Sons of Anarchy: my thoughts

Sons of Anarchy: my thoughts

I just finished watching Sons of Anarchy.  Lo watched it when it was currently airing, and I honestly had no interest in it.  He’d watch it while I was at volleyball or busy, so I’d catch a little bit when I got home or came 

Superbowl Coke commercial brings out the hate.

It’s troublesome that people are so upset about the Superbowl Coke commercial in which America the Beautiful was sung in different languages. I saw the Coke commercial and it didn’t stick out to me in any major way, other than thinking at one point, hmm…I don’t 

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Martin Luther King, Jr. fought a hard fight for racial justice and equality – hoping that someday the world would be colorblind.  While I think we’ve come a long way in America, it’s not enough. There are definitely people who voted a certain way in