Ant Wars. We won (so far).

Moving is never fun, especially when you discover that there are already tenants that you were unaware of.  I never know where to start with unpacking, but the kitchen makes the most sense, because you gotta eat. Back in April when we moved in, I  started to unpack the kitchen and ended up in a […]

ham and green onion quiche

Ham & Green Onion Quiche

I tore this recipe from a magazine long ago, and never bothered to make it.  I’m determined to start making some new recipes from my overfilled recipe file and I knew I had some ham in the freezer to use up. What I didn’t consider, is the bake time.  I ended up making it on […]


Jenson update: 20 months

We spent much of the month getting settled in the house and exploring the area.  We are figuring out our daily routine, and trying to keep things fun.  He’s starting to play by himself much better, which is great, because he can’t always have my undivided attention.  Now that he’s playing independently, he’s being more […]


Jenson update: 19 months

I quit my job, we packed up our house, and moved!  We are still getting adjusted to the house and me being home with Jenson all day.  It’s amazing, but it turns out, I don’t get much done during the day with him.  I’m not terribly surprised…he’s a little more clingy than usual, but I […]