Photo Favorites: November 10 – 16, 2014

Our week started off on the tail end of our Vegas trip.  We don’t do a lot while we are out there, but there’s still never enough time to visit.  It’s hard to do much anyway, since one of the boys is usually eating or napping at any given time.  We left the house and did several things though.  When we were out there in May, Summer and I only left the house to go on a walk and when we went for our Mother’s Day brunch and massages.  Anyway, our flight home was good.  We were lucky enough to get another seat for Jenson.  And also that we were sitting near guys who liked kids and were willing to interact with Jenson.  It made him so happy.  Again, he slept for about 1.5 – 2 hours of the flight, and did pretty well.  There was definitely a time when he was getting fussy and we just kept him entertained by giving him kamut puffs and happy baby o’s.  Whatever it takes.

He did a lot of standing this week – both up against things, and standing up in the middle of the room without anything to support himself.  He acts like he wants to take a step, but doesn’t get his foot moved.  He has a strong core – must be from all of those baby planks when he was tiny.  Look how tiny!!

baby planks

He had 2 food firsts this week…the ones that made me the most nervous: cows milk and peanut butter.  We started cutting his bottles with a ounce of whole milk.  I was nervous because milk allergies can really suck (and be hard to determine because he can’t just tell me his belly hurts), and I had a milk allergy once I was weaned from breastmilk.  I had to drink goat’s milk for a period of time, and luckily outgrew the allergy.  He had done fine with it, and seems to like it enough.  We gave him peanut butter on pancakes on Saturday morning and he loved it – no reaction, so obviously that’s awesome.  I know that peanut allergies can develop after the fact, but still…

Some of his new things to say were “jumpy, jumpy, jumpy” when he was in the doorway jumper and I was saying that to him.  He also kept going “ei-ei-ei” from “old mcdonald”, but he leaves off the “o” at the end.  Anytime I say his name to get his attention, he repeats it.  Funny, but I can’t help but think he’s already mocking me…

Oh – mostly importantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After we returned from vegas, Jenson slept through the night!! He slept through the night until friday, when I spent about an hour trying to get him back to sleep between 3-4.  On Saturday night, we were determined to let him cry a little longer than normal in hopes that he’d settle himself (after checking on him to make sure he wasn’t wet or something).  He gets into a habit of waking up just so we can come in to comfort him until he goes back to sleep.  So that night it started around 3:45, and it took about 25 minutes before he was completely asleep again – with Lo checking on him in between once…but he went back to sleep.  He was falling asleep sitting up – not crying anymore – and finally laid down and went to sleep.  I was so excited that I took a picture.  Again, since then he’s done pretty well.  (after the fact, we realized he got two more top teeth over these two days, so that’s probably why he was waking..and that made me feel a little bad…)


Photo Favorites: November 10-16, 2014

Sweetie babies.  Max finally stole back a toy that Jenson took from him.  The next time they see each other – when Max is mobile – it’s going to be a whole new ballgame.

max and jensonmax and jenson

While we were in Vegas, my sister was helping to throw one of her best friends a baby shower.  I was really happy to be out there and get to go because I got to know Erin pretty well through Summer.  We (and a friend of mine) traveled to Europe several years ago, and every time I’ve been in Vegas, we’ve hung out with Erin.  Regarding the picture, I’m so disappointed that I didn’t get any shots of Jenson and Max in their outfits for the party.  They both looked adorable.  Summer may have some pictures, but this is all that I have!

sleeping in car

Someone woke up from a nap with bedhead!  Well, both of them did, but Jenson’s was much more impressive.

bed head bed head

Max is so adorable.  I miss him.
Sneaking some kisses on Jenson.  Luckily, he still doesn’t mind (usually).

Max me and jenson

Reading books!

max and jenson max and jenson max and jensonmax and jenson


Hummus face!

Reading one last book together before bed, on our last night there.

max and jenson

Back to the airport.  Very lucky to get a seat again!

airport flight from vegas

Jenson playing peek-a-boo with the people behind us.  He “played” with the guys diagonal across the aisle for the longest time though.

airplane airplane

We were happy to get home to Boof, and 2 nights later we got to return the favor and keep Lincoln while our neighbors were at the hospital welcoming a sweet baby boy to the world.  I loved keeping Lincoln – he and Boof were pretty crazy for the first few hours (they always are), but once we settled down to watch tv, he curled up next to me on the couch without another bark.  When I went up to bed, he jumped up in our bed and curled up against my legs.  He curls to a pretty small ball, compared to his height, so it was nice and cozy.

boof and lincoln

Jenson playing in the morning.
I don’t know what the deal is with Boof sitting right beside Jenson – she’s usually not willing to be that close.

jenson boof and jenson

Funny pictures that Lo takes while I’m sleeping in.

breakfast breakfast

On Sunday, we had a baby shower for Lo’s sister and brother-in-law at his mom’s house.  They are expecting twin boys this January!  They already have Sadie, but with having a boy…and two of them…they were going to need more “stuff”.  I didn’t get a lot of pics (forgot the camera again!), but here are some from the party.

twins cake twin diaper cake twinkie babies twin pigs in a blanket

And I loved Jenson’s outfit.  He looked pretty bad ass.

jenson and mom jenson




Newflash! Lullaby scandal.

A few months ago, I realized that the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle share the same melody and I thought it was crazy that I never realized that.

But WAIT – there’s more!  Tonight I was singing random songs in the car to Jenson and started singing Ba Ba Black Sheep, and when I got part way through, I stopped because I realized that this ALSO was the same melody!  I was singing parts of each song to make sure it fit – like:

have you any wool
how i wonder what you are
like a diamond in the sky..”

And then I got confused on which part of which song should go next.  Plus, embarrassingly enough, there are a few letters in the alphabet that I can’t just pick up and say in order.  Yeah…just a couple between F and K.

While I’m talking about “ba, ba black sheep” and embarrassing things, when Jenson was really young I was trying to sing that song, but I couldn’t remember how that part that goes:

“One for my master and one for my dame
And one for the little boy who lives down the lane”

All that I could come up with was “one for the master and one for the slave”…and I KNEW that it couldn’t be right.  Sure it was a different time back in the 1700’s when this was written, but still.  I felt bad that I even thought that those words could be possible – I’ll blame it on baby brain.  As it turns out, a quick search on wiki shows that the song has long been controversial because some say that it alludes to the slave trade and such.  Also, Australian kindergarten teachers changed the lyrics this year from “black” to other colors.

vegas flight black sheep

This post was meant to be a 2 line revelation about the melody. True to form…I’m often a person of few spoken words (unless I had a couple of drinks), but of MANY written words.


playing with max

Photo Favorites: November 3 – 9, 2014

This was a busy and wonderful week for us.  Jenson got his cast off and was back to using his arm like normal.  I was nervous that it wouldn’t be healed or he’d have trouble using it, but of course, he was fine.

His new things this week are repeating his name when I say it (and he says it really funny), he knows what a sock and doggy are, and he can say Max.  I’m quite sure I’m forgetting other things that he says, because he says so much.  He is also advancing his yoga moves.  For a few weeks, he likes nursing in downward dog, but this week he elevated that to three-legged dog.  So that’s fun (it’s not really).  The plan is to slowly start weaning him after we return from Vegas.  We’ll start cutting his bottles with cows milk and I’ll stop pumping at work when possible (can’t wait!).

Finally, the biggest part of the week was our trip to Vegas to see my sister, brother-in-law, and sweet nephew Max.

Photo Favorites: November 2-9, 2014

This kid loves his books.


The last pictures of him eating with his cast on – and having to bag his arm for meals.

sippy cup eating

Heading to the doctors to get his cast off!
Showing Boof his cast-free arm

cast no cast

We hate leaving Boof when we go on vacation. Luckily our neighbors were happy to keep her for us.  Boof loves them and their dog Lincoln.  It was especially kind of them to watch her because they had the induction of their baby scheduled for the day we were returning!  (it got pushed until the following day – and they are all doing great).


Heading to Vegas!  We made a stop at the airport Chili’s for a drink (I really wanted a margarita).
Jenson had some milk on the plane.

airport chilis  vegas flight

We were so lucky.  We didn’t pay for a seat for Jenson this time because by the time we thought we may want to, his ticket would have been over $500.  We decided we’d take him as a lap child, but ask for an extra seat if the flight wasn’t booked (so we could take his carseat on).  Southwest does that because the seats aren’t assigned.  So he read for a bit, and then napped in his seat for about 2 hours.

vegas flightvegas flight

Part of his awake time of the flight was spent making friends with the guys diagonal across the aisle.  They were great and were “playing” with him.  He just kept looking at them and laughing and smiling.  When we were feeding him, he’d look at them in between each bite like he was showing off.  It was hilarious.

airplaneflight to vegas

In baggage claim.  I saw this ad and thought it was perfect for Jenson.  They do make him happy.

airport baggage claim hooters

We arrived!  The last time we saw Max was in July, so he had changed a lot!  I love Jenson’s face in the first picture – like he couldn’t wait to get his hands on Max.

playing with max playing with max

They spent so much time playing together the whole time we were there.  It was awesome.  Max isn’t mobile yet, so if Jenson took something he wanted, he couldn’t always get it back.  But they did great.  Max finally started snatching things that Jenson took when he could reach.

playing with maxplaying with max

Cousin bath time!

bath with max

He loves looking at himself in the mirror.


We left the boys with Max’s nanny for a few hours (after Jenson was already in bed) and went out.  We went to Brooklyn Bowl for dinner and to listen to Dropkick Murphys.  It was a pretty cool place.  We parked near the High Roller – which is a ginormous ferris wheel – bigger than the London Eye.  This picture was taken from the rooftop of a huge parking deck, if that gives you any indication of the height of this thing.

high rollerdate night

More pics from the trip coming in the next weekly update…


Winter is here…like not just a little, but the full-on, face-numbing, cold-as-balls winter.  Lo mowed the lawn/leaves on Saturday and let the mower run out of gas for the winter.  Just in time because it got really cold on Sunday, and it started to snow around midnight.

By morning we had a couple of inches of wet, heavy snow, and 10,000 Ohioans who don’t know how to drive in the snow (despite regular snow in the winter). Schools were cancelled (not sure why) if they weren’t already closed for in-service days, but the commute took me an hour or so.  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised…ML took several tries to get up our driveway in the morning.  When I went to leave, her SUV had slid back down our driveway and was partway on the street!  She played it safe and just parked on the street.  I totally forgot to wear boots (instead of tennis shoes – my work shoes live in my office), so I had to walk the 3 or so blocks into work in the snow.  Oops.  I had to leave work early for an appointment, so luckily I didn’t have to deal with traffic on the way home.

Tuesday and Wednesday it got too cold to snow, which made it too cold to be outside for any amount of time.  Like 11 degrees.  So on these mornings, I didn’t get wet feet, but the wind was more miserable.  The last block of the walk into work is the most awful wind tunnel where the wind cuts through the plaza beside the building from the river.  It numbs my face and legs, and I start to wonder if it’s possible to pass out from being so cold.

The good news is that on Wednesday I finally remembered I have heated seats in my car, so my ass was warm this morning and after work.

The last two winters, I’ve ridden to work with Lo, and usually he’d drop me off at the door on the way past the building, so I was totally spoiled and never had to worry about walking in the cold further than the gym across the street.  When he got a new job and we stopped riding together in May, people kept asking (in a concerned voice) how I was doing driving myself to work.  It was kind of annoying because I drove myself for years, and I’m perfectly capable of driving.  Sure, it was nice having a chauffeur, but obviously I can handle it.  The most annoying thing about it was that since I don’t get picked up, it takes longer to get home because by the time I walk to my car and get on the highway, so is everyone else. But now…now I know what they didn’t know they meant when they asked if I was okay driving myself.  Technically yes, because I am fine driving in the snow.  But the commute takes SO long and the walk from the car to the building and back is SO cold.  So I’m just trying to accept that fact that this is how it’s going to be from now on.  I did my winter complaining now and I’ll try to keep it to a minimum (but why did it arrive so cold, so fast?).  Or I can be like people on Facebook who choose to live in states with a real winter, and then complain about it everyday.  I’ll just sit here, shivering (not really, because I’m rocking some sweet fleece jammies), jealous of Kelley for escaping Ohio winters in Florida….and my sister, who moved to the desert and never looked back (come back someday!).

Boof loves winter weather, but she doesn’t get to walk if its too cold because her paws can’t handle it (and neither can we).  Jenson doesn’t know the difference yet.  We have snow pants and a winter coat for him, but he doesn’t actually wear shoes.  We have shoes and boots that should fit him, but he doesn’t actually know what to do with his legs when he has shoes on his feet.  They kind of turn to jello when we put shoes on him.  We don’t intend for him to wear shoes regularly – from what we’ve read, it’s better for them to learn to walk and such without shoes on (“shoes on, shoes on”….a few people will get that), but I figure we need to put something on his feet if he’s going to be outside for very long.  So I think we need to practice.

The other good news is that next week is Thanksgiving, and while I may be one of the only people who doesn’t really care for Thanksgiving food (yes, I said it…and that was true even before I was gluten-free), I do have extra days off…and any extra time I get to spend with Jenson makes me so happy.

Rocking our fleece jammies before bed tonight….

fleece jammies



crawling with cast

Photo Favorites: October 27 – November 2, 2014

I feel like I’m starting to get caught up on these picture posts because I’m posting in the same month that it actually is!  I don’t take a million pictures anymore…actually, I haven’t been taking enough!  I haven’t been pulling out the “real” camera that much, so I need to start getting pictures through the week.  It’s hard on weekdays because by the time I get home, it’s almost dark and then the lighting sucks.  We don’t have bright lights in our house, so I have to use the flash, and then they look weird.  So anyway…

Jenson’s new words this week were purple, pink, ready, wa-wa,  kitty, doggie, chicken (and the noise – bock, bock), cow, and who knows what else.  It’s insane the amount of words that he’ll repeat.  I know that he’s mostly just repeating sounds and doesn’t know what the words mean, but I guess it counts. Plus, he crawled over to a duck rattle and said “duck”.  He also says “wa wa” when he sees his sippy cup, so he definitely knows what some of the words mean.  He maybe wasn’t the fastest to roll or crawl, and still doesn’t walk, but he’s one smart cookie.  And adorable!

He HAS started standing and cruising now.  I think he’s used to the weight of the cast now and it doesn’t throw him as off balance.  And probably it was pretty scary to start doing that again, considering he fell and broke his wrist when he was trying.

It was Halloween week, of course.  We invited Braxton and his parents (and Grandma W is already at our house) to trick or treat in our neighborhood.  Jenson doesn’t eat candy yet, and trick or treat fell around when he needed to eat dinner, so we just went to a few neighbors houses and headed back to our house, while Braxton and Co. continued on and had a great time.  A lot of our neighbors sit outside with firepits and stuff – our neighborhood is small and is separated from others, so it’s a nice small community.  I made Santa Fe Chicken Chili and invited our  across-the-street neighbors to stop over.  It was a nice night – I know next year will be a lot of fun once Jenson can really participate.

Photo Favorites: October 27 – November 2, 2014

This kid loves books.  One of his favorite things still is to take all of the books of the book shelf on the entertainment stand.


Some scenes from Halloween

halloweenhalloween halloweenhalloween

We finally remembered to sign his cast.  We usually had it covered with a sleeve, so we kept forgetting.  Plus signing it while he was awake wasn’t going to be easy, so we finally remembered when he fell asleep on Halloween.  My mom heart didn’t turn out that well – it was dark and I couldn’t really see what I was doing.

sleeping sleeping

Just being silly


Boof chewing on her hedgehog.  And then Jenson chewing on her hedgehog.  Oops.

boof dog toy

This picture shows how he crawls with a cast – just slides that arm along the floor.  He’s pretty quick like that.
Getting brave and standing unsupported again.  (and with one of Boofs toys again!)

crawling with cast standing

Reading a new book before bed.


Bathing Jenson while he was wearing a cast wasn’t the easiest.  We would wrap/tape his arm in a ziploc bag and Lo would wash him in the sink while I held his arm out of the water.


Posing with Daddy in their Crew gear before Lo went to the game.

crew crew

Jenson and I had fun playing before his nap.  He was playing under a table (which means getting into a bag of party decorations that were still stashed under there).
Since it was too cold outside for a walk, I pulled him around the house in his wagon.  He loved it…and for some reason Boof followed us the whole time. I think she thought we were going to sneak outside without her and she didn’t want to miss her chance for a walk.  (she finally got her walk way later when I took her around 9 pm – cold AND dark)

hiding under table wagon

I realized that I never got any “good” pics of Jenson in his Halloween costume on Halloween, so I put him back in it and took some pics in the leaves.

duck costume duck costume duck costume

We braved the cold while Lo was at the game and went to Boo at the Zoo.  It was close to closing time and it was pretty cold, so we mostly just looked at some of the indoor things.  There was hardly anyone at the Zoo because there was a night Buckeye game.  It was kind of awesome (and slightly creepy).  I wore him in my carrier so that he’d stay warm – plus that bear outfit was SUPER heavy – I actually thought he may be too warm.  We walked around for about an hour and headed back home, as it was past his bedtime and he was falling asleep on me.

boo at the zoo boo at the zoo

boo at the zoo boo at the zoo

On Sunday we spent much of the day looking at some houses.  No luck.  :(  But it was a beautiful day.



Photo Favorites: October 20 – 26, 2014

This was Jenson’s second week with a cast and he got around great – you wouldn’t even know he had it on, except he sometimes accidentally hits us with it (and it hurts!).  While he was in our bed one morning, he swung his arm and hit me in the mouth really hard and I thought I would have a fat lip.  Lo said we couldn’t go anywhere if I had a fat lip and Jenson had a broken arm, because people would look at him weird.  His cast also started to stink after just a few days!  And of course he always laid it right by (or on) my face while he was nursing – right by my nose- so that wasn’t fun.  He also likes to nurse in downward dog now….so that’s weird.

Jenson’s top two teeth finally just barely popped through his gums.  One came through early in the week, and the other was later in the week.  He did okay with it, but he wasn’t the best eater and sleeper while they were about to come through.

His new words of the week we “thank you” (dank du) and socks.  I know there were others, but he says so many that it’s hard to keep track!  He is just constantly repeating things we say – even just the last word of our sentence.  I said “shit” accidentally one day and he kind of repeated it, but I didn’t react and luckily he hasn’t said it again!  I didn’t tell Lo for like a week, because if he did repeat it, I was going to try to play dumb (but would have probably admitted it like 5 minutes later).

I changed the formatting of this post compared to the previous weeks.  Now that I’m finally not taking a million pictures a week (usually), I don’t want to mess around with the collages.

Photo Favorites: October 20 – 26, 2014

orthopedic doctorJenson had his follow-up appointment at the orthopedic doctor a week after he hurt his arm.  They took another set of x-rays and showed us how the fracture was angulated.  She said there was still an angulation (like a curvature/misalignment), but that since he is so young, it’ll straighten as he grows.  She said that he’d be able to get it off in 2 weeks, which will only have been 3.5 weeks…and perfect timing because it was 2 days before we left for Las Vegas!






Boof is giving me a really shitty look in this picture.


Reading after his bath and before bed.  We cut the arm off of an old secondhand sleeper to fit over his cast and just rotate it with a few other pajama options.  The sock over the cast is because it’s so rough.  It also helps him slide his arm on the floor to crawl.


eatingHe adapted really well to eating with his left hand.  He ate his broccoli really well, but starting rejecting carrots this week.  I just kept offering, and sometimes he’d eat them, sometimes he wouldn’t.









Jenson went to his first OSU women’s volleyball game.  He actually seemed to like watching the game and following the ball.  He also really liked our friend Julie – she has very blond hair, and he seems partial to blonds.  It was balls hot in the gym for some reason – the boiler had to have been stuck on or something – and it was a later game, so we had to leave after the 4th game because he was done.  He fell asleep as soon as I buckled him in the car.

osu volleyball osu volleyball

This kid’s smile.  Love.  People kept asking how he was doing with his cast – you would barely even know he had one.  He crawled over things, read books, played just like normal.

playing with cast poop deck reading jenson

He starting standing a lot this week again – he stopped for a bit after he got he cast.  The clothes laying on the floor were in a pile by the basement door, and he dragged and threw them all over the place.

standing riding crawling cast

We tried to buy Jenson this creek.  It’s at the back of a property with a 100 year old house with 5+ acres that we put an offer on.  There were multiple offers and ours wasn’t accepted.  We are pretty disappointed about it, but we weren’t willing to offer more because we were going to have to put a lot of work into it.  Like a lot.  But mostly cosmetic, and it would have been beautiful.

creek road

We went to our friends’ house for their neighborhood trick-or-treat the Sunday before Halloween.  They sit out with their neighbors and have drinks and do a fire pit.  Jenson liked watching the kids and dogs come up for candy.

lion trick or treat




12 months

Jenson update: 1 year old!

Jenson’s first year went by so fast.  So fast that I couldn’t keep up with the posts and he’s already 13 months!  He became incredibly verbal in his 12th month, but he’s usually quiet around other people.  He imitates sounds and syllables very accurately.  He’s cruising and standing for 10+ seconds.  He likes practicing standing when we are in our bed – he stands and then falls on his butt with a big “ugh”.  This kid is loved beyond belief.  He makes us so happy – and his smiles and funny faces are infectious.  Obviously this post is kind of late since his birthday party has come and gone, and his 13 month was quite eventful, but this makes it easier for me to keep track of things in one place.

I know he’s not really a baby anymore, but he’s my baby boy….my lovey.
1 year old


Monthly Jenson update:  September  7 – October 6, 2014 

  • Age:  12 month old (posting late)
  • Weight:  approx. 22 lbs
  • Length:  28 or so inches
  • Size:  He’s wearing mostly 12 month clothing, but some 9 month onesies still fit.
  • Diapers:  Cloth diapers, except at night.  Not much change here.  He’s gone back and forth with diaper rash, but I think it’s related to trying new foods.  He moved up to size 4 diapers for disposables.
  • Hair and Eyes: His hair looks like a wig.  He had his first hair cut at J. Bentley on September 22, the day before his 1 year photos.  She did a good job, but it made him look older so quickly! His eyes are more grayish blue now, and so big and bright.long hairhaircut
  • Teeth: He still just has the two bottom teeth, but they are so big and cute now.  You can see them in lots of pictures, which is awesome.  His top teeth are thisclose to coming in…there are big ridges where they are about to break through.
  • Sleeping: We went back to trying to sleep train him again – mostly by just not picking him up in the night.  We just try to go in and comfort him and lay him back down when he wakes and stands at his crib.  As soon as he stirs in the night, he stands up and starts crying, even thought he’s barely awake.  He quit needing to nurse at night – one time I picked him up to nurse him, and he just wasn’t interested.  He just wanted me to hold him.  He normally wakes once between 2 – 4 and wants comfort.  Occasionally he’ll wake again, but if it’s after 5 a.m., we just bring him to our bed.  It’s too hard to get him back to sleep when we only have one hour left to sleep.  He usually ready to nurse by then
  • Eating:  Jenson is a pretty good eater, and less interested in nursing.  On work days, he normally only nurses morning and night (occasionally after work), and takes 4 bottles of 3 – 3.5 ounces while at work.  He is picky with his food sometimes, but if we offer things at the next meal, he’ll usually eat them.  He loves blackberries and still loves little frozen drops of yogurt.  Sweet potatoes is one of his favorites foods always, and he loves apples – both cooked and scraping little bits off of a raw apple.
  • Movement: He got to be a really fast crawler. Towards his first birthday, he started to cruise along furniture and stand on his own.  He still loves clapping.  If we say “touchdown!”, he’ll raise his arms and say “Yeah!’.  He gives lots of high 5’s and usually says “yeah!” when he does it.  He loves looking through books and turns the pages really well.standing
  • Words & Sounds:
    Dada, Mama, Bff (Boof), Nana, Yeah!, BapPap (repeating Pappap), pappaw, yellow, toothbrush, ball, blue.  He started to imitate our sounds with the right amount of syllables and tone of voice – it’s so funny.
  • Milestones:
    – first haircut
    – cruising
    – standing alone
    – first hayride (at Stratford Ecological Center Fall Festival)hayride
    – apple picking at Lynd’s fruit farmapple picking
  • Favorite Toys/Activities:
    – Books!  Especially books with flaps
    – Clapping
    – Loves kisses (giving and receiving) and having his face stroked
    – Looking at himself in the mirror
    – Standing up to play with his toys
    – Playing on our bed
    – Playing near the doggie door (hasn’t crawled out yet)
    – Watching Boof and trying to get her toys
    – Watching and playing with Braxton
    – Sleeping between us in the bed
    – Likes being tickled in his armpits and his chunky thighs – Playing in “his” plastic container cabinet in the kitchen
    – Looking at pictures and videos of himself on Lo’s phonelooking at photosbig smile at doggie door
  • Dislikes:
    - Getting his hair washed and rinsed – he tries to climb out of the tub
    – Waiting for something he wants or when you take something away from him.  He does this “temper” thing, where he clenches his fists and grunts.  We call it “hulking out”.
    – Wearing the weekly and monthly sticker.  I have to try to get a picture really quick before he discovers it and rips it off.  We are finally done with the weekly ones now!
    – Wearing shoes – when we put shoes on him, his legs don’t work.  He doesn’t throw a fit, but he won’t support his weight.  It’s kind of funny – he doesn’t need to wear them, so it’s okay.159-3566613575-O

Review: Kidecals Labels and Decals

Kidecals contacted me awhile back and asked if I was interested in doing a review on their labels.  I checked out their website, read about the products, and said “yes please!”.  They have so many options, styles, and colors, that I was almost a little overwhelmed in choosing.  I was especially interested in the waterproof labels, which are dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer proof, and decided to order these.  They also offer chalkboard labels (write on with chalk or chalk pen), date labels (with are removable and repositionable that are prefect for leftovers, daycare bottles, food containers, etc.), and they also have adorable wall decals that won’t mess up your walls.  You can even personalize your computer with keyboard stickers and laptop skins.

Baby/kid things get left all over the place, so I like the idea of labeling things that are important to us, so if we lose them, someone can contact us.  Kidecals gave me a large discount, so I decided to pay a bit more and get the Combo Set.  I figured this would give me the sizes I needed for all of the things I want to label.  I went with a pretty simple wording, with just our last name and phone number, so we could put it on all of our stuff – baby or adult.  The combo set includes 12 approx 3 x .5 inch labels, 48 approx. 1.5 x .5 inch labels, and 72 approx 1x .5 inch labels – in total 132 labels, which is plenty to get me started.


I immediately thought about how I could put labels on bags, coats, water bottles, containers, and pans that I take places, and even baby clothing or toys that I lend out but would like to have back.  The adhesive is strong and long-lasting, but won’t damage surfaces.  They guarantee your labels will stay securely fixed without peeling; and your pretty design will always remain scratch free.  To remove, you just peel off.  I’ve tried the labels on a variety of surfaces, and so far they are holding up!  The jacket below has gone through the laundry twice and you’d never know.  The label inside of my purse takes a beating on a daily basis and is still holding strong.

kidecals kidecals

Kidecals always offers free shipping, and you can get 15% off any order with the coupon code
ilovelabels”.  Kids and teens love putting their names on their stuff and these will help keep track of their belongings instead of getting their stuff mixed up with their peers.  The waterproof labels are perfect for school, sports, or camp gear.  Kidecals labels or decals would make excellent Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.  You can even get labels made for your homemade holiday gifts.

Kidecals is a great company to work with and they put out a fantastic product.  The more I use these labels, the more I’m impressed with them.


*I received a discount towards my order, but all thoughts and opinions are my own, and I was under no obligation to post about these.

A boy and his dog

rescue dog

I love this picture.  They were waiting for gramma and pappap to arrive the day before Jenson’s birthday party.  Boof is funny with Jenson.  She wants to be near him often, but not quite “touching distance”, unless she wants to lick his face.  Or if we are taking his picture – then she tries to get in the photo because she hopes that will get her a treat (like it does when we are trying to get a pic of them together and have to bribe her).

The other day we were all laying on our bed and Jenson starting crawling towards the foot of the bed – Boof got up from her spot and laid in between him and the end of the bed.  Obviously we wouldn’t have let him get close to the edge, but apparently she didn’t trust us and wanted to make sure he didn’t crawl off.  I thought that was awesome.  She’s not quite ready to be his best friend, but she’ll come around.  In the meantime, she’ll just keep eye on him from the distance.

Easy workout for lazy people

I’m in terrible shape.  I don’t really look like it because I’m on the lower end of what I normally weigh right now.  But I think that’s because I lack muscle completely.  I always used to work out on my lunch (pre- and during pregnancy), and I never understood what else people did on their lunches (besides eat, which I do later).  Well, now I know.  Nothing.  To be fair, I’ve done a lot of shorter days at work due to appointments and or wanted to leave work early, so on those days I flex out my lunch hour, which means skip it completely.  But the other days, I choose napping, surfing the web/zoning out, or occasionally doing work during my lunch hour.  I’ve been averaging going to the gym about once a week, flexing lunch twice, and napping or zoning the other two days.  Not cool.  I’m playing volleyball twice a week now, and they are very strong leagues, so I’m getting a good workout on those days, but still…
Some days I’ll pop out 25 squats before napping, and I’ll tell myself that I do some things later like that, but I never do.

I’m thinking about telling Lo to tell me to do random exercises when we are at home.  Like just 20-25 of one exercise…squats, pushups (ha, I can only do like 10 now– on my knees!), lunges, planks, etc.  The rule would be that if he tells me, I have to do it – unless it really, really poor timing (like getting ready to run out the door), or I’m legitimately not feeling well.  It’s not that I’m too lazy to do anything at home, I just don’t think of it because I’m always busy.  But it only takes about 30 seconds to do any of those exercises.  I can’t really say that I’m too busy for that.  I don’t know that he’ll be willing to do this – or that he’d remember to tell me, but maybe it’s worth a shot.


Also, I actually need to go to the gym. Jenson is occasionally sleeping pretty well, but he’s been waking earlier than normal.  I don’t have to get up as much with him now because he doesn’t nurse at night anymore, so Lo can settle him back down when he wakes half of the time.  So I’m getting slightly more sleep than before.  It would help if I would get my ass to bed before 12:45 a.m.  Also, I’m starting to taper off breastfeeding and pumping, so I’m going to lose the benefit that breastfeeding burns extra calories, so I need to do something about it.

Yesterday I had to flex out part of my lunch, so I didn’t have enough time to go over to the gym.  I didn’t “need” to nap, so I was determined to do a little workout in my office.  I just made it up as I went, but based it on the premise of a 100 workout….where I pick one exercise and do the coordinating amount of reps, counting down by tens.  I didn’t even change clothes –I just kicked off my shoes and did it barefoot since it was going to be no/low impact.  (my office has a door, obviously).

Quick and easy 100 workout for lazy people

  • 100 calf raises (varying turning toes in/out/forwards)
  • 90 crunches – I varied these slightly as I went
  • 80 side-lying leg lifts, each side (these are from when I go to PT for my hip, so always a good thing to do)
  • 70 bridges
  • 60 squats
  • 50 second wall sit
  • 40 second plank
  • 30 front/back lunges each leg (do a standing front lunge and immediately push into a back lunge, same leg; repeat
  • 20 plie squats
  • 10 single leg squats, each leg (back leg on chair)

This workout didn’t take long and I didn’t break a sweat (got a little warm, but my office is cold, so that kept the sweating away).  This doesn’t require any equipment, but my legs were feeling burny after doing it.  It wasn’t that difficult, and I can totally feel it today (since I have no muscle).

I’d also like to start doing yoga again – I was SO into it before/during pregnancy and was getting pretty advanced.  It’s hard to justify leaving Jenson in the evenings, but maybe while I’m in between volleyball leagues, I’ll try to take one evening class per week.  I can also try my gym yoga again, but I really didn’t enjoy the new instructor’s style the last time I went….like I hated it (the class, not her – she seemed very nice).  I should do a spinning class too…I haven’t gone since my belly started getting in the way when I was pregnant.

So I have options…I just got in a rut of not doing anything.  I suppose since my clothes fit (and some are too big), I haven’t had the motivation.  I’m not going to lie like a lot of people and say that I only workout because it makes me “feel good”.  While it DOES make me feel good (and I actually love the feeling of really sore muscles), I workout so I don’t get too fat.  And so that I can eat candy and lots of cheese.