Baby Watch: Week 23

Just for fun and to show the people who say I’m not getting very big….here’s 10 weeks ago (and wearing the same outfit).  Good Lord!  I honestly didn’t think it was that much of a difference until I just compared!  That is thickness!!!!!!!!!! Week 23: 

Baby Watch: Week 22

The ultrasound was great and the previa had resolved, so I don’t have restrictions and don’t have to go back to Maternal Fetal Medicine anymore.  We had a great visit home with my family.  In talking with my sisters, I realized that 5 (and possibly 

Baby Watch: Week 21

(This was last week…I’m behind…again). We had a really busy week and weekend, which included an all-day trip to Ikea, visit with friends, and then walking around the Zoo all day on Sunday with those friends.  I ended up having some spotting on Sunday night 

Baby Watch: Week 20

There wasn’t anything major going on this week.  I definitely get full faster and need to do better about decreasing my portions and eating more often instead of just more.  I’ve been taking a normal portion and having Lo eat the rest of it.  That’s 

Baby Watch: Week 19

My belly really grew for week 19!  It was a big difference between 18.  Actually, it looks like my ass grew in the picture, but everything still fits there so it’s either a weird angle, or just an overall mid-section thickening.  Let’s face it, I’m 

Baby Watch: Week 18

We had the second trimester scan during week 18 and everything looked great!  The baby is moving a lot now! Boof really wants this sweet potato.  I tried to tell her that it’s her sibling, but she was howling for it anyway. (This is a 

Baby Watch: Week 17

Week 17 was our trip to Vegas for my sister’s wedding and the first baby movement! (This is a look back on week 17.  I’m currently almost 21 weeks, but want to get these all posted in order.) Week 17: May 7 – May 13 

Baby Watch: Week 16

Week 16 brought a strong workout week, some baby gear purchases, and more of a belly pouch! Boof somehow didn’t make this round of photos.  I’d like to say it’s because she doesn’t like avocados, but she really doesn’t discriminate if something looks like it 

Baby Watch: Week 15

I’m not sick all the time anymore!  And I can work out!  Boof really wants this orange! (This is a look back on week 15.  I’m currently at 20 weeks, but want to get these all posted in order.) Week 15: April 23 – April 

Baby Watch: Week 14

Things got a little better with week 14 with less nausea!  It’s so nice to not feeling anything with my stomach at times. We started my weekly pics last week and since I’m holding food (she doesn’t care what) Boof joined me. (This is a