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Baby Watch: Week 13

I’m finally in my second trimester!  We got our results back from our first trimester screening, so we are ready to tell people as we see them.  Everything looked great, so we don’t have anything to worry about for now.  I’m relieved to feel a […]

Baby Watch: Week 12

Week 12 was our first trimester screening and we were nervous, but it was so awesome to see the baby so clearly and everything was measuring normal, so we didn’t feel like we had anything to worry about while we were waiting on the official […]

Baby Watch: Week 11

We had yet another ultrasound this week, which was a total bonus (and not because there were any issues). (This is a look back on week 11.  I’m currently at 20 weeks, but want to get these all posted in order.) Week 11: March 26 – […]

Baby Watch: Week 10

Week 10 was much the same as the previous weeks.  It’s nice to not be as tired, but the nausea is no joke.  I really hope I’m not one of the unluckys who have it longer than the first trimester. (This is a look back […]

Baby Watch: Week 9

This was a pretty mild week – nothing new came up, but the symptoms remain. (This is a look back on week 9.  I’m currently at 20 weeks, but want to get these all posted in order.) Week 9: March 12 – Mar 18 Baby size: […]

Baby Watch: Week 8

(This is a look back on week 8.  I’m currently at 19.5 weeks, but want to get these all posted in order.) Week 8: March 5 – Mar 11 Baby Size: Raspberry.  It definitely doubled in size because I had to have a 2nd ultrasound the week […]

Baby Watch: Week 7

This was an exciting week for us because it was our first doctor’s appointment and we got to see that there is, in fact, a baby in there!  I’m not making light of the situation because I know too many women who went to their […]

Discovering I was pregnant, and the first couple of weeks

This is a long one, so if you don’t care, skip it.  I promise I won’t write about pregnancy every day, but I have some catching up to do. On discovering I was knocked up… I kind of always worried that I would find out […]

Our Secret: Revealed

I’ve been hiding something from the blog lately and it’s time to come clean.  I feel like I should have admitted what’s been going on a long time ago, but we had our reasons – and since those reasons passed, I’ve just been too busy.  […]