DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Onesie

Jenson has a Thanksgiving outfit that his Aunt Summer and Uncle Gary sent him, but I couldn’t resist making this turkey onesie because I’ve had it pinned since before we were even ready for kids.  The website I pinned it from is no longer available, 

Nursery Photos!

The nursery is finally done!  I didn’t really want a theme for the nursery, but if there is one, it would be “woodlands”, I guess.  I just wanted grays and whites that would go with the light sage color of the walls from when we 

Mother’s Day DIY Canvas Painting

For Mother’s Day this year, I wanted to make my mom a painting with a saying that I remembered seeing on a Lenny and Eva bracelet:  “Her children arise and call her blessed.”  Proverbs 31:28 I had the plan to make this for awhile, but 

Build a Salad Table

Lo built me a salad table on Sunday and it’s set up and planted now!  I’m so excited to see if I’ll get lots of lettuce! The table will be in full sun through the second week of June or so, and then we (meaning, 

How to make homemade vanilla extract

How to make homemade vanilla extract

I’m a contributor over at Living on the Cheap and I wrote about how to make homemade vanilla extract.  It’s super easy and I promise it will taste way better than any junk you can buy in the store. Even real vanilla extract that you 

Do this stuff already – Goals for 2012

We don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but I’m okay with setting goals for the new year.  I find them kind of silly that you should wait until the first of the year to commit to making changes.  Also, the New Year’s resolution people who 

Benjamin Moore Aura® Waterborne Interior Paint

Benjamin Moore Aura® Waterborne Interior Paint

We were pretty lucky that when we moved into our house, we didn’t need to do a lot of painting.  Most of the rooms were painted pretty well with decent colors.  We painted one bathroom before we moved in because it was an awful seafoam, 

Pumpkin Wine Bottle and Halloween deco

I’m very excited for our first Halloween and trick-or-treating in our new house since I’ve never had trick-or-treaters before.  I’ve made and bought a few decorations and our friend gave us a big tub of decorations that they no longer use. Awhile back I pinned 

Sunday No-Funday

Last week seemed to be the week of bad days.  Co-workers had bad days, friends had bad days, my sister had a bad day, and I had a bad day.  Sunday was awful  for me – which makes it even worse because it was a 

Young House Love Book

Since we’ve become homeowners, we are both much more interested in DIY and home repair, naturally.  At some point I stumbled upon a blog that has become one of my favorites: Young House Love.  They are DIY-masters and pretty darn funny, plus they do relevant