Ant Wars. We won (so far).

Moving is never fun, especially when you discover that there are already tenants that you were unaware of.  I never know where to start with unpacking, but the kitchen makes the most sense, because you gotta eat. Back in April when we moved in, I  started to unpack the kitchen and ended up in a […]

House Staging Part 2: Upstairs

Part 2 of our home staging “fun”.  (see part 1) It required a little more work to get the upstairs “staged”.  We never really decorated any of the rooms except Jenson’s, incWe debated on whether to replace the carpeting, but ended up deciding that we wouldn’t recoup the cost, and most people would prefer to […]

New House, House Sale, Life Changes

Sorry for the absence recently.  Things got a little crazy, and I didn’t open my laptop for over 2 weeks, except for quick research or to order something.  I haven’t even been taking pictures of Jenson lately, so we’ll refer to these as the lost weeks of his youth.  Now that he’s almost 18 months, […]

The place we first called home

Now that we are headed towards spring, the real estate market is starting to pick back up.  I’ve mentioned before that we are considering a move to the country once we find the land and house we are looking for.  It’s so weird to think that our current home, our first home, won’t be our […]

Big news in town

The big news is that Ikea is coming to Columbus.  People are going crazy about it.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s awesome, but people are passing out in the streets from excitement (actually, that’s not really happening).  But it’s being plastered all over facebook and local sites. Here’s a clip from the story: The […]