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Baby Watch: Week 16

Week 16 brought a strong workout week, some baby gear purchases, and more of a belly pouch!

Boof somehow didn’t make this round of photos.  I’d like to say it’s because she doesn’t like avocados, but she really doesn’t discriminate if something looks like it possibly could be food.


(This is a look back on week 16.  I’m currently almost 21 weeks, but want to get these all posted in order.)

Week 16: April 30 – May 6

Baby size:  Avocado (which is weird because our orange last week was bigger than our avocado).

Maternity Clothes: Not needed, but almost for pants.  I wore a pair of jean capris that my SIL gave me to the crew game on Saturday because they are so damn comfy.  I’m not mad about stretchy waistbands!

Sleep: Much less tired.  We had an incredibly busy weekend and that wore me out quite a bit.

Symptoms: No more regular nausea, though I get it occasionally (but not near like it used to be). I get headaches, but usually they aren’t severe.

Workouts:  It was a good workout week.  I took a hard 80 min yoga on Monday (I struggled for real), did a tough leg workout, another yoga, and biked 23 miles on Saturday for the Market to Market Ride.  I felt pretty good for the ride, but the first 13 miles we were riding into the wind and I struggled with my breath for sure.  I was definitely holding our group back a little, but obviously they didn’t mind.  I wasn’t sore the next day, though that evening my belly was a little sore – like the skin hurt when I’d move much.

Good moments of the week:

  • Our friends came back from Florida
  • Realizing I can bike 23 miles still
  • Going to the Eco-chic Craftacular and buying a bunch of baby stuff from my favorite out-of-town crafter.  I bought a bunch from her 4 years ago and have been giving stuff away at baby showers since then.  My stash was down to almost zero, so I was glad to restock – this time mostly for my own!  And I got the last blanket of my favorite fabric ever.  It’s for a girl for sure, so if I can’t use it for this baby, I’m saving it just in case we have a girl someday. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll finally give it away.  (I honestly think we’ll have all boys)
  • Telling our co-workers about the pregnancy.  Since we work in the same building, we had to plan it for the same day. We brought in cupcakes to celebrate.  I only waited that long because I wanted to tell everyone at once in a staff meeting rather than walk around and tell everyone individually and answer the same questions over and over.
  • I finally got my Snoogle body pillow from Amazon.  It’s pretty fantastic.  Even though I don’t technically need it yet (not having aches/pains, etc.) it’s awesome.  And since I should mostly stay off my back when I’m sleeping, it definitely helps with that.  Most importantly, it gives me somewhere to rest my right arm when I’m laying on my side.  Since I have a never-will-be-fully-healed tendon in my elbow, I have to be careful that I don’t sleep with my arm fully bent, which is what I was doing when laying on that side.  It’s glorious.

Movement: Nothing, though it should happen soon

Food cravings:  Not really anything specific.  I’m definitely eating more sweets/chocolate now that I’m not nauseous, but I’ve always been a candy person…just maybe not in those quantities.   I do eat a Paleo Banana Muffin everyday because they are amazing (and healthy).

Food aversions: No

What I miss:  Being good at yoga and doing binds, backbends, and headstands.  It’s definitely a blow to my ego to have to modify difficult poses when I know I was getting so good at them.  Obviously it’s worth it and I’ve had some great teachers show my modifications, but it’s still a reality check.  I know I need to move down to the next easiest level of classes, and I hate that (mostly b/c Anne only teaches advanced classes).

What I’m looking forward to:  Vacation next week to Vegas for my sister’s wedding!  It will be SUCH a different trip than any of my previous trips to Vegas since I can’t drink, but it will be a ton of fun still.  My parents and all of my sisters will be there, which is a rare occasion that all of us are together.  I think it’s happened once in the past 5 years (our wedding reception).  I’m so grateful that I’m feeling better now too and will be able to enjoy it.

Milestones:  Starting to show, however slightly.  When I lay down, my stomach between my hips doesn’t sink in below my hipbones – it’s always higher.   I swear I can tell that it grows every day.  Pants that fit days before don’t fit comfortably anymore.  It happened so fast with several pair, even if they weren’t washed in between.
Bought a Bumbo, Boppy, and Bjorn from the local Facebook resale group.

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