Welcome to the World, Jenson

I’ve been MIA around here because I had a baby!  Jenson Charles arrived 9 days early, and we are so in love with him. 1397594_10201389058741046_526164989_o

My doctor had been telling us that I would probably need to be induced because I wasn’t showing any progress.  She tentatively scheduled an induction for October 16 at my 37 week appt.  At my 38 week appointment, she decided that he was possibly already 8.5 lbs and wanted to do an ultrasound at my next appointment to possibly schedule the induction earlier than my due date.  He didn’t like that plan and decided he wanted to arrive on his terms.  He was born at 7 pounds, 8 ounces, and 21 inches long.1273732_10201389058661044_434518352_o

I’ll get to his birth story another day, after we’ve had more sleep, but here are a few pictures of our beautiful baby boy!1401942_10201389008299785_1330526295_o1399575_10201389012259884_901187412_o1399436_10201389107582267_1042250100_o9764_602948116412929_1203777324_n737211_10201389113982427_1177002478_o1397542_10201389115502465_1695511384_o

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