after swim class

Slow walkers, colds, and volleyball

Just a few thoughts from the week…none of which deserve a full post… Just like when driving, if you are a slow walker, you should stay to the right. I walk several blocks to/from my car for work and constantly get stuck by two people walking slooowly, taking up the entire extra wide sidewalk. Or […]

home from the hospital

What to expect: Bringing baby home

I found this post languishing in drafts from awhile ago, and decided I should finish it.  I know a lot of people who’ve brought home babies recently, or who are about to, so I’ve been thinking about all of that newborn stuff lately.  We also watched our neighbors 8 week old recently, and it’s insane […]

Big news in town

The big news is that Ikea is coming to Columbus.  People are going crazy about it.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s awesome, but people are passing out in the streets from excitement (actually, that’s not really happening).  But it’s being plastered all over facebook and local sites. Here’s a clip from the story: The […]


Photo Favorites: January 19-25, 2015

We had a 3 day weekend for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so that’s always amazing!  We played lots of “chase” and “king of the couch”.  Jenson got a cold towards the end of the week – It stinks because I feel like we can’t keep him healthy and he barely leaves the house!  He […]


Little eyes are watching

Little eyes are watching, little ears are listening, little hearts are feeling. They see how you treat your spouse, parents, in-laws, siblings, and neighbors. They feel love, or lack of love, between parents.  You may think that you are putting on a good show, but they know it.  They may base their future relationships off […]


Photo Favorites: January 12-18, 2015

We had a busy week!  Jenson’s swimming classes started this week.  He likes being in the pool, but it takes him awhile to get warmed up in new situations, so he doesn’t start to seem like he’s having fun until the end.  The class is only 45 minutes, and it’s right before his normal bedtime, […]

blowing kisses

Jenson update: 15 months

Jenson is 15 months!  We had a great Christmas season, though the year ended with him having a really bad stomach bug.  Luckily he got to see all of our family before that got too bad.  He still didn’t “get” Christmas, but he had fun and loves all of his new toys. We had some […]


Unbreakable records, er, Top 10 albums

I was listening to sports talk radio last week and the host said they’d be talking about their top 5 unbreakable records later.  I immediately starting thinking about my top 5 unbreakable records…trying to come up with my own list.  I thought about this for most of the ride home – and was trying to […]

red gold lasagna

Red Gold Lasagna Kit giveaway and recipe

Lasagna is the ultimate comfort food…cheesy, meaty, saucy pasta.  It seems complicated, but it’s not – especially when you let the noodles cook right in the lasagna – just layer and bake.  Lasagna freezes well, so it never hurts to make a double batch and freeze one for later (or share the lasagna love and […]