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Back from Siesta Key!

Seventy degrees to twenty degrees today.  We preferred going from twenty degrees to seventies when we left Ohio for Florida on Saturday – but we are happy to have our doggy back!  We booked out trip before we knew we were adopting a dog – otherwise we would have driven and taken her with us since we were going to stay with C&K’s and their dogs (they’ve made it’s clear that she’s welcome – it’s not like we’d just show up with her).

We were lucky enough that Boof’s prior foster mom and her family were thrilled to get the chance to keep her for us while we were gone, so we didn’t have to board her or worry about her staying in a brand new place.  We emailed once to check on her and then they called another time to let us know she had the scoots.  They didn’t want to give her anything without asking us, which was nice.  We told them that canned pumpkin on her food often works for loose stools but if they think she needed something stronger, we were fine with them making that judgment call.  It may have been random sickness, stress of not being at home, or that she got into some cat food at their house (she’s pretty sensitive to food changes).  They offered to keep her at their house for the weekend because they felt bad about sending her home with it, but we were definitely anxious to get her back so we declined and made time arrangements for drop-off.  We were joking that they weren’t going to bring her back because they love her so much too.

Once we got home, we were ready for her to get back to us, but we had a couple of hours to wait until they could drop her off.  They said she was doing a little better.  She was happy to get home, but she’s a little out of sorts – she’s tired, but that’s not terribly unusual.
boof after skAside from that, our vacation consisted of tons of fun with friends (we visited friends in Orlando for a night before driving to SK).  Drum Circle, Hub margaritas, beach day, dancing with old people on New Year’s Eve, Daiquiri Deck, bike rides into village, and the kind of fun we could expect when hanging out with our closest friends rounded out the trip.  We also followed our standard ritual of accidentally drinking too much the night before New Year’s Eve and then having to take it a little easy for NYE – but we managed.  And did I mention we had sunshine?!

We took today off work (instead of going back for just one day), so we’re lucky that we can avoid reality for another couple of days!  Happy weekend!

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