Nursery Photos!

The nursery is finally done!  I didn’t really want a theme for the nursery, but if there is one, it would be “woodlands”, I guess.  I just wanted grays and whites that would go with the light sage color of the walls from when we moved in.  Here are some of the trees that I painted on the walls.  They were super-simple and really didn’t take that long, although nothing takes long compared to refinishing the glider.  I painted 3 more on the wall with the window.  I was tempted to keep going, but Lo (rightly) suggested we put something else on some of the walls.  I still plan to hang some prints/pictures when I get around to it.  My sister is making us 2 birdhouse nightlights to hang on the trees too – they are going to be so cute!nursery treesThe room is pretty small, so I had to take several photos to show everything.  When you look in the room from the hall, the changing table is straight ahead.  This desk is a piece that Lo was refinishing while I was doing the glider.  It’s part of a matching bedroom set that a friend gave us and it had several layers of paint that he needed to strip first.  That was quite a process with all of the details around the legs and such.  He used a chemical stripper and a heat stripper gun before sanding, priming, and painting.  It turned out great!  The curtains came with the house, but they fit in great!nursery from doorThe next area of the room is the glider and crib.  While the glider was terrible to refinish, it really does look great – especially with the cushions that my mom recovered.  I need to try to find a “before” picture.

nurseryHere’s the other angle on the crib and bookshelf.  The bookshelf is one that Lo had as a kid.  It had been repainted a few times too, but most recently was cream colored, so that just required a quick two coats of white paint while he and his mom were poly-sealing the rest of the furniture.

nursery crib and caseOn the wall across from the crib is the changing table and closet again.  This is a better shot of the changing table too.  I love that little goat hamper under the changing table.  The closet could use a little more organization, but it’s fine for now.  I want to hang some prints and pictures above the changing table.  Update: see of the prints I added below.

nursery changing table

nursery printsnursery prints

And here’s a last shot of the closet and the door, which shows the wooden growth chart that Lo’s brother and his girlfriend had made for us.  I absolutely love it.  I’d just sent Lo a picture of one 2 weeks before they gave it to us and told him he was going to need to make one of these.

nursery closet and tableHere’s a closer picture of the board.

nursery growth chartWhile we aren’t sure if the baby will be Boof-approved, at least the nursery is!  I’m so happy that’s it’s finished and with how it turned out!

nursery boof



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