Sons of Anarchy: my thoughts

Sons of Anarchy: my thoughts

I just finished watching Sons of Anarchy.  Lo watched it when it was currently airing, and I honestly had no interest in it.  He’d watch it while I was at volleyball or busy, so I’d catch a little bit when I got home or came into the room.  It seemed so violent and gory – unnecessarily so.  Anytime I saw more than a few minutes, someone got a body part cut off or was mutilated in some way.  There are some spoilers below, so if you are considering watching the series, don’t read any further and just watch it instead.

Nevertheless, I ran out of shows to watch after Lo went to bed and decided to give it a chance.  I’d heard a lot of good things about it, and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) is at least attractive.  I got hooked pretty quickly, despite Jax’s dirty, greasy look for the first couple of seasons.  I was promised that he’d cut his hair, so I waited patiently.

jax long  even this was better than the greasy long jax med

Some thoughts…

  • In the theme song/opening of every show when it would show Jax flex his back, I kept thinking that it should have been a more impressive flex.  I kept thinking…that’s kinda weak.
  • The guys never eat in that show.  They show pretty much every part of their lives, but they seem to subsist on coffee, cigarettes and booze.  Jax ate breakfast a couple of times with the boys, and I think 2 of the other guys were eating sandwiches once, but they had to drop them to run off to some emergency/murder.
  • They smoked SO much!  I couldn’t help but think how bad they must have smelled between the cigarette smoke and the sweat.
  • I didn’t understand who/what SAMCRO was until I asked Lo during season 2.  They either didn’t explain, or I wasn’t paying attention.
  • I missed Opie when he was gone.
  • I couldn’t stop rooting for Jax.  He was a good guy at first, but then he became a bad guy, but I never stopped hoping the best for him.  I guess that was the whole point of the series though…his internal struggle about the club and what his dad wanted the club to be, and being a husband/dad versus doing what is “right” for the club.
  • I still rooted for him despite the fact that he was never attached to his kids or wanted the best for them.  I get that he thought that he was doing what was best for them, but I can’t imagine anyone allowing their kids and spouse to be in constant danger.  He was so torn up when Abel was kidnapped, but it seemed like he was just going to let the couple who got him from the orphanage to keep him.  And then to just leave them with a former heroin addict (clean for seemingly just a few months) for the rest of their lives?  It was a very cowardly choice.  He chose the club (fixing the wrongs at the end that made dying inevitable) over being a parent – to his kids who had lost almost everyone else.
  • Abel was a pretty creepy kid towards the end.  I couldn’t see much good happening for him (considering my background working with kids with psychological issues).  Jax leaving him wasn’t going to fix that…if nothing else, things were just going to get much worse because of that.
  • I hated Clay from the start…and pretty much Gemma too.  For good reason of course, but I couldn’t stand that they were getting away with what was happening.  I was so afraid he’d never find out what Gemma did.
  • But then when he was going to kill her, I couldn’t help but think he should just let her go and make her promise to stay in Oregon at her dad’s house and never contact them again.  Despite that she really did ruin his life in many ways, I couldn’t imagine someone shooting their own mother.  Clay, yes…but his mom?  That’s how evil he got, and I still wanted the best for him.
  • The DA was all over the club for like 2 seasons, and then Tara died and she had that heart-to-heart with Jax and suddenly didn’t care about all of the other things the club was into.  She was gone for about an entire season, but then came back.  I kept thinking that I missed something and maybe she died.
  • When the club was acting like they were going to shoot Jax for “Mayhem”, all I could think was – not in the face!
  • The ending was cheesy…not what/how it happened, but the filming/acting of it.  And still cowardly.
  • But now I know why the name Jackson (Jax) got so popular.

I binged on this series pretty furiously.  I would turn it on whenever I thought I’d have 15-20 minutes to watch when Jenson was sleeping, and would watch after Lo went to bed.  You never want good shows to end, but it kind of needed to end.  There were only so many people left alive.  If you’re one the fence whether you want to Netflix binge this show, give it a shot for a season and see if it sticks.  I just tried to look away when something really violent was about to happen.

Jenson became obsessed with motorcycles around the time I was watching this (I promise I NEVER had it on when he was awake or downstairs)…it makes me wonder if he could hear the sound of the motorcycles in his sleep while I was watching at night.  I was constantly turning the volume down during loud scenes, and turning it back up during just talking scenes, so I’m mostly kidding, but it’s a funny coincidence.

If you watched the show, what were your thoughts?

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