Ask Jenson 3.5 years old

Ask Jenson 3.5 years old

I was finally working on updates about the kids because it’s been way too long and they are growing up, and I saw this post in draft form that I never published!

About a year ago when he was 3.5 years old, I asked Jenson this set of questions (and here are his answers at 2.5 years old). It’s time to ask him these again, because I love seeing how his answers change each year!

Jenson: Age 3.5

Name: Jenson Acauley (pause) Jenson McCauley (he’s been working on the pronunciation)
Age: 3
Birthday: October 6
Mommy’s age: 37
Daddy’s age: 38
Favorite color: “pink chocolate” and green and white
Favorite food: ranch, I mean peanut butter
Favorite dessert:  Ice cream, chocolate
Best friend: Derrick and Drew
Favorite show: Mickey (though he watches Octonauts constantly)
Favorite song: I love you (not quite sure what he’s referring to)
Favorite animal: alligators
Favorite book: Mickey Mouse Find and Seek
Favorite game: Mickey Mouse memory game (?)
Favorite thing to do outside: Play with the swings
What are you afraid of?: alligators
What makes you happy?: Kissing me
What makes you sad?  playing peekaboo (?)
Favorite place to go: the museum (referring to The Works in Newark)
What do you want to be when you grow up? Doctor and everything
What will Marlowe be when she grows up? Doctor and everything
What did you do today? I don’t know…swinging on the swings (the bubble thing, once we reminded him)
What are you looking forward to? my birthday

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