts when we got home, running around and doing her bark/scream/sneeze routine that she does when she’s distraught.  She was doing that as soon as I opened the door and I automatically thought someone had broken in or something since she was so upset.  I hurried to turn on the kitchen light and nothing looked amiss.  Lo looked all through the house just to make sure nothing had happened, and we never figured it out. She finally calmed and then soothed herself by murdering her hedgehog.  I guess she was sad she was left out of Father’s Day.


She’s been a little “off” recently – just extra needy and harassing the neighbors for PB bones, and follows me around all night.  Lo took her to daycare today, hoping that would make her happy.  If that doesn’t work, I’m sure lots of cheese at my parent’s house this weekend will fix her right up.

Jenson update: Eight Months Old

Jenson changed so much between 7 and 8 months.  He’s so independent now and plays happily by himself now that he sits so steadily.  He babbles constantly and has smiles for everyone.  The best part of my day is getting home to see him.  He always breaks into a huge smile, and when I pick him up, he squeezes around my neck.  The squeeze is usually followed by him “biting” towards my face to let me know that he wants to eat.  Even if he had a bottle recently, he still wants to each within an half hour after I get home.

8 months

Monthly Jenson update:  May 7 – June 6, 2014

  • Age:  8 months
  • Weight:  approx. 18 lbs, 12 oz.
  • Length:  27ish inches (just measured at home)
  • Size:  Wearing 6-9 months mostly now, but some of the sleepers are getting short.  He can actually still fit into some 3 month clothes if the length is long enough!  He looks SO plump with all of his cheeks and chins and rolls, but somehow he’s still tiny!
  • Diapers:  Cloth diapers, except at night.  Our favorites seem to be Best Bottoms and Flips, and then Bum Genius Freetime for when he’s going to be in it for longer and we want him to feel dry against his skin.  He wears disposables at night and wearing size 3 now.  He’s been getting diaper rash more often now – I think it has to do with eating different foods.
  • Hair and Eyes: He has so much hair now – it’s really filled in.  It’s getting long on his forehead and will be in his eyes soon.  I swoop it to the side and Lo says its his young Republican look (or democratic…his choice).  His eyes are more grayish blue now, and so big and bright.
  • Teeth: None still (“fine by me”, says the nursing mom).  He’s got strong jaws and works pieces of food pretty well.
  • Sleeping:  So much better now.  We finally had to resort to a gentle form of sleep training.  He was waking up 3 times at night starting at 11:30 pm, and nursing was the only thing that would get him back to sleep.  I knew he didn’t need to eat at 11:30, so one night (when he actually woke around 9:30 pm), we decided we’d let him cry for a couple of minutes at a time and then go in to comfort him without picking him up.  He’d calm pretty quickly after one of us would go in the room, so we knew he didn’t need anything.  Once he calmed, we’d leave the room.  When he’d start crying again, we’d start the clock.  We didn’t let him cry for more than 3 minutes at a time (#pushovers), but he could REALLY get crying in that short amount of time.  It was heartbreaking!  We were seriously sitting on the edge of the couch watching the video monitor and the clock.  But after about 25 minutes and 5-6 times going into the room, he fell asleep.  And he slept until 5:30.  I’m happy to feed him when he wakes at 5:30 for now, especially since he goes back to sleep.  For the next couple of weeks he only woke once during the night.  He had a setback and started waking again at 11:30 pm (and once or twice more), and I went with it for a few days in case he was having a growth spurt and needed the extra feedings (or wasn’t feeling well or whatever).  After a couple of days, we redid the sleep training, letting him cry for 2-3 minutes at a time. This time it only took 20 minutes and going in the room 4 times – and he didn’t get as upset this time around either and eventually put himself back to sleep.  Again, he slept until 5:30 and has only been waking once a night again (between 230 and 5 usually).
    He likes the Cloud B Turtle Constellation Nightlight (and the frog one he has), and sometimes he’ll stop crying if I turn that on, and we’ve given his a small Aden + Anias security blanket that he’ll play with.  When he’s trying to put himself to sleep in the night, he picks both feet up and slams them down together on the mattress, making a thumping noise.  We can hear it through the wall in our bedroom!  He usually does that 5-6 times and then goes to sleep.
  • Eating:  He’s a very distracted nurser now – he stops and looks around with every noise he hears, or stops to “talk” or chew on his toes for a minute.  It takes longer to nurse him that before because he keeps stopping now.  It can be frustrating, but I realize it’s just extra time I get to hold him.  He did a lot more experimenting with foods this month finally.  He much prefers to be given food to feed himself, even if it’s with a spoon or the silicone feeder.  He loved egg yolk and eggs, potato, chicken, mahi mahi, yogurt mixed with banana, mango, ground beef, pinto beans, zucchini, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things.  He wasn’t a big fan of broccolini or cucumber though.  He got a little rash from something one day – either yogurt or watermelon, but it went away by the next day.
    DSC_0325 DSC_0452
  • Movement:  He sits like a champ and rarely falls over.  When he’s on his stomach or back, he can kind of squirm around to get to what he wants a little.  He hasn’t rolled back to front, but gets SO close!  While he doesn’t crawl, he’s started to pull his knees up under him a little bit.  He loves pulling up to stand, and needs less and less support to do so. He can even stand at the little toy table by himself for a few minutes.  When he’s sitting, he’ll start rocking and look like he’s going to rock forward onto his hands, but he doesn’t take the plunge.
    He mocks our movements too – we were shaking our heads from side to side and making noises, and he started copying us randomly.
    He also drops things on purpose now, whether just playing with his toys, or dropping food (or holding his hand down for her to lick).
    He reaches for us when we go to pick him up now, and he’ll squeeze my neck when I pick him up and hug him.  I love this.
  • Words & Sounds:
    His babbling is similar to last month with lots of Da da, and Ba, Ff, Ga.  Now the da da is more like dada and less like da da da da.  We aren’t sure he relates that to Lo yet though. He’s added “Te” and will sometimes take a nursing break to practice his words.  He imitates sounds that we make a lot now.  He’s very giggly and happy, but he will occasionally show a little temper now.  Sometimes he’ll start crying when he gets frustrated, or he grunt and straighten his arms and clench his fists, which is really funny.  It looks like this:
  • Milestones:
    - First flight and vacation to Vegas!  He got to meet his cousin Max, who is 4 months younger.  He did SO well on the flights – either sleeping, playing, or hanging out in his seat mostly.
    jenson and max
    - First time in a swimming pool.  We dipped his toes in while in Vegas, but the water was too cold.  We were able to get all the way in at our friends’ house here though.  It was still chilly, but he seemed to like it.swim
    - Mother’s Day!  We had lunch with my sister’s family at Pink Taco in the Hard Rock, and then the boys went home so my sister and I could get massages.
    - Daddy’s first night away (for the Indy 500)
    - Loren’s birthday
    jenson and daddy
  • Favorite Toys/Activities:
    - Sitting up and playing
    - Watching Boof.  He lights up when he sees her, and now that he’s eating, she’s more interested in him too.
    - Having his picture taken, though sometimes he’s too busy to look at the camera.
    - Walks with Boof (in the carrier or stroller) and with Braxton and their sitter in the double stroller.
    - Zombie baby: he yells and bites at my face when he’s hungry.  He’ll try to suck on my chin or nose.zombie
    - Chewing on his pacifier – he doesn’t usually want to suck on it unless he’s going to sleep or is upset, but he likes to chew on the side of it.
    jenson pacifier
    - He loves it when we sing to him, whether they are real or fake songs, but especially “Wheels on the Bus” with lots of extra characters, like Boofy and farm animal.
    - Slamming his feet down when trying to put himself to sleep
    - He loves kisses (thank goodness!), and have him cheeks, chin, and neck stroked lightly.  Sometimes when he’s fussy and needs to nap, I can kiss him to sleep.  I just kiss his cheek lightly over and over again, and he calms and the falls asleep.
    - He loves to grab his feet, whether he’s sitting, or laying on his back, and now he can suck on his toes finally.
    - My toes.  I don’t know if it’s the red polish, or just feet in general, but if he catches a glimpse, he gets a little obsessed until I “hide” them again.
    - Looking at books.  It seems like he finally pays attention and is interested when we read to him.
  • Dislikes:
    - Waiting for food
    - Taking something away that he wants (like when he’s chewing on the metal clasp on his pacifier clip.

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