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Baby Watch: Week 14

Things got a little better with week 14 with less nausea!  It’s so nice to not feeling anything with my stomach at times.

We started my weekly pics last week and since I’m holding food (she doesn’t care what) Boof joined me.


(This is a look back on week 14.  I’m currently at 20 weeks, but want to get these all posted in order.)

Week 14: April 16 – April 22

Baby size: lemon

Maternity Clothes: No, though certain pants are slowly making their way out of rotation.  Others I still feel like I have weeks left with.

Sleep:  Not too bad.  I’m going to order a Snoogle pregnancy pillow because I keep hearing it’s amazing (especially later in pregnancy).  I’m having a hard time justifying a $65 pillow though!!!  There are some that are cheaper, but I definitely want the zip-off jersey cover because the reviews for the covers on the others weren’t great.

Symptoms:  Nausea has lessened greatly.  I get headaches, but not too bad.

Workouts: Yoga, elliptical, simple leg workouts, a little jogging/walking on the treadmill.

Good moments of the week: Not feeling sick all of the time.  Going to a friend’s baby shower – they aren’t so terrible now that I need to pay attention to things I will want/need.

Movement: Nothing yet

Food cravings: Nothing specific

Food aversions: Nothing specific.

What I miss:  Without the nausea this week and without showing yet, I barely felt pregnant, so I didn’t really miss anything.  I’m used to getting up at night now, so that doesn’t even register.

What I’m looking forward to: Our appointment next week, though I can’t believe I’m going to have to pee in a cup at every appointment.  No one told me this and I despise peeing in cups!

Milestones:  Slightly more protrusion with my belly.  We are just starting weekly belly pics.  Ordered a few cloth diapers that were a good deal.

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