Big news in town

The big news is that Ikea is coming to Columbus.  People are going crazy about it.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s awesome, but people are passing out in the streets from excitement (actually, that’s not really happening).  But it’s being plastered all over facebook 

On the decluttering bandwagon again, kind of

On the decluttering bandwagon again, kind of

The first of the year brings about lots of resolutions and goals for many people…often about health and fitness, or organization.  I’ve never been one to make resolutions – I just try to make changes that I want to make throughout the year, instead of 

New year, new changes?

New year, new changes?

We rang in our new year with a really sick baby, so things can only go up from there! I’m pretty excited about this year. Every year for the past 5 years we seem to have some sort of major change: getting married, buying a 

Nursery Photos!

The nursery is finally done!  I didn’t really want a theme for the nursery, but if there is one, it would be “woodlands”, I guess.  I just wanted grays and whites that would go with the light sage color of the walls from when we 

Recently: Home Projects

Lo has been kicking ass and taking names with projects around the house.  One of the porch light stopped working and he fixed it.  He stripped the paint from the desk that we are going to use as a changer/dresser in the nursery and stained 

Recently…baby, projects, and lots of troubles

The baby is going crazy in my belly lately – visibly kicking my belly.  I didn’t think the baby was so high in there already, but the kicks were at least 2 inches above my belly button!  I didn’t believe that my uterus is the 

New “To Do” before Baby

So we have our list of things we want to get done over the next year, but now that we are having a baby, certain things need to be moved to more important on the list and others won’t really matter so much.  I put 

Build a Salad Table

Lo built me a salad table on Sunday and it’s set up and planted now!  I’m so excited to see if I’ll get lots of lettuce! The table will be in full sun through the second week of June or so, and then we (meaning, 

Glorious Spring Weekend!

We finally got a whole Spring weekend – and it was glorious!  The weather was 60-ish and sunny, and we had a great weekend with lots of friend visits. It started off with massages on Friday – I’d bought daily deals for us to each 

Update on our Do This Stuff Already list

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated our “Do This Stuff Already” list, so I figured it’s a fine time to do it before the outside projects start.  The list has it’s own page at the top (and I just realized that I had