Baby Watch: Week 32

Another great, but tiring week!  My baby shower was on Sunday – the one where we revealed the gender.  It’s a boy!  It was such an amazing shower with so many close friends and family.  We are truly grateful to have so many awesome people 

Baby Watch: Week 31

Another good week!  My belly looks like it’s popped so much more this week, but I don’t think it actually did so much.  I finally switched to a maternity shirt for the pictures since my other one was so tight and getting short, and that 

Baby Watch: Week 30

After working hard at the house in the evenings after work, we had a great weekend with lots of family time and a baby shower.  I’m 3/4 of the way through this pregnancy and we are getting closer to meeting our baby! Week 30: August 

Thursday Thoughts: Pregnancy, Prep, and Boof

These are just some random things lately that don’t deserve their own post.  On dressing myself: I got to work today and my pants were on backwards.  Only with maternity pants…  I’m not even sure how long it would have taken me to notice because I only realized 

Baby Watch: Week 29

Again, something major changed with my belly during one afternoon.  On Tuesday, it was suddenly much bigger than my boobs!  It feels like the baby is so much higher now – like all above my belly button. Week 29: July 30 – Butternut Squash – 

Baby Watch: Week 28

We had a busy week with flooring de- and re- installation, though Lo did most of the work – I just painted the baseboards.  We also took a maternity unit tour, had a doctors appointment, and went to the fair with friends.  It was a 

Baby Watch: Week 27

I’m posting a few days late – we’ve been prepping for and laying flooring downstairs for the last several days so I haven’t been on the computer much outside of work.  Lo’s done the majority of work, but I did paint the baseboards. Week 27: 

Baby Watch: Week 26

Week 26: July 9 – July 15 Baby size: Head of lettuce; 13.6-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.2 lb. Maternity Clothes:  All maternity pants except my yoga pants, combination of maternity tops and regular tops.  My belly is really obvious now either way, so it doesn’t matter which 

Baby Watch: Week 25

This picture is terrible.  I don’t care how I look, but the quality is awful and it’s blurry even though it was taken with a real camera.  Lo’s iphone has a defect in the lens and mine isn’t as good of quality, so we used 

Baby Watch: Week 24

This week’s picture isn’t as high quality…Lo’s phone camera has a spot on it and mine isn’t as good.  We may need to break out the “real” camera.  Boof loves her fruits and veggies. Week 24: June 25 – July 1 Baby size: Cantaloupe –