Baby Watch: Week 28

We had a busy week with flooring de- and re- installation, though Lo did most of the work – I just painted the baseboards.  We also took a maternity unit tour, had a doctors appointment, and went to the fair with friends.  It was a fairly cool week outside and I wasn’t complaining about that for sure!

baby watch

Week 28: July 23 – July 29

Baby size: Acorn Squash – Average size: 13.6 -14.8 inches, 1.5-2.2 lb. (note that I’ve had to go rogue on some of these comparisons.  There are several websites that feature different fruits/veggies for each week, so I’m just picking and choosing based on what makes sense to me -like how an acorn squash is smaller than butternut and thus should come first.

Maternity Clothes:  All maternity pants except my yoga pants, combination of maternity tops and regular tops.  My belly sticks out no matter what now.

Sleep: I have to switch sides regularly, but aside from waking up to pee every night, I’m sleeping pretty well still.  I love my Snoogle.  I may never give it up.  My hips start to hurt if I sleep on one side to long, so I try to flip regularly.

Symptoms:  I had heartburn through part of the week and then it just went away and I haven’t had it since Saturday.  When I did have heartburn the only thing that really helped was when I had some ice cream after a meal.  That’s not so bad, right?

Workouts:  I did yoga, a 100 leg workout (but replaced burpees with jump squats), and the elliptical.  One day last week I really needed a nap, so I skipped my lunchtime workout.  I had some serious heartburn that day, so I didn’t want to make it worse.  After my elliptical workout on Monday I was going to do a quick shoulder workout, but I immediately started feeling weak and tired and thought I should quit and go back to work.  It was odd- I think I just hadn’t had enough protein for breakfast and my blood sugar was low.  Once I got to the office and had some celery with peanut butter and raisins, I felt fine again.

Good moments of the week:
Lo gets kicked in the face by the baby often.  I’ll grab his hand and put it on my stomach to feel the baby moving and the baby immediately stops.  Lo will then put his face on my stomach and the baby will start kicking him in the face/ear.  It’s pretty awesome.
We took a maternity tour at the hospital.  It wasn’t super useful because Lo already knows his way around OSU hospital, but we did learn a lot about the units and such.  There was a super-annoying woman on the tour who was majorly concerned about whether she’ll get a suite or regular size room.  They have 20 suites and 20 regulars and they are just first-come, first-served.  The size difference is pretty major, but what’s the point of worrying about it now!  Really, she was just concerned about everything- mostly that she be treated like a princess.  Annoying.
We had another doctor appointment on Friday, which is basically listening to the baby’s heartbeat and her measuring my stomach.  I asked her if I needed to cut out anything from my workouts and surprisingly she said no!  She pretty much puts restrictions on everything for me, so I was surprised.  I suspect she doesn’t really think I  do real workouts, so she’s not concerned.
Lo finished laying the downstairs floors on Sunday!  We’re glad that project is mostly finished!

Food cravings:  Nothing really.  We had a lot of mexican again…but that’s not unusual for us.  I wanted french toast one day, so I made it for breakfast on Saturday.

What I miss: Sleeping though the night, wearing normal clothes, knowing how much I can eat before I’m too full, not having my belly rest on my thighs when I sit down, lol

What I’m looking forward to:  Getting the downstairs back together after the flooring.  Going home in two weeks for my first shower (and probably the last visit home before the baby – which is just crazy).

Milestones:  I’m in the 3rd trimester!  Woo-hoo!  I finally “announced” on Facebook too.  I just didn’t bother before because most people who need to know already know.  I just let Boof do the announcement with this pic from when we first found out.  She is not that skinny anymore.  Yes, that was skinny.  I think I need to put that shirt on her again to see what it looks like now.  White-ribbed shirts aren’t flattering on any lady though.

boof sister shirt

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