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Baby Watch: Week 22

The ultrasound was great and the previa had resolved, so I don’t have restrictions and don’t have to go back to Maternal Fetal Medicine anymore.  We had a great visit home with my family.  In talking with my sisters, I realized that 5 (and possibly all 7) of my nieces’ and nephews’ births were induced.  That kind of took away any hope that I had to not go overdue…but I have long enough to worry about that.  I will be asking my Dr. how long she’ll let me go over if it comes to that.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Boof wouldn’t come upstairs to get in the picture.  I told her that we’re a family and she has to participate in our shenanigans, but she didn’t care.  She was exhausted from our trip home still, even though she didn’t really do anything while she was there.

Check out this gut baby!


Week 22: June 11 – June 17

Baby size: Spaghetti Squash or Papaya – around a pound!

Maternity Clothes: Since capris are no longer acceptable at work, I stopped by Clothes Mentor again to see if they had any more maternity pants.  I didn’t find any that I needed to have, but I got a shirt and a pair of shorts.  I have enough pants for now, but I’ll probably need some later on.  I also returned several maternity items to Kohl’s and Target that didn’t work out like I’d hoped.

Sleep: There were two nights that I didn’t get up to pee!! Yay!  I didn’t take my snoogle pillow to my mom’s because we sleep in a full-size bed there and it would be too crowded. I woke up a lot with my hips hurting, but it was more the hip I was laying on (instead of the top hip), so I don’t think it was for lack of the snoogle as much as it was just from sleeping on an older bed.  It was fine though and they didn’t bother me after I woke up.  By our second night at my parent’s, Boof was exhausted and finally wasn’t a pain in the morning.  And on Monday she didn’t wake up before the alarm for once!  Hopefully this becomes her new habit (again).

Symptoms:  Nothing much this week, which is great.

Workouts: I didn’t do anything for most of the week because I was on “restriction” until my Friday ultrasound.  Monday I was going to take an easy walk on the treadmill but it was causing me mid-section pain no matter how slow I went.  It wasn’t pain like something was wrong, but I think it was round ligament pain.  After a few minutes I went to the elliptical and that didn’t hurt at all, so I went with that.

Good moments of the week: The previa being resolved, visiting family, Lo finally getting to feel the babe move (on Father’s Day, at that)

Food cravings:  I’m eating more candy/sweets than I should lately.  I think not being able to eat them for so long made me want to catch up.  It’s not so much of a craving, but if I see something sweet, I just eat it.

What I miss: Doing certain yoga moves, sleeping through the night, being able to avoid public bathrooms

What I’m looking forward to:  Babysitting for Braxton on Friday (he’s 7 months), getting stuff done around the house.

Milestones: Lo feeling the baby moving, resolved previa

And here’s the baby pic!22 weeks baby

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