Mother’s Day with 2

Mother’s Day with 2

I never wrote about my first Mother’s Day with 2 kids because I have 2 kids and find it hard to get anything done.  I had a fantastic day.  My parents were in town with my niece for her volleyball tournament, so I got to spend part of mother’s day with MY mom too.

Jenson and Lo woke Marlowe and I up with a present and cards.

mccauley family art mothers day

I love it.

Lo made bacon and eggs for everyone and we just hung out for a couple of hours.  When it was getting close to lunch, I decided we needed to have a picnic since it was nice out finally.  We whipped up some random things and lots of fruit and headed outside.

mothers day mothers day mothers day mothers day mothers day mothers day mothers day mothers day

Jenson picked some flowers for us to wear.



We hung out on the blanket for about an hour before my parents needed to get ready to make the 3 hour drive back home.

mothers day with mom mothers day

After they left, Jenson took a nap and we spent the rest of the day hanging out.  Jenson kept telling me “Happy Mother’s Day!” all day, and he has continued to say “I got you a present”, “there’s a present I got for you”, and “I got you a present in the basement” (he went downstairs with Lo to pick out the wrapping paper).  As Ice Cube would say, “It was a good day”.

mothers day

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