Ask Jenson: 2.5 years old

Ask Jenson: 2.5 years old

A friend posted these questions that she had her daughter answer and I thought they were great.  I’d love to ask the kids these (and a few others) as they get older and see how they change.  My nephew graduated high school this year and my sister posted a paper that she saved with questions/answers that he answered on the first and last days of preschool and it cracked me up.  The best answer was what he wanted to be when he grew up.  In the fall he said “a big boy” – how awesome is that?!  In the spring he wanted to be a dump truck driver.  I’ll have to add the question when I ask Jenson these next time.

jensonJenson: Age 2.5

Name: Jenson Acauley (pause) Jenson McCauley (he’s been working on the pronunciation)
Age: Number 2
Birthday: Monkey’s birthday…candles (?)
Mommy’s age: Number 2
Daddy’s age: Number 2
Favorite color: um, blue
Favorite food: a peanut butter sandwich
Best friend: Derrick, because he’s going to come to my house (they had a recent playdate)
Favorite show: Mickey
Favorite song: Jesus Loves Me
Favorite animal: Zebra
What are you afraid of?: Dragons (I don’t know where this came from)
What makes you happy?: Zebras make me happy
Favorite place to go: To the restaurant


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