Smile’s Prid Drawing Salve – best thing for splinters or glass!

If you ever get a splinter, a shard of glass, or anything else stuck in/under your skin, don’t even try any other remedy.

I stepped on a tiny shard of glass in the kitchen (from a broken skillet lid) and could not get it out.  It was in my heel, so every time I stepped with that foot, it hurt.  For over a week.  Lo and I both tried to dig it out several times.  I tried several remedies found on the internet.  I asked my family and my sisters recommended epsom salt soak or a drawing salve.  Both required a trip to the store, and the drawing salve sounded hokey (no offense Christine), so I ignored it for another day or two.  It got to the point that the area had healed over, but still hurt.  I was about to make an Dr. appointment because I didn’t know what else to do (but appointments are such a hassle now that I stay at home).  I read some reviews of drawing salve on Amazon and they all claimed that it actually worked.

I sent Lo a text asking him to stop at a drugstore and pick up Smiles’ Prid Homeopathic Drawing Salve on his way home.  I used it for 2 days, covering it with a bandaid, and when I checked it one night, the glass was at the surface and I was able to pull it out easily.  It was tiny.  It felt so huge in my foot!

prid drawing salve

Lo wasn’t as impressed as I was until he got a thorn or something stuck in his hand a few weeks later.  He then declared it magic.

He has a piece of lead (from pencil) that has been stuck in his leg since he was in school from when a friend stabbed him (or something?).  You can see it from the surface, but it’s deep enough that the nurse couldn’t get it out then.  I kind of want to try it on that…but it’s probably too late for that after 15 or so years.

Next time you get a splinter or something, try drawing salve.  There are a couple of different brands – they have good reviews, so just try whatever you can find.  I have no idea what half of the ingredients are, and they sound a little scary, but it’s worth it for how well it worked and how little I had to use.

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  • Natural medicine is amazing. I used to think only hippy and weird cult-like people used natural herbs and things. Natural medicine and education has caused many miracles in my life. From producing enough milk for my nursing infant, to dissolving ovarian cysts and polyps, causing fertility when my fertility specialist said our only hope was ivf. We now have 7 children. Natural medicine is awesome. Glad you had good results. 🙂 I have a grown in something in my heel. Will start prid tonight 🙂

  • Is there a fast way of getting glass out of my foot…. I am using prid not sure if I should use a lot or a little please help

  • I use meat tenderiser. Make a paste and cover with a bandaid. Start checking anytime after 20 minutes to see if it has been drawn out. It works every time.

  • Would this work of a thorn that’s been in a foot for over a week? My daughter had a splinter in her foot before and at a doctor visit was told it would dissolve (which it did) so I figured he would say the same this time only now she’s getting a little ball where the thorn is and it’s getting red. My grandparents recommended it but I’m kind of sceptical considering how long she’s had the thorn.

      • I’ve had either a piece of wood or fiberglass splinter in my finger for 2 or 3 weeks…you can see the skin has definitely healed over it. I put on Prid last night and this morning, no results so far, but will give it another day or two.

        • Keep trying…give it a week if the skin is healed over! It’s definitely worth a shot. I’d keep a band-aid on it too, because it’ll help soften the skin – especially if it’s one of those cloth bandaids that stick like gems. I don’t recommend Minion band-aids, they don’t stay on well! 🙂 And once the skin is soft wrinkled from the bandage, you can kind pick gently at where it went it or try to push it towards that place – but only if it doesn’t hurt to do so.

    • Shouldn’t have any side effects or issues other than perhaps some temporary discoloration as the skin softens and sloughs off (not much different than what happens when you wear a band-aid for a few days.

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