Organizing photos, baby books and memories

Organizing photos, baby books and memories

I feel like I’m constantly behind on a million things I want to do…but maybe that’s just life with kids?  Lately I’m obsessed with wanting to write things down for my kids so they have documented memories forever.  I think a lot of it has 

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Onesie

Jenson has a Thanksgiving outfit that his Aunt Summer and Uncle Gary sent him, but I couldn’t resist making this turkey onesie because I’ve had it pinned since before we were even ready for kids.  The website I pinned it from is no longer available, 

New “To Do” before Baby

So we have our list of things we want to get done over the next year, but now that we are having a baby, certain things need to be moved to more important on the list and others won’t really matter so much.  I put 

Build a Salad Table

Lo built me a salad table on Sunday and it’s set up and planted now!  I’m so excited to see if I’ll get lots of lettuce! The table will be in full sun through the second week of June or so, and then we (meaning, 

Press’n Seal Fridge Shelves

Our refrigerator has been mostly disorganized since we bought our house.  It was a big change from a top bottom to a side by side fridge and after we scrubbed it inside and out hard core, I kind of just started throwing stuff in there 

Do this stuff already: Pantry Organization

Our pantry was really embarrassing and in serious need of full on pantry organization.  It’s slightly bigger than the pantry that we had in our apartment, but when we moved in May, I just opened the boxes and shoved everything in there.  And I left 

Do this stuff already – Goals for 2012

We don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but I’m okay with setting goals for the new year.  I find them kind of silly that you should wait until the first of the year to commit to making changes.  Also, the New Year’s resolution people who 

Our Weekend – Relaxing and Organizing

We returned from vacation on Thursday, and we had Friday off from work, so we had a long, but relaxing weekend.  We really should have went to look at and test drive some cars, but instead we decided to be mostly lazy.  Lo did some