Easter fun 2015

Easter weekend fell during the calm before the big storm of moving.  We closed on our new house on Thursday, but didn’t take possession of the house until Monday evening.  Lo’s mom was off for Good Friday and she wanted to keep Jenson overnight, so she stayed at our place on Thursday night and took […]


House Staging Part 2: Upstairs

Part 2 of our home staging “fun”.  (see part 1) It required a little more work to get the upstairs “staged”.  We never really decorated any of the rooms except Jenson’s, incWe debated on whether to replace the carpeting, but ended up deciding that we wouldn’t recoup the cost, and most people would prefer to […]


Cracker, please?

Jenson is obsessed with crackers now.  He doesn’t discriminate…saltines, goldfish, oyster…any cracker will do when he gets a hankering, which is most of the day.  One of the first things he says when we gets up, or when he gets home from somewhere, or when he walks near the kitchen is “cracker?”.  He walks over […]

playing outside

Our little bit of free time

Despite being so busy, we’ve still taken a little time to do the things we love.  I played in two volleyball tournaments in the last3 weeks (poor timing, but I committed before knowing our listing timeframe, plus my opportunities to play are limited, both this season and longterm).  We tied for 3 in pool play […]

New House, House Sale, Life Changes

Sorry for the absence recently.  Things got a little crazy, and I didn’t open my laptop for over 2 weeks, except for quick research or to order something.  I haven’t even been taking pictures of Jenson lately, so we’ll refer to these as the lost weeks of his youth.  Now that he’s almost 18 months, […]


Jenson update: 17 months

We had lots going on this month…more on that later…but I didn’t get to do the standard weekly posts.  I think it’s time to back off from the long weekly posts with a million pictures, and just do the monthly posts, along with any separate fun events.  Jenson has changed so much this month – […]

sham cocoa3

Fake Shamrock, not really

There’s a post floating around Facebook about how bad Shamrock Shakes are for you (no, really?) and that they have 33 ingredients.  Whoa, right?  Well, all of the shakes have that many ingredients or more, so no need to single out the minty green shake that only comes around for 1 month of the year […]