Baby Watch: Week 20

There wasn’t anything major going on this week.  I definitely get full faster and need to do better about decreasing my portions and eating more often instead of just more.  I’ve been taking a normal portion and having Lo eat the rest of it.  That’s not going to be good for him eventually!

Things are definitely rounding out in my mid-section!


Week 20: May 28 – June 3

Baby size: Banana – which seems like a weird shape compared to mango last year, but oh well.

Maternity Clothes: I still have one pair of work pants, one pair of capris, some shorts, and quite a few shirts that fit, but that’s about all.  Some of my shirts are a little tighter than I’m comfortable with right now.  When my belly looks more pregnant and less chubby, I probably won’t mind as much.  I’m so excited to have found a good place to get some used maternity clothes though!  A friend told me about Clothes Mentor, a used clothing store on Henderson, awhile back and I never bothered to go.  I finally went and was shocked at how many and well organized maternity clothing they had.  It wasn’t all great stuff, and there wasn’t much summer stuff available (because everyone is snatching those up), but I got a pair of jeans, 2 pair of work pants, khaki capris, and 2 shirts for work for $50-something.  I’m happy to have the jeans (underbelly style), and the work pants are the same style of my favorite ones that my SIL loaned me, but a size bigger, so if hers don’t fit eventually (which I expect), these ones should.

Sleep: I sleep well – mostly only waking up once during the night to pee in the 1 a.m. hour, though sometimes it’s later.  I wake up easier in the morning too.

Symptoms:  Getting full faster, occasional heartburn. That’s about all right now.  The baby must be sitting on my bladder because I’ve been having to pee a lot more than normal.  I was at the gym for 40 minutes on Monday and had to go right when I got there and right before I left!  This is slightly devastating for me because I’m weird about public bathrooms and am usually capable of holding it for literally hours if I have to.

Workouts:  I didn’t get in as many workouts as I like, but I did a yoga and a killer leg workout.  I was sore for days – my left quad was ripped up for a couple of days, but it’s good now.  Hopefully when I do the workout again this week, it won’t be so bad.

Good moments of the week:  Regular movement, Lo’s birthday (though there was a major fail with the cake), organized the baby clothes/gear that I’ve bought off the local Facebook group and at garage sales.

Food cravings:  Nothing specific.

What I miss: Doing certain yoga moves, sleeping through the night, being able to avoid public bathrooms

What I’m looking forward to:  Friends visiting next week with their daughter & going to the zoo with them, getting some things accomplished with the house.

Milestones: Consistent movement – the baby is definitely meeting the kick counts that I’m supposed to start counting around now.

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