Press’n Seal Fridge Shelves

fridge press n seal Our refrigerator has been mostly disorganized since we bought our house.  It was a big change from a top bottom to a side by side fridge and after we scrubbed it inside and out hard core, I kind of just started throwing stuff in there willy-nilly.  One night when I was d-runk awhile back I told Lo that our kids are going to hate us for our fridge (because it’s a mess, I guess).  He laughed about it, but then several times since then he’s agreed that our kids were going to hate us because of our fridge.

Because we never bothered to rearrange the shelves once we moved in, the adjustable shelves weren’t placed well to accommodate many tall bottles and nothing really had a place.  I’d move stuff around and clean up spills (eventually), but it still just sucked.  I should mention, that although it would often be over-packed or disorganized, we are really good about freezing things or using them up before they go bad, so we rarely have to throw things out because they’re old (usually it’s odd condiments or lemons/limes when we do).

Once I tackled the pantry, I decided it was time to get to the fridge.  After I unstuck the maple syrup bottle from the back of a shelf (actually, I had Lo do it because it was stuck on that bad and I was afraid I’d break the shelf!), I pulled it out to scrub it down in the sink.  Before I put it back in, I decided on a whim to try something that I’ve seen on pinterest – lining the shelves with Press’n Seal.  At first I thought it was stupid and would look bad and was unnecessary, but then I remember how stuck that maple syrup bottle was (and the many other sticky spills we’ve had to wipe up), and I decided I should give it a shot. press'n seal on fridge shelvesI was pleasantly surprised at how it looked on the first shelf, so I decided to do it for all of them.  Once I put stuff back on the shelves, it just looked like the shelves were of matte texture.  I could have made it look even better if I had cut the Press’n Seal to size instead of overlapping it.  And if when they get dirty again, I can just peel off the Press’n Seal and start over.  I also adjusted the height on the shelves to fit our needs.

The fridge may still look disorganized to you, but it makes enough sense to us.  And hopefully our future kids won’t hate us.fridge organization press'n seal on fridge shelves

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