Baby Watch: Week 24

baby watch

This week’s picture isn’t as high quality…Lo’s phone camera has a spot on it and mine isn’t as good.  We may need to break out the “real” camera.  Boof loves her fruits and veggies.

Week 24: June 25 – July 1

Baby size: Cantaloupe – up to 20 oz. and 11.8 inches.  And expected to put on a pound in the next couple of weeks!

Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants and half and half with regular and maternity tops.  I’m definitely needing to wear more maternity shirts to work – I think I just grew out of the last button-down shirts that I had. I’m still not totally comfortable in maternity shirts.  They often make me look more pregnant and while I’m obviously thrilled to be pregnant, I don’t love the extra attention it brings.  On Monday (when I was wearing a normal shirt that completely hid my bump) a lady who works in the building got in the elevator and said “Oh – look at your big baby!” (she already knew I was pregnant, so I wasn’t surprised she said something).  I was just like – “um, it’s not that big yet”.  My co-workers just looked at me like “wth is she talking about?”.  She was like – “oh, you look so great” as she was getting off the elevator and I wanted to say – are you sure? because you pretty much just told me I was huge even though I’m not yet.  She’s an oddball, so I shouldn’t have been surprised or bothered by it.

Sleep: I slept well this week….though again I had a few nights of having to get up twice.  Not cool, baby.  I have no trouble getting back to sleep, but just realizing I have to get out of bed (again) is really annoying.

Symptoms:  Getting full faster, occasional heartburn, some indigestion (especially after eating fruit, I think).  I’m feeling a ton of movement and a lot of it is higher than I expected (like 2 inches above my belly button).  I guess my uterus is really the size of a soccer ball (which when I read that last week, I was like – nope, mine isn’t yet).  Sometimes I’ll feel the baby pressing against a certain spot and can tell its about to move.

Workouts:  Yoga was great this week.  The first class was hard but I didn’t have any issues at all.  For Friday’s class (which I normally don’t enjoy), I was the only student and I was soooo not looking forward to it.  As it turns out, the instructor used to teach prenatal yoga and I told her about the class that I took that was way too easy.  So she did a hard prenatal class which was basically like a hard regular class but all of the moves were safe for me and I didn’t have to modify anything.  It was pretty fantastic and I was so glad I didn’t skip like I wanted.  I also did a hard 100 leg workout this week (I even did burpees again) and a couple of cardio days.

Good moments of the week:  Lo being able to feel and see more movement.  My sister and nephew came to stay with us over the weekend.  Dinner with our friends who had been gone for a few weeks.

Food cravings:  I haven’t had particular cravings and I’ve been trying to eat less sweets since my glucose tolerance test is coming up (though supposedly that doesn’t make much of a difference).  I’ve actually succeeded in eating way less sweets and have craved veggies (and healthy spinach dip) and pistachios in place (and um, those cheetos that I ate too many of).  I think I successfully avoided the Dove chocolates in the candy jar all week!

What I miss: Sleeping though the night, wearing normal clothes, tuna tartare

What I’m looking forward to:  Having a day off work for the 4th of July, going to look at flooring to replace our downstairs (and possibly bedroom) carpet, passing my glucose tolerance test (crossing my fingers anyway).

Milestones: Nothing major happened with me this week – I’m just happy to be healthy and happy right now!  We cancelled out cable and are surviving just fine.  We weren’t watching much live tv, there aren’t sports on that we have to see right now, and our cable bill had doubled after our initial contract was up.  I’m sure we’ll start it again, but it seemed like a good time to take a break.

Here’s a pic of Boof with her cantaloupe sibling!

boof with cantaloupe

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