Baby Watch: Week 25

baby watch

This picture is terrible.  I don’t care how I look, but the quality is awful and it’s blurry even though it was taken with a real camera.  Lo’s iphone has a defect in the lens and mine isn’t as good of quality, so we used this instead.  I didn’t think it looked good when he showed it to me after taking it, but I assumed it would look okay once uploaded and edited.  We may need to re-take it tomorrow, but I’m already a day late posting this, so I’m using it for now.

Week 25: July 2 – July 8

Baby size: Cauliflower (which, by the way, did not produce heads in my garden this year – just very large greens); 1.5 – 2.5 lbs (whoa) and up to 14.8 inches.  I swear the baby (and my belly) grew within hours on Wednesday – or moved positions and just became more obvious.

Maternity Clothes:  All maternity pants and a mix of regular and maternity tops.  My co-workers are always complimenting my “new” shirts because my SIL gave me a bunch of maternity shirts and she apparently doesn’t only wear black and gray like I do, lol.  I’m wearing a lot more color now – it’s kind of nice, but still hard to get used to.  On Wednesday I was wearing a shirt I hadn’t worn yet (which my co-worker noticed right away and complimented) and I actually didn’t look that pregnant in it.  I went to the gym and looked normal there (and there are plenty of mirrors).  But by 3 p.m. when I went into the bathroom, I was shocked how big my belly was!  I think the baby moved up or in some way to make more of an appearance, but it was crazy.  The baby definitely felt heavier and lower on Tuesday (uncomfortably so), so it makes sense since I wasn’t feeling that on Wednesday.  I definitely won’t be able to downplay my belly with shirts now, lol!  So since that day, there’s so chance of me hiding it anymore.  I’m not trying to hide my belly because I’m not proud to be pregnant – all of the extra attention just makes me uncomfortable still when people first realize I’m pregnant and ask me a million questions (or worse, want to touch my belly).

Sleep: I slept well this week…  I can’t say the same for Lo.  Boof won’t let him sleep in on the weekdays or the weekends.  She wakes him up 5-10 minutes before his alarm every weekday, which also translates to 6 a.m. on the weekend.  She won’t go back to sleep until she gets to eat and go outside, and then he’ll have her get in bed with us and go back to sleep.  I guess she’s just preparing him for the baby.  She literally used to sleep until 10:30 on the weekends.

Symptoms:  Getting full faster, occasional heartburn, some indigestion (especially after eating fruit, I think).  Nothing is persistent or super-annoying yet though.  I get round ligament pain sometimes.

Workouts:  I had decent workouts this week, but less than usual.  We had Thursday off for the 4th and had to leave work early on Friday for a doctors appointment, so those workouts didn’t happen.  I did yoga, 100 workout, and cardio with some upper body lifting.

Good moments of the week:  The highlight had to be passing my glucose tolerance test with flying colors.  I had the test on Friday and got the results on Monday.  I knew I should be fine, but it’s still nerve-wrecking.  I also got most of our baby registries figured out.  We ended up registering mostly with Amazon (because no one should be forced to go into a baby store – those places are fairly awful), then Babies R Us (for those who don’t mind going into baby stores, and a few things at Buy Buy Baby (there aren’t many locations, but people like them because you can use Bed Bath and Beyond coupons).  It’s hard to pick things for the registries! The baby is kicking a ton and I can tell how big it is because on Saturday morning I was feeling a kick on one side of my belly, immediately followed by a punch on the other….over and over again, lol.

Food cravings:  Nothing specific – maybe mexican food, but that’s a normal non-pregnancy craving for me.  I ate a lot of veggies too – that’s never a bad thing.

What I miss: Sleeping though the night, wearing normal clothes, knowing how much I can eat before I’m too full.

What I’m looking forward to:  My parents visiting this weekend

Milestones: I passed the glucose tolerance test.  I’m now sporting an obviously pregnant belly (instead of just a thick or “did she gain weight” belly).  Nothing can really hide it now!

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