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Why rescue dogs are amazing, and why you’re a jerk if you give your dog away on Facebook

I’m a member of several local facebook groups…mostly buy/sell sites, and a few parenting ones.  Sadly, it seems lately there have been multiple occasions of people posting their dogs to give away.  It makes me so sad and furious every time.  There are very few occasions where I could see why people would need to find their dog a new home, though I can’t imagine ever making that choice for any reason.  Unfortunately, none of these posts that I’ve seen ever have valid reasons…just things like “we just can’t give the dog the time it deserves bc the kids are to busy” or “I have a baby now and it’s too much work” or “I’m worried that the dog will bite the kids” (well, teach your kids how to treat a dog appropriately).  Some of the things are situations where a trainer could make a huge difference, but these people would rather dump their dog off with a stranger from a Facebook page.  It’s disgusting.  I know that some think that comparing pets to children is too much, but if these people adopted a child and the child didn’t magically conform to their life, would they give that child away?!

So anyway, I posted a long rant that I disguised as a public service announcement (not really) on one of the pages where this has happened several times recently, and the post received tons of thank-you comments and likes – one lady even sent me a private message to thank me for posting it because she was getting really frustrated that people keep posting their dogs like they are an item that they are done with.  I had to post something, because I’m always so tempted to leave a nasty comment on one of these posts, but I’m not into the drama that would result in such an action.  Since the post was so popular, I figured I might as well share it on here.

“(long) PSA: As the holidays approach and people consider pets as gifts, PLEASE think hard about this decision. A dog (or cat) shouldn’t be a spur of the moment decision. Almost every day, I see a posting on one of the Dublin or Powell FB groups of someone looking to get rid of a dog, and it’s heartbreaking. When you get a dog, you commit to taking care of that dog for up to 15 years or more. Before you adopt, think about your lifestyle (are you home enough? Can you walk this dog daily or provide a fenced area?), your future family (are you hoping to have kids?), your other pets (do you have a cat or other dogs?), and your home (how big of a dog can you fit?), puppy-training experience (they are A LOT of time/work). If the pet ends up having behavioral or medical conditions, are you willing to pay for training or vet care/daily meds? Teach your kids to treat ALL dogs cautiously and gently – if your dog is being aggressive because your kid is pulling his tail or poking his eyes, that isn’t the fault of the dog – I would swat someone’s hand if they were trying to poke my eye…and the dog doesn’t have hands to do that, so they growl or snap as a warning. Keep them separated until you can teach your child the correct way to touch dogs (because if he does this to a stranger dog, he’s likely to get bit). Teach them to stay away from a dogs food dish and toys, if there’s any worries of a dog being possessive. If your dog needs training, do it – you can’t expect an animal to know how you want it to act or to understand your words and anger. There are breeds that tend to be more kid-friendly, but even they can bite if they feel threatened or mistreated. If you are going to get a dog, please consider adopting from a shelter or rescue. The benefits of adopting from a rescue is that the dog is probably being fostered and has received vet attention/shots/neutering/microchip, and is likely already being house and crate trained by the foster family. The foster family can tell you about the dog (any issues or needs), and the rescue group will organize meet-and-greets to make sure your family is a good fit for the dog (especially if you have other pets and kids). The rescue group will also provide support/resources if you are having issues with the dog (try to get that from a pet store or most breeders), and if something happens and you can no longer care for the dog, they are likely to take it back (as opposed to it being abandoned or given to a home that won’t care for it). All breeds of dogs need rescuing, so don’t let “needing” a specific breed be a reason you don’t choose a rescue. I always wanted a Puggle, but gave up the thought of having one because I figured I’d never find a rescue because who would ever get rid of an adorable puggle? Well, she was abandoned and rescued twice – and she’s an amazing dog. She has never had an accident in the house, and the worst thing I can say about her is that she’ll eat any food she can get her mouth on (but what pug or beagle wouldn’t?) and that she barks when people walk their dogs past “her” window. If you need help finding a rescue or a specific breed, please send me a PM and I will try to help (and check”

I’m certainly not trying to insult breeders (good ones, anyway) or people who didn’t choose a rescue animal, but I just wanted people to realize that there are some major benefits of choosing a rescue and that even pure breeds are available.  As we learned with Boof, people will abandon dogs no matter how cute they are.  Yes, sometimes she annoys us with excessive barking or trying to eat right off of Jenson’s highchair, or being a sucky walker even though she demanded her walk…but she’s an amazing dog, and most of this stuff would be resolved if we actually followed through with the training that we did go to with her.  We consider her part of the family – before we make vacation plans, we think about who will take care of her for us.  Before we leave for a few hours in the evening, we consider whether we will be back in time to give her dinner (she’s very concerned if she thinks her meal will be delayed).  Lo gets up at 5:45ish, even on the weekends, because that’s when she expects her breakfast and to go outside.  If she decides she’s going to sleep in our bed and takes up too much room, we fit her in (which usually means our legs are crunched up or we can’t roll over).  She tends to lean towards a weight issue (hello, pug and beagle parents), so we spend twice as much on a dog food that we have to order from the vet because it keeps her weight down (and we weigh each of her servings so she stays in a healthy range).  When we pack bags to go anywhere (even if she’s going with us, we pack secretly because she gets anxious when she thinks we are leaving.  The thought of her never knowing if she will being abandoned again breaks my heart.  Maybe people think that we are crazy and that we spoil her too much, but we made a commitment to her when we chose her.  If being spoiled makes her feel extra-loved and safe, it’s worth it.

sleepy boof

birthday party

Jenson’s First Birthday Party

Jenson’s first birthday party was a great day!  It was relaxed and casual, even if I was rushing to get everything done in time.  Luckily my parents came the night before and my mom helped me with a bunch of stuff.  I even left her a to-do list for when she woke up in the morning.  I thought I was on top of things until the day before, of course.  I also made WAY too much food.  I didn’t really know exactly how many people were coming so I just guessed – and I always feel like people needs lots of options.  I went with sort of a mexican food theme…taco shells and little Doritos bags to make “redneck nachos” with beef filling, chicken taco filling, beans and rice, chipotle corn salsa, queso, buffalo chicken dip, and lots of other snacks.  I didn’t get a picture of the spread.  And birthday cake of course.  I just ordered a Giant Eagle cake for guests and made Jenson a little sugar-free smash cake.

We didn’t have a theme for the party – I just used bright primary colors.  No need to go crazy with things that he doesn’t even know are happening.  We tried to keep our guest list small as to not overwhelm him – just invited immediate family and close friends who see him a lot.  I wanted it to be his favorite people.  When my sisters, nieces, and nephew got there shortly before the party, I put them to work with the decorations and helping to set out food. I stole the idea of hanging clothes from each month along with a monthly photo from a friend of mine – she did it at her son’s first birthday party and it was so adorable to see how much he grew and changed over the year.  I also put out a small album with two pictures from each week, including his weekly picture.

party deco

The weather was really nice that day – slight chill, but not too bad, so we knew people would be inside and outside.  We told people they didn’t need to bring gifts, but of course people did.  We didn’t get around to opening them until after the party – he was ready for a nap before the party ended.

Checking out his gifts (not really…he’s not interested in opening them – he just touched the bags and moved on).
Posing in his birthday outfit.  My coworker sewed the onesie stuff and my mom made the bowtie the night before and we ironed on his name.
Ready to party!
His favorite boy and partner in crime, Braxton.

party clothes

Loving on Nana
Having lunch with Sadie
His highchair companion at the ready
Hanging out with Aunt Misty and Sadie (and his twin cousins in utero)

party time

Stare down with Lela
They both seemed quite unsure about posing for a picture together.
Sweetie face

jenson and lela

Elli checking out his sweet leggings
Party guests
Round two with pictures with Lela – she did much better this time…he still seemed suspicious
Posing with Lela and mommies

more party guests

A boy and his cousin dog
Boofy was so good, even with a houseful of people
With Aunt Christine
Lela and her mama – such an adorable cozy picture

birthday party guests

“Why is everyone gathering around?”
Little visit from Braxton
Here comes the cake!


“Why is everyone singing?”
“…where to start…”
Thinking about whether he wants to put his hand in there

happy birthday and cake

Taking a little taste
Taking a big taste

cake 2

Sharing with Emma
Boof is looking for her taste
Boof is licking her chops in anticipation

cake 3

He put a hurting on the cake
Trying to share
Got a little bit all over his face
Up to his eyebrows

cake 4

Checking out some of his gifts
Loves his new elephant ride on/bounce toy
Taking his new sled for a ride around the house


Breakfast with Gramma
Boof got a new costume :)
She loves it – can’t you telll!
Gramma and Pappap before they left

grandparents and lion boof

Saying goodbye to his aunts and cousins

aunts and cousins

Goodbye to Pappap and Gannon

dad and gannon

It was a fantastic party and weekend!

first birthday

Photo Favorites: October 6 – 12, 2014

Jenson’s first birthday was Monday, October 6.  I left work early to spend some extra time with him.  That morning, he said bye bye and waved to me for the first time.  It was like he suddenly grew up!

He also became a serious mockingbaby this week.  He mocks our words, sounds, and even just syllables when he can’t repeat the words we say.  It’s kind of hilarious because we won’t even know he’s listening, and he’ll repeat something we say.  Now we really need to watch our mouths!  Words that he said this week were: red, blue, yellow, blue, ball, boof, mama, dada, pappap, nana, cheeseburger, duck, sit, down, peekboo, more.  Yes, he totally said cheeseburger during his birthday party – clear as could be.  Our moms both heard it and were like, what?!  Lo always says “say cheeseburger!” to him when he’s trying to get him to smile for pictures, so it’s a word he’s heard a lot.

His birthday party was a success!  I’ll write about that in a separate post.  Fun and relaxed though.  My co-worker made a cute onesie for him.  I designed it and just asked her to sew the stuff on since she’s good at that.

He could stand for 15 seconds at a time this week, and even stand from sitting/stooping on occasion, without support.

Photo Favorites: October 6 – 12, 2014

1. – 4. Test drive with his birthday onesie.  I decided that the suspenders needed sewn down since they bulge out when he’s sitting and he could get his hand/arm caught in them when crawling.  We thought it may be necessary, but just had her do it this easy way first.  He gave me lots of funny faces and teeth shots.

1 year old

5. – 8. More first birthday fun.  He couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t pull the number off the onesie like the sticker.

1 year old part 2

9.  I made him a quick sugar-free microwave banana oatmeal cake for him to have after dinner.  It came out a little more dense than I’d like.  I topped it with some whipped coconut milk.  He looked excited for it at first.
10. and then he pulled a piece off of it and is looking at it here like “seriously?”
11.  He didn’t seem to have high hopes for it.
12.  He gave it a shot though.  Ate some of it, fed Boof a lot of it, and probably hoped for a better cake at his birthday party. :)

birthday cake

13. After cake bath.
14. Yay for birthdays!
15. Reading his new birthday book with daddy – What does the fox say?
16. This is from the next night – he was checking out a gift from the neighbors – a cute rolling cat.

baths and books

17. His face looks SO chubby here.  Love it.
18. And this.  He’s very expressive.
19. We let him play in the cabinet where we keep the plastic containers.
20. They both look guilty here.

playing in kitchen

21.  Chowing down on some soup pieces.
22. “mom, I’m trying to eat here.”
23. Giving me faces
24. He examines every piece of food before he eats it.  Sometimes if you “feed” him something, he’ll pull it out of his mouth and look at it, and then eat it.

picky eater

25.  My parents were on their way to visit so he was waiting at the door for Gramma and Pappap.
26.  I think Jenson was telling Boof that they were coming.
27.  Boof decided to wait too.  She always gets excited when we tell her she’s going to see Pappap, because he gives her a bite of everything that he’s eating, plus lots of cheese.
28.  And then I got a piece of cheese for myself, and they both came over to beg.  Cheesehounds.

waiting for nana and pappap

29.  Just watching some football on Sunday.  I won’t mention what game, or what happened in that game.
30.  Sweet potatoes.  Everywhere.
31.  Helping dad load the dishwasher after my family left on the day after the party.
32.  It was a tiring weekend.  Time for a nap.

after the party

12 months old

Photo Favorites: September 29 – October 5, 2014

Jenson really started mocking our words and sounds this week.  He was chewing on his baby toothbrush one morning and I said “do you have your toothbrush?”  He said “toothbrush” perfectly clear.  Mary Louise heard it too – we were both shocked!  He can repeat yellow, blue, and ball to us as well.  It seems so crazy that he’s saying so many words.

Said toothbrush perfectly clear when I said it to him.  Other words he mastered this week are yellow, blue, and ball.  He mocks sounds that we make in similar pitches.

Photo Favorites: September 29 – October 5, 2014

1. After bathtime
2. He scoots all over the crib at night.  In an effort to get him to sleep better, we started comforting him when he wakes without picking him up.  He doesn’t seem to need to night nurse anymore, so we just do our best to settle him by rubbing his back or tummy when he wakes, or lay him back down when he stands up.  He usually starts crying and wakes up when he scoots too far to the top of the crib and his head is against the rails.  If we could just get him to stop scooting, he’d probably stay asleep.
3. and 4. We let him play in the plastic container cabinet in the kitchen so he’s not getting into things he shouldn’t.  I love the serious look on his face in these two pictures.  You can see he was throwing the container at me in the last one.

bath, sleep and play

5. Playing with Lo’s tablet
6. and 7. Getting into the pan cabinet – we ended up having to put a lock on this one because it has heavy stuff in it, as well as a slide out metal drawer, which could hurt him if he fell and pulled it on himself.
8. Grabbing for the camera

getting into stuff

9. I pulled into the parking lot for work one day and there was a pile of stuff in the spot where I usually park.  Once I parked and got out of my car, I realized it was two people and a dog “camped out”.  I couldn’t tell whether they were homeless or if they were people who were walking for a cause, like people do sometimes.  I wanted to see if they needed anything, but they were sleeping and I didn’t want to wake them.  The dog looked so sweet though.
10. We went to look at houses on Saturday.  We are hoping to move to the country so we can have a little bit of land.  We love our house and neighbors, we just don’t love where it’s located and how long it takes us to get to work.  Of the houses that we saw, none were “just right”…one was really unique, but needed lots of updating (see bathtub below!), one had an amazing updated farmhouse, but was on a boring piece of land, one was a pretty nice piece of land, but the house was nothing special, and the last one was a great house and great property, but just too far away for daily commuting, and would be a bad road in the winter.
11. I was trying to entertain Jenson in one of the houses, so we were playing with Lo’s phone.
12. Reading books before bed.

parking lot, bath, and selfies

13. – 16. We went apple picking at Lynd’s Fruit Farm with friends.  It was a great day for it – sunny, but with a slight chill to the air.

apple picking

17. The angle of his head make his hat look like a fox mask.
18. Eating apples from the trees with 2 of his favorite friends
19. – 20.  He loved gnawing on an apple again

apple picking at lynds

21. – 24. He’s 52 weeks old!  This was the last weekly photo shoot and it wasn’t easy to distract him enough to leave the sticker on.  But I finally got some cute ones!  I’m so glad I persisted with the weekly shoots.  I organized them in an album for his birthday party, and it’ll be great to be able to flip through it over the years.  Next kid won’t wear a sticker though…we’ll use a chalkboard or something!

52 weeks

25. – 28.  He wasn’t a year old until October 6, but I did the photos on the same day to try to make it easier.  His face in the last two are clearly telling me that he’s done with these.  I cannot believe it’s been 12 months.  He is ridiculously amazing.  We got so lucky with this kid and we love him to pieces.  It’s crazy how much he’s changed over this year and the next year is going to be so fun as he becomes more communicative.

12 months old


1 year cake smash

Jenson’s 1 year photos

The week before he turned one year old, we had Jenson’s 1 year photos taken, as well as some family pictures.  He wasn’t smiley like he normally is, but we still got some cute ones.  Our photographer  – Pam at Pieces of You Photography – brought her 4 girls so we could all go to dinner, and we had a great time.  Jenson loved watching the girls because he’s all about other kids.

It was fun – he did an outdoor cake smash with a sugar-free banana cake that I made – and we went to eat at a grilled cheese place afterwards…so that was awesome.

Here are some of my favorite shots.  She sent me a million pictures, so I had a hard time narrowing it down!

021-3566547482-O 040-3566563964-O  077-3566586680-O 049-3566569805-O 042-3566564116-O 096-3566593476-O 016-3566544760-O 005-3566536049-O024-3566551902-O012-3566540159-O

179-3566458432-O 159-3566613575-O  146-3566608267-O136-3566605648-O200-3566468265-O191-3566465477-O218-3566479005-O

226-3566485685-O 267-3566514497-O 266-3566513529-O 308-3566530605-O 284-3566524222-O 283-3566523048-O


51 weeks

Photo Favorites: September 22 – 28, 2014

After delaying scheduling a haircut for Jenson for weeks, I finally decided he needed one before his 1 year photos.  The photos were going to be outside, so the wind would be blowing his mop all around and in his face.  I ended up getting them scheduled for the night before the pictures.  That could have been a disaster if they made him look like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber.  She didn’t, luckily.

His 12 month photos went pretty well.  He wasn’t smiley for many, but we got some great photos anyway- especially of the three of us.

We enjoyed the nice weather on Saturday by going to a fall festival, which felt decidedly summer-like, since it was like 80 degrees.  Sunday we just hung out at home and it was wonderful.

Photo Favorites: September 22 – 28, 2014

1. – 3.  Jenson’s first haircut at J. Bentley’s.  The stylist was great – she was very patient when he kept turning his head and fussing.  I just sung quietly in his ear to help him stay calm.  I told her to just take off a tiny bit – enough to keep it out of his eyes, but not to make it look like he got a haircut.
4. The before and after!  It looks great!  The salon does a before and after picture (for everyone), which is really cool, especially for this occasion.

first haircut

5. Waiting for his haircut at the salon (this one is out of order, but it’s where it fit).
6. Watching videos of himself on Lo’s phone.  He loves doing that.
7. He started grabbing at his mobile, so Lo had to take it down.  Ornery kid.
8. Morning spoon with Boof.  Adorable.  They are laying the same with their heads back.

dad time, mobile, naps

9. – 16.  Lo was eating and apple and Jenson decided he wanted it.  He scrapes little bits off with his two tiny teeth.  I couldn’t help but take a bunch of pictures because it was so cute.  When Lo would take the apple to take a bite, Jenson would start kicking his legs and reaching for it.  His faces…

apple eatingapple love

17. Went to Stratford Ecological Center for the Fall Festival.  Met up with Braxton and his parents and had a good time.  Jenson was playing with Rachel’s sunglasses.
18. Checking out the teepee – I want one of these for our backyard (when we have a bigger yard)
19. Braxton loved this old tractor.  And Lo – he’s quite taken with Lo.
20. Jenson and daddy.

stratford fall festival

21. Playing with the bubble wands
22. This bubble was HUGE and looked really cool against the sky – Rachel made this one.
23. Enjoying the sun (we totally forgot sunscreen, but luckily Rachel had some)
24. Jenson’s first hayride!

stratford fall festival 2

25. Almost his last weekly photo shoot!  51 weeks!
26. I put the hat on to try to distract him from peeling off the sticker.
27. – 28.  It didn’t work, but he’s still adorable.  Hat made by my sister Christine, of course.  It was actually for when he was a baby, but it was always too big until recently.

51 weeks

29. – 32. Funny photos with his Boofie dog.  Clapping and touchdown arms (during which he yells “YAY”).

owl and boof

It was a good week.

50 weeks old, jenson

Photo Favorites: September 15-21, 2014

Yep, a month behind again.  I was so close to getting caught up on updates and photos, and then between volleyball twice a week, and getting things ready for Jenson’s first birthday party, I slipped behind again.  But that’s okay.  I’m behind on posts (miserably), but life is more important.

Jenson still wasn’t sleeping well still and would want to be in our bed every night by 2 or 3 a.m.  He didn’t even care about nursing at night anymore – just wanted to be in there with us.  We realized we needed to go in to comfort him, but not pick him up unless he really wouldn’t calm down.  Since I didn’t need to nurse him at night anymore, either of us could go in to comfort him – usually just rubbing his back or tummy, and repositioning him in the crib since he ends up with his head at the top of the crib and gets upset.  He sits up and cries until we go in to comfort him.  The first few days it took a long time to get him back to sleep when he was upset, but it slowly got better.  We decided we were okay with bringing him into bed around 5 a.m. if he woke. It’s really hard to try to get him back to sleep when we have to get up in an hour.  Plus I figure he’s probably ready to nurse at that point, and I need to nurse him before work anyway.

He’s starting to show his temperament sometimes.  He’ll be playing and laughing, and then he’ll suddenly  “hulk out” or fake cry to see what we’ll do.  He especially does it if we won’t give him something he wants.  It’s fun how he does things to watch our reactions and interacts with us.  I got an awesome video where he was going towards the doggie door and I’d say “No….” and he’d say “Yeah!!”.  We went back and forth and he’d crawl towards the door and then turn and look at me.  So funny.

Photo Favorites: September 15-21, 2014

1. – 3. Playing the doggie door game.  He hasn’t tried to go out of it yet, but he plays around with it a little.
4. Boof looking on.

doggie door

5. – 8. Funny dinner pictures.  He’s eating more and more and does so well.  When he’s done though, he’d done.

food shots

9. – 12.  I schedule his first haircut, so I wanted to take some pictures to show how long it was.  Total Beatles baby.  We think that spot on his face is a little eczema.

need a haircut

13. – 14. Happy baby!
15. Checking out the door again.
16. Cuteness

jenson excited and playing

17. – 20.  He liked blackberries, lol.


21. – 22. Our anniversary was on Sunday.  It was our 4th, but most of the week I said it was our 3rd.  The traditional gifts are kinda sucky for this anniversary…appliances, fruit, linen….  I struggled with what to do for him and thought that an Edible Arrangement would be perfect, except he doesn’t eat fruit.  I thought about making him a meat and cheese edible arrangement and googled to see if there was such a thing.  Turns out, people have made them before.  But I looked for other things for him because it doesn’t really fall within the “fruit” category.  I decided to make him some artwork printed on linen once I found it could be done pretty simply.  I forgot to take a picture, but the project turned out pretty cool.  ANYWAY….surprisingly Lo sent an edible arrangement to me at work on Friday.  It was awesome because I do love fruit…especially chocolate-covered fruit.  So once he sent that to me, I knew I had to also make him a meat and cheese one because it would be funny.  That is also another post.  It turned out so well though.
23. – 24.  Lo’s mom came up on Saturday evening so we could go to dinner.  It was so nice of her. We went to a late dinner at J.Liu in Dublin and it was excellent.  After dinner we weren’t sure what to do since he was sleeping fine, so we met friends for a drink at a new bar in Powell – I can’t remember the name and don’t feel like looking it up.  Lo’s mom gave us our REAL anniversary present by saying she’d get up with Jenson in the morning.  So once she heard him stirring and gave me some time to nurse him, she popped into our room and grabbed him.  We stay in bed until after 11 a.m.!  That’s not crazy for me, but it’s been years since Lo has stayed in bed that long unless he was sick.


25. – 27.  Our weekend project was painting our countertops!  I received a countertop painting kit from Giani and we decided we wanted to have it ready for Jenson’s birthday party.  It was a pretty simple process that took about 4 days (including prep work and drying time).  Lo did the prep work of removing silicone seals, filling the seams and a damaged patch with wood putty, and taping off the counters.  We painted on the primer on Saturday evening so it could dry overnight.  Lo’s mom helped me sponge on the color on Sunday, and then Lo finished with the clear coats over the next two days.  The last picture shows before we removed the painters tape, of course, but we LOVE it.  More in another post too (yeah, I told you I’m super behind on posts).
28. We went to a going away party for a friend and Jenson got to hang out with his buddy Corbett.  Corbett was big into giving him hugs that night.  Jenson wasn’t sure about this.

counters and corbett

28. – 32.  Jenson is 50 weeks old!  These photos shoots were getting harder and harder..he really wants to peel that number off.  If there’s a next baby, we’ll use a chalkboard or something non-wearable, lol.  But it was a fun project and I can get through two more weeks, if he can.

50 weeks

11 months

Jenson update: 11 months old

I had this post halfway done a month ago, when he was actually 11 months old.  Now he’s a year old already (!!!!!!!!), but I still want to get posted what he was up to at that age since you know I haven’t been good at writing in the baby book!  He became pretty verbal this month – lots of mama, dada, Bff (boof), along with LOTS of noises and jibber jabber (Lo calls it a mouth full of consonants).  He also became mobile for real, when he started crawling like a pro in mid- August.  We went from only crawling backwards, to just crawling like normal one day and never looked back.  We were stunned when he just took off after Boof’s toy like he’d been doing it for weeks.  He also started clapping (all the time) and pulling up to standing against furniture.  He just became so interactive with us – he’s a blast!


Monthly Jenson update:  August 7 – September 6, 2014

  • Age:  11 months old (posting late)
  • Weight:  approx. probably 20-21 lbs
  • Length:  28 or so inches
  • Size:  He’s wearing 9 and 12 month clothing, moved up to size 4 diapers at some point when we ran out of three. He didn’t need to move up, but there’s so much overlap for sizing.
  • Diapers:  Cloth diapers, except at night.  Not much change here.  He’s gone back and forth with diaper rash, but I think it’s related to trying new foods
  • Hair and Eyes: His hair looks like a wig.  It’s always in his eyes or over his ears unless I’ve recently brushed it to the side.  His first haircut is looming (he has since had it)  His eyes are more grayish blue now, and so big and
  • Teeth: We thought for sure he was getting his top two teeth this month, but it was just a cold.  He’s still just rocking his bottom two – though they are much bigger now.  It’s adorable. 
  • Sleeping: Sleep got rough again when he got a cold and he never went back to sleeping well.  He would wake once before 11 p.m. and then again (or twice) before 6 a.m.  I was usually only nursing him one of those times, or when I finally would relent and bring him in our bed.  Lots of times he’d immediately stop crying once in our bed.  Just wanted to be close.  He started being ready for bed slightly earlier now…closer to 8 than 8:30 most nights.  We  know his wakeups are just habit…the problem if figuring out what to do about them!sleeping in bed
  • Eating: He became even less interested in nursing this month.  He dropped the after work feeding (most days) and doesn’t nurse in the night every time he wakes.  He takes 4-5 bottles of 3-3.5 ounces when I’m at work.  As a result of him taking less milk, I started pumping less often/less long some days.  I have to be careful to not get too full to avoid plugged ducts/mastitis though.  I’m so ready to be done with pumping.  He’s a pretty good eater – now if you are eating something around him, he wants some too.  Like Boof.  He eats pretty much whatever we give him, but sometimes he gets bored of something and will reject it one meal, but eat it the next.  There’s nothing that he has rejected every time I’ve given it.  Usually when he doesn’t want something, he calmly picks it up off the tray and drops it on the floor for Boof.  I usually save his fruit or yogurt bites for after his meat/beans/veggies, because at some point in the meal, he gets fussy when he’s tired of eating what’s on his tray.  If I give him the fruit or yogurt at that point, he’s happy and will sometimes eat more of the other food.  We don’t force him to eat a certain amount though.  Sometimes he cleans he tray two times, sometimes he leaves a ton of food.  One of his favorite things this month was roasted beets, oddly enough.  They were a bit messy, but he loved them.  He also love watermelon rind, with a little of the fruit left on it.watermelon
  • Movement:  He started crawling on my birthday!  He just randomly took off one day after Boof’s toy while we were hanging out, and he never looked back.  He also started pulling up to stand against things.  He’s pretty stable while holding on.  He can really sit and play with his toys now that he can get back and forth between them.  He started clapping and that soon became one of his favorite things to do.  Sometimes he claps inappropriately, like when he’s crying, or nursing.  He can give High 5’s, but isn’t consistent.  He plays peekaboo by putting something in front of his face and pulling it down.standing
  • Words & Sounds:
    Dada, Mama, Bff (Boof), Nana, Yeah!, BapPap (repeating Pappap). He loves babbling and cracks up when you imitate a noise he makes.  He’ll go back and forth like that – holding a conversation with us.  He often sounds like he has a mouth full of consonants too – total jibber jabber.  He mocks the “mwah” sound I make when I kiss him sometimes.
  • Milestones:
    – Crawling (August 17th)
    – Pulling to stand
    – First Crew gamecrew game
    – First cold
    -New words
    – Clapping
    – High 5’s
  • Favorite Toys/Activities:
    - Pulling books off the shelf and looking through thembooks
    – He loves the book “The Dog that I Love Best”.  It has a finger puppet in the middle that i make bark after each page, and he turns to kiss/bite it each time (if he’s playing with something and just listening).
    – Clapping (seems to have a preference for Queen songs?)
    – Loves kisses (giving and receiving) and having his face stroked
    – Looking at himself in the mirror
    – Standing up to play with his toys
    – The ball tower that he can stand up against nowball tower
    – Playing on our bed
    – Playing in the exersaucerexersaucer
    – Watching Boof and trying to get her toys
    – Watching and playing with Braxtonplaying with braxton
    – Playing with the doggie door and the doorstop (that makes the boing noise)
    – Sleeping between us in the bed
    – Likes being tickled in his armpits and his chunky thighs – laughs like crazy and get excited when you try to tickle him
    – Swinging
  • Dislikes:
    - Getting his hair washed and rinsed – he tries to climb out of the tub
    – Getting stuck on his stomach when he’s sleeping.  Even though he can roll, he seems to get stuck or forgets when he’s sleeping.  He’s not really awake, but just fussing.
    – Laying down to get his diaper changed – he has things to do!  We usually have to give him toys or sing silly songs to keep him from screaming at us.
    – Waiting for something he wants or when you take something away from him.  He does this “temper” thing, where he clenches his fists and grunts.  We call it “hulking out”.
    – Wearing the weekly and monthly sticker.  I have to try to get a picture really quick before he discovers it and rips it off.sticker

1 month2 months3 months4 monthsjenson 5 months 6 months7 months8 months9 months       10 months 11 months

Thoughts Lately…

Just some random thoughts lately…

Jenson said ba-bye and waved at me when I left this morning (for the first time).  So adorable.

I keep a sweater at work that I throw on when I wear short sleeves if my under-the-desk heater isn’t keeping me warm enough.  I wore it yesterday for a portion of the day and hung it on the back on my chair (like usual).  Today I put it on and later noticed something jagging my upper arm.  There was a long torn-like (or wood splinter) thing on the sleeve, so I picked it off and threw it away.  This happened again an hour later in the same spot (same splinter thing…picked off, threw away)!  AN HOUR LATER, there was another splinter thing poking my arm in the same spot!  I don’t know where they are coming from, and I’m a little creeped out about it!  They couldn’t have all been on there from the start because I would have seen the others when I picked off the first two!  After I threw the last one away, I was like “what if it’s some weird bug that looks like a splinter?!”.  If this was a dream, that’s what it would have been…but it’s not, so I guess there’s some weird thorn infestation in my 8th floor office.  Or the cleaning people wore my sweater in the woods last night?

I had pizza and pasta for lunch because those are the leftovers I had available (gluten-free, of course).  I felt very Italian.  But gross – too many carbs.  Unfortunately I also had a waffle and yogurt for breakfast.  I may not feel like eating again for days.

Traffic is insane lately.  I use Waze to pick my route when I leave my house because there are 3 possible “waze” to get to work.  The app shows if there are traffic slowdowns or accidents and lets you know of things along the route.  I swear there’s an accident on the route to and from work on each route every day.  Even if the route I choose doesn’t have an accident posted when I leave, there’s one by the time I’m enroute.  So annoying!  I bet 75% of those involve someone using a cell phone in some way.

Speaking of cell phones, I can’t help but notice when riding in the car (when Lo is driving so I’m free to stare at the cars around me), that over half of the other drivers are on the phone.  Who are they all talking to?!  Does everyone talk on the phone every day except me?  What do they have to say to each other every day?  Do they just talk about their day?  There’s not even enough that happens to me in a day that would be worth telling someone on the phone.  I tell Lo the hi- and lowlights if I have any, but that only takes a minute or two unless I’m feeling particularly bitchy.  And I’d feel bad about complaining about those things to anyone else (except maybe Summer).  My phone call to you today would be like “Jenson said ba-bye and waved to me when I left this morning.  He only woke once in the night when he peed through his diaper, but it took awhile to get him back to sleep.  There was a thorn on my sweater 3 times in the same spot today.  I ate pizza and pasta for lunch.  I have a volleyball game at 8:30.” Thrilling stuff, right?  The last phone calls on my phone are from Friday – and they don’t even really count.  One was with Lo because I needed him to pick something up while he was out, and the other wasn’t even for me – it was Braxton calling to talk to Lo because he’s all about Lo, and Rachel doesn’t have Lo’s number (incidentally Lo answered the phone bc my hands were covered in cucumber – Jenson’s new fav).

Jenson’s birthday party is in 11 days and I feel like I have a handle on things because I don’t intend to make it a very themey or organized event.  I just want his favorite people to be there to hang out with him if they can make it.  That being said, I know that I don’t actually have a handle on things when it comes down to it.  But we’ve decided we’ll do a taco bar because it’s easy for a crowd.  And I started picking the pictures of him I need to print.  I need to make a list….  I can’t believe he was this young a year ago!
Jenson Charles McCauley 10.6.13

We had his one year photos taken last week and he wasn’t very smiley, but it’s okay because he’s so cute anyway.  And we got some really good family photos.  Except Boof wasn’t in them and I’m a little sad about that, but it was too hard to figure out how to deal with her at the park (and our photog is also allergic). We’ll have to do an informal family photo.

Regarding Boof, she’s been a real harasshole to our neighbors lately.  (but she’s so cute) They said she doesn’t bother them (they love her, so maybe they aren’t lying), but she sits like a creeper starting at them and whining lightly through the fence when they are working in the yard.  She’s begging for peanut butter bones and they usually give in (they carry them in their pockets often, so all neighborhood dogs love them).  She busts into the house when she gets one and runs around whining trying to figure out where to bury it (like a beagle?), but then she remembers that she’s part pug and she can’t NOT eat it right away.  Then she runs back out and resumes her creeper post.  I know what you’re thinking…she looks so innocent.  So I won’t mention the teeth or claw marks we found on the OTHER side of the table from this weekend (trying to get to something on the table while we were gone).
boof on couch

I really want to try StitchFix because I hate shopping, but even if they sent me amazing items that I wanted to keep, I’m not sure I could justify the cost!  It sounds like the majority of clothing items are between $50-$100, and the only thing I’m willing to spend that much on are jeans, shoes, and winter coats.  I can’t do it.  But it would be amazing!  Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and try it sometime…  It would be so nice to have something other than black, blue, or gray solids in my closet.  I’ve always just said black and gray, but noticed I have a ton of blue clothes too – once my coworker deemed a color “Val blue”.

I was cleaning out the pantry the other night and I said (to myself, but outloud) “why do we have so much tea?! I don’t even drink tea!”.  That’s a lie, I do sometimes drink tea.  But Lo’s response was “I’ve asked YOU that before!”.  Funny because the other day at work I was looking through my tea stash to make some iced tea and said “Why don’t I have any caffeinated tea here!” (answer: because I was pregnant and nursing, thus reduced caffeine for the last almost two years).

I was garbage at volleyball tonight.  I didn’t even have a pancake (the volleyball “skill”, not the food).  But I’m totally blaming it on the fact that I accidentally carb-loaded today.  (see above point about waffle, pasta, and pizza)  So when we went out after the game, I split some nachos with a teammate…blarg.  I need a salad, stat!

jenson at volleyball game

Photo Favorites: September 8-14, 2014

I just realized that I didn’t update this opening paragraph from the previous photo post.  Durr…  Jenson got over his cold and was back to normal (normal meaning, still not sleeping well).  He was just in the habit of waking up and getting picked up in the night.  Now that we were heading back to visit my family for this weekend, we couldn’t really do much about it since his sleeping would be so disrupted there anyway.  We had a great visit at home, though the drive back was an hour longer thanks to a traffic jam in the middle of nowhere.  We ended up getting off and taking a back way.  Jenson woke during traffic and cried for long enough that when we got off the exit to take the other route, I got in the backseat. As soon as I was in the backseat, he slept the rest of the drive (about an hour).  Jenson’s new thing this week was saying “eee-yeah”.  It started off at hi-yah (?) but turned into ee-yeah, and stuck like that.  It’s adorable.  He also started throwing balls at me if I hand him one.   We hadn’t put him in his doorway jumper for awhile, but he really loves it now.  He gets the concept of jumping in it and loves being in there.

Photo Favorites: September 8-14, 2014

1. One a walk with his sitter and Braxton (looks like Braxton is crashed out in the front)
2. Napping on our bed…his preferred place (that’s our fault, but we love napping with him)
3. and 4. Playing with me on the couch

stroller, sleeping, play

5. Playing with the doggie door.
6. Napping in our bed (again)
7. Flowers that Lo randomly picked up for me.  There was more variety, but the others died.  I really liked this color combination of the ones that where left.  (it was more coral than pink, unlike the screen shows)
8. A coworker picked one of these up for me when she went to get one.  First of all, if you’ve never had Jeni’s Ice Cream, get it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, even if you have to drive or fly to Columbus to get it.  The ice cream varieties are so good (and so creative), that I always choose ice cream instead of one of these sandwiches, but these sandwiches are SO good.  Possibly better than the ice cream.  Next time that I want to get Salty Caramel, I need to remember to just get one of these instead.  Queen City Cayenne is my favorite flavor of ice cream, but they no longer sell it by the scoop at the shops (crazy, because it was the first flavor she ever made).  You have to buy it by the pint, and pints are like $10.  To get my spicy ice cream kick, I usually get a scoop of Bangkok Peanut (spicy peanut butter) and something else (often Salty Caramel).

dog door, nap, flowers, and jenis

9. After the drive to my parent’s house. I was excited that it was cool enough to wear my favorite flannel.  I’ve had it since middle school, and it was my friend’s dads (we used to raid his goodwill bags).
10. Jenson giving my mom kisses.
11.  Hanging with gramma
12. My dad got home right when Jenson was getting pretty sleepy.  Someone sat him on Dad’s lap, and he buried his face against him and just stayed like that.  We don’t know if he was asleep or what.

gramma and pappap

13. At my niece’s JV volleyball game.
14. Emma hitting the ball
15. Jenson playing with a ball in between games (love his Carhartt outfit)
16. Snuggling with Uncle Dave

volleyball game

17. Looks like he’s into the game
18. With Lo
19. More ball play
20. Visiting with Emma

volleyball game 2

21. In the background, Lo looks like he’s saying “what does the fox say?”
22. Modeling his new hat from Aunt Christine.  She just “whipped it up” the night before when I told her we were in town (after failing to tell my sisters ahead of time).
23. With Aunt Christine
24. Boof checking out the fox

fox hat 1

25. Jenson returning the favor by checking out Boof
26. Playing with Gannon
27. Having a snack with a curious Boof looking on
28. Sharing.

fox hat

29. Trying a monkey hat on for size (literally, so Christine can see if it’s the right size for the baby who she made it for.
30. And a sweet owl hat
31. My niece took this picture of him.  I love it.
32. She took this one too – I think I need her to teach me, lol!  I tend to go for centered pictures, but these are so much more interesting.

hats and close ups

33. So he has a little temper now and then.  He’ll go from laughing to crying in one second if he doesn’t get his way), and then back to laughing.’
34. With my baby boy.
35. A huge beehive in one of my mom’s trees – it’s really high up, so this picture doesn’t do the size justice, even with the camera zoomed.
36. Cousins trying to teach Jenson how to fist bump.

mom, bees, and fist bumps

37. Jumping fox
38. My niece can point her eyes in different directions – creepy!
39. Very excited about playing with a ball
40. After he threw it (with his left hand…fingers crossed for a lefty)

jumper, emma, ball

41. I woke up to this serious bedhead
42. He’s like “what?”  Is my hair sticking up?
43. Visiting Aunt Jackie.  The outfits that I brought for him all happened to have foxes on them (and I had no idea she was making the hat).
44. High fives!

sleep, aunts

45. Lounging with Uncle Dave again…mesmerized with the ceiling fan
46. Eskimo kisses with Gramma-great
47. Sweet smile for her
48. Wearing a hat that my mom made with our high school name/mascot on it (probably for one of us or for my nieces)

dave, gramma great, gramma

49. Darn sticker again!
50. Temper!
51. Here’s a good one
52. Boof howling for a treat

49 weeks

53. Hulking out
54. Up!
55.  Very excited about something
56. Clapping

photo shoot funnies