Baby Watch: Week 33

33 weeks

Another week without complaints!  AND the glider rocker is ALMOST refinish.  If I haven’t said it enough, never refinish a glider rocker and stool.  I just need to check for paint touch-ups tomorrow and then Lo can add the poly coat to it.  The dresser/changing table just needs to poly coat added as well.  Next step is painting the birch trees on the wall of the nursery.  I can also start washing and organizing the clothes since I finally picked up some canvas bins for the closet from the Container Store.  They didn’t have all of the sizes that I needed, so they ordered more for me (at the great sale price).  THEN I’ll feel a little more ready for baby.  (yeah right)  Lo’s parents ordered the crib, so it should be here within a week or so.  At that point we’ll have all that we “need” I think.  We still have another shower to go too!  Lo tried out the carseat in the car, but has to move it to behind the passenger side because there isn’t enough room behind the driver’s side seat for him to drive.

33 weeks yard

Week 33: August 27 – September 2 – Pineapple – Average size: 17.2-18.7 inches, 4.2-5.8 lb. 

boof pineapple

Maternity Clothes:  All maternity pants except my yoga and sweat pants/capris, combination of maternity tops and regular tops.  I’ve borrowed some of Lo’s shirts to work out in and wear around the house.  I FINALLY found some jeans!  I went to Motherhood Maternity because they were having a buy one, get one 1/2 off sale.  I was surprised that their stuff wasn’t more expensive – I just assumed it was.  I ended up with 2 pair of jeans (one on order), 2 tunics, and a long sleeve shirt.  I really won’t need to buy anything else.  I probably didn’t need all of those.  When my other pair of jeans get here, I’ll see if I decide to keep both pair.  My sister also sent me a Steeler’s maternity shirt and after exchanging it for more “chest” room, it should get here on Friday.  The one she sent would have probably worked, but I wasn’t sure what was going to happen in that area once I’m nursing and wanted to be able to wear it during the season.

Sleep: I’ve been waking up a little more than before now – mostly to get comfortable or to get up to pee.  Overall, I get pretty decent sleep, considering.

Symptoms:  I’m having more of what I assume are Braxton-Hicks contractions.  My belly gets really tight and I have a lot of pressure, but it’s not from baby movement.  Considering it seems to only happen when I’ve been doing a lot around the house or occasionally when working out, it makes sense.  I know I need to slow down some, but since the painting is almost done, that should be easier to do.

Workouts:  I did yoga, a 100 leg workout, and the elliptical.

Good moments of the week:  It was a three day weekend that allowed some extra relaxing plus time to get a lot done (mostly painting that damn glider!).  But I had time to go shopping for some things that we needed too.  We headed to our friend’s to swim on Saturday because it was so hot, and 3 minutes after we got there it started raining for hours.  We had a great time hanging out anyway and Kelley and I started watching Downton Abbey. We had a couple of friends over for dinner on Monday night, including this adorable baby – who will be pretty much exactly a year older than our son.brax

We took a family picture.  My 8.5 baby bump looks more like a spare tire in this pic!family photo

Food cravings:  Nothing specific this week.  We ate a ton of pulled pork because that’s what we had leftover from the shower.  We also had some ham because I picked one up to freeze because they were 25% off.  And of course, we got our Yabo’s Taco’s trip in too.

What I miss: Sleeping though the night, wearing normal clothes, not having my belly rest on my thighs when I sit down, being able to do advanced moves in yoga, pushing myself in workouts.  I miss getting up easily from sitting on the ground too.  I’ve been doing a lot of sitting on the garage floor painting, and having to move around the chair and getting up and down isn’t as easy anymore.

What I’m looking forward to:  We only have a 3 day week this week!  We have a pediatrician meeting on Friday along with a few other appointments, so we are off the whole day.  Lo is driving a race car on Saturday at the Kentucky Motor Speedway, so I know that’s what he’s excited for.  I’m excited to finally be finished with the glider rocker- it will happen!!!

Milestones:  Nothing that I can think of…

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