Baby Watch: Week 30

baby watch

After working hard at the house in the evenings after work, we had a great weekend with lots of family time and a baby shower.  I’m 3/4 of the way through this pregnancy and we are getting closer to meeting our baby!

Week 30: August 6 – 12 – Large Cabbage – Average size: 15 3/4 inches, 3 lb.

Maternity Clothes:  All maternity pants except my yoga and sweat pants/capris, combination of maternity tops and regular tops.  I’ve borrowed some of Lo’s shirts to work out in and wear around the house.  It’s just more comfortable having a looser shirt when it’s really hot.

Sleep: I have to switch sides regularly, but aside from waking up to pee every night, I’m sleeping pretty well still.  Sometimes I wake up and my hips are burning so bad.  It always takes me a minute to figure out what hurts, and then I just roll to the other side and it’s fine eventually.  I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I didn’t have a Snoogle.

Symptoms:  Nothing much.  Some days I get more tired than I expect, but when I’m not at work, I’m constantly on my feet, so I shouldn’t be surprised.  I have a lot of pressure from the baby pushing against my stomach.

Workouts:  I did yoga, a 100 leg workout, and the elliptical.  I had to skip Monday’s workout because I was extra tired from the weekend I guess.  I needed a nap, so I took one.

Good moments of the week:  Over the weekend we went home for a baby shower thrown by my family.  We don’t have a large family (besides me having 5 sisters), so it was small with just family and a neighbor.  My sisters and nieces did a great job decorating and the food was awesome (not to mention the several flavors of gluten-free cupcakes that Christine made).  We got a lot of great stuff for the babe.  Later that night my sister, mom, and nieces got to feel the baby having hiccups.  Mostly, the weekend was full of family time, including some we don’t see very often, so it was a pretty fantastic trip.

The highlight of Boof’s week would probably include all of the treats and dropped food she got while we were there, which would include at least a 1/2 a cupcake, some frosting (if not an additional cupcake), dropped food scraps in the yard, and sharing Doritos with my dad.

Food cravings:  Nothing specific this week.

What I miss: Sleeping though the night, wearing normal clothes, not having my belly rest on my thighs when I sit down, being able to do advanced moves in yoga, pushing myself in workouts.

What I’m looking forward to:  I should be looking forward to my birthday weekend (it’s on Saturday), but we’ve never made a big deal about our birthdays and I haven’t come up with anything I want to do.  I’m sure we’ll get a nice dinner at the very least.  It’s weird trying to think of what I want to do to celebrate when I remove alcohol from the occasion, lol!  Does that sound bad?  Oh well.

Milestones:  The baby gets hiccups everyday now at least once a day.  As long as it isn’t happening up against my ribs, it doesn’t bother me.  We had another Dr. appointment and everything was good.  The Dr. always measures from the bottom of the my stomach to the top and when I asked about it, she said it’s a decent predictor of baby size and if I’m on schedule with my due date.  She said I measured 33 weeks (this was at 30.5), but she said it was within reason and normal.  Sounds like the baby isn’t going to be tiny, lol!

I thought maybe I’d want some maternity pictures where I’m not wearing spandex, so I’ve been having Lo take some others occasionally.

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