Thursday Thoughts: Pregnancy, Prep, and Boof

These are just some random things lately that don’t deserve their own post. 

On dressing myself:
I got to work today and my pants were on backwards.  Only with maternity pants…  I’m not even sure how long it would have taken me to notice because I only realized it when I went to look for the tag because I wanted to look at the brand to see where I could get more (they were that comfy on backwards apparently).  I couldn’t feel the tag in the back and I almost just gave up and assumed there wasn’t a tag there.  I decided to check the front…and there it was.  Sadly, it looks like it’s a jcp brand (duo maternity) and they don’t have these anymore.  I already have 2 pair (different sizes that both fit), but they are my for sure favorites, so I would totally buy a new pair just in case.  One pair belongs to Lo’s sister, but since she’s smaller than me, I’ve been afraid I’ll grow out of them (haven’t yet), and the other pair I got at Clothes Mentor in the next size for like $10.  I was so excited!

On babycenter:
When I got pregnant, I signed up for a bunch of baby/pregnancy sites (as many people do).  One of them, Babycenter, puts you in a community group with other mothers due in the same month, if you choose to be.  I get an email every day with the last 10 or so message board posts – most of which are dumb or just people venting about their baby daddy or relatives and such, but there are occasional helpful ones (especially early on when you have so many questions and aren’t sure what to expect).  I always scan the titles and usually click on 1-2 messages to read per day – either for usefulness or entertainment.  Yesterday someone posted about how they get so tired standing in the shower that they have to take baths.

Actually, here’s the post:
“Anyone else resorted to taking baths instead of showers? It’s getting to be too much for me to stand there. I’m not a bath person so this is just weird for me lol. So much easier to sit down for that amount of time.”

What?!  The crazy thing is, is that out of about 25 comments, half agreed!  So many said they’ve started sitting down in the shower, taking baths, or have bought a shower chair!

How long are they in there?!  I get that shaving can be difficult at this point, but that’s because bending over isn’t super easy (especially for those who don’t have a ledge or something to put a foot on).  Getting up out of the tub seems like it would require more effort than a 10-15 minute shower!  They can’t stand up for 15 minutes (20 tops!)?  I swear people sometimes people just use their pregnancy as a reason to complain or do nothing.  I’m not discounting that some people have difficult pregnancies or other reasons that they struggle more – but most of the commenters who agreed didn’t indicate any other reason than that they are 7-8 months pregnant.  Good luck with the next two months to them!

Some of the posts like this kind of make me feel like a super hero.  Granted, I sit most of the day at work, but I work out almost every day during lunch (unless I leave early for an appt).  Once we get home, I rarely sit down again until after 9 – last night I never did until I went up to bed at 1045 or so.  Sometimes I’ll sit with Boof for a couple of minutes on the couch to love on her, and once every week or two I’ll take a quick snooze.  Sure, I’m not always doing hard labor (that’s what Lo handles), but I’m cleaning, doing laundry, doing stuff in the yard (watering/weeding/planting/picking), cooking, or whatever – so I’m on my feet the whole time.  I’m excited if I get dinner ready before 830 pm because that means we’ll probably have time to watch one show after the kitchen is cleaned up.  Thank goodness I can sleep for 8 hours before I have to stand in the shower for 10 minutes in the morning, lol!  I even shaved my legs this morning before I put my superhero cape on!

On cooking:
Anderson’s House of Meat (love that name) had lean ground beef on sale for $2.99 lb. last week so bought 10 lbs (if I spent over $25, I got 3 free lbs of chicken legs, which I won’t really eat, but Lo loves).  We still have some beef that we bought from a friend who raises cows, but we’ll start to run low soon, and I prefer that for burgers and such where we don’t have a lot of extra flavor added in because it’s such good beef.  With the beef I bought, I cooked 2 lbs of just standard seasoned ground beef (some of which we ate with spicy eggplant – the rest to freeze), 4 lbs of taco meat in the crockpot to freeze, 40 beef and quinoa meatballs to freeze unbaked, 5 burgers (which we’re eating this week), and the other 2 lbs. will be mixed and cooked with Italian sausage, quinoa, and spinach to be frozen tonight (for lasagna, sloppy joes, chili, or whatever).  I really wanted to mix in cooked lentils with all of the beef that I cooked because they blend in so well, make it healthier, and stretch the meat further, but I was out of lentils!  I don’t know how that happened!  I’m slightly distraught about it.  I mixed in quinoa with some, but I like lentils better.

I’m trying to get a start on freezer meals now that we are less than 3 months out.  The problem is that our freezers are still full, so we need to start eating some of the other stuff we have in there!  But then we go to Costco and it fills up again!  Clearly we just need a larger 2nd freezer (or a 3rd, lol).

On Boof:
She’s back to normal with Lo now. I’m not sure that normal is a good way to describe her, but her normal self.  Normal dogs don’t get passed by turtles on their walks, normal dogs don’t drink their entire full dish of water in one sitting, normal dogs don’t go crazy for iceberg lettuce, carrots, green beans, and most other veggies (though she bypassed a piece of mushroom that I dropped last night – I don’t blame her, I don’t like them raw either).  But she’s our (not normal) dog and she’s so awesome and so cute.  I told Lo the other day that it’s a good thing that we got such a cute dog because we won’t want to ignore her after the baby comes like some people do.  I’m sure she’ll be relieved that I’ll be too busy to be in her face all the time kissing her forehead, but I’m not going to be able to stop completely after the baby.

Yeah, she’s just trying to eat this squash.  Nothing unusual about that, right?

boof and butternut

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