Baby Watch: Week 32

32 weeks

Another great, but tiring week!  My baby shower was on Sunday – the one where we revealed the gender.  It’s a boy!  It was such an amazing shower with so many close friends and family.  We are truly grateful to have so many awesome people in our lives.  Our son will be very lucky (and spoiled).its a boy

Week 32: August 20 – 26 – Crenshaw Melon – Average size: 15.2- 16.7 inches, 2.5-3.8 lb.. I’ve never had a jicama, but Boof wasn’t scared.Boof v jicamaboof eating jicama

Maternity Clothes:  All maternity pants except my yoga and sweat pants/capris, combination of maternity tops and regular tops.  I’ve borrowed some of Lo’s shirts to work out in and wear around the house.  I found a pair of black jean-type pants at the consignment store for $10 that are pretty great.  I’d definitely like a pair of blue jeans too, but at least I have a start for fall.

Sleep: I’ve been waking up a little more than before now – mostly to get comfortable or to get up to pee.

Symptoms:  Nothing much.  It have a sore spot and little lump under my belly button.  Not sure if that’s typical, or if it’s a hernia-like thing.  I actually lose a pound or two since my last appointment.  I’m guessing it’s because I’ve been so busy at home and always doing something.  It’s nothing to worry about because I’ve already gained a little more than the recommended amount.  My doctor never says anything about my weight, so I guess I’m doing okay there.  The baby moves in much larger movements now. Instead of little jabs and kicks, I feel and see him move his whole body.

Workouts:  I did yoga, a 100 leg workout, the elliptical, and walked on the treadmill.

Good moments of the week:  Lots of good things this week.  We had an appt on Friday and everything was good.  I got the DTAP shot and still have a huge lump bruise from it though.  I measured right on track this week – she said it varies from week to week, so they don’t put a lot of weight in that.  Some of my family came on Saturday to stay with us for the shower.  The shower was a great time (though exhausting).  The gender reveal was a lot of fun – people were excited for it.  The majority of the guests guessed boy, so they were on target.  Some said it’s because of specific things I put on the registry, but I would have put the same things on if it were a girl.  I want things to be neutral in case we have a second baby, and I definitely lean more towards masculine colors than feminine, so I would have picked the green and yellow sippy cups for a girl versus the pink and purple regardless.  A good time was had by all, though for a 2 hour shower, it was exhausting!  It was probably the most tiring day out of the last 2 trimesters and we were home by 4 pm!  It’s so nice to be able to say “he” now!

Food cravings:  Nothing specific this week.  We ate a ton of tacos, but only because of convenience.

What I miss: Sleeping though the night, wearing normal clothes, not having my belly rest on my thighs when I sit down, being able to do advanced moves in yoga, pushing myself in workouts.

What I’m looking forward to:  The long labor day weekend.  Someday finishing re-finishing the glider rocker I’m working on.  Getting the baby stuff organized – it’s spread throughout 4 rooms and 3 levels right now.

Milestones:  I can’t think of anything specific other than that I still feel great.  The gender is no longer a secret – that’s a milestone!

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