Snippets from our week

Snippets from our week

Jenson watches a couple of shows in the morning before Marlowe gets up – otherwise known as mommy time (when I either get on the computer, or get stuff ready if we are going somewhere).  He picks between a few shows (Sesame Street, Super Why?, 

Pigeon Roost Farms

Pigeon Roost Farms

We met some friends at Pigeon Roost Farms one Friday after Lo got off work.  It’s a huge fall playland with tons of activities and animals.  Jenson was thrilled to go because we were with one of his favorite friends, Jackson, and his bestie Emmy.  

Rusty Wallace Racing Experience

Lo and our friend Chuck did the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience on Saturday and had a great time.  They’ve been talking about doing a racing course or something like that for awhile, so when they saw an Amazon deal for this one at the Kentucky 

Glorious Spring Weekend!

We finally got a whole Spring weekend – and it was glorious!  The weather was 60-ish and sunny, and we had a great weekend with lots of friend visits. It started off with massages on Friday – I’d bought daily deals for us to each 

St. Patrick’s Day may forever be a letdown.

We didn’t go out this year for St. Patrick’s Day.  Honestly, St. Patrick’s Day lost a lot of its allure when I had to go gluten-free and could no longer drink real beer. St. Patrick’s Day used to be my favorite holiday and Guinness used 

Back from Siesta Key!

Seventy degrees to twenty degrees today.  We preferred going from twenty degrees to seventies when we left Ohio for Florida on Saturday – but we are happy to have our doggy back!  We booked out trip before we knew we were adopting a dog – 

Zoolights, Success!

Zoolights, Success!

We’ve planned to go to Zoolights at the Columbus Zoo for weeks with our friends.  We picked four different days and each day there was a weather issue…rain, rain, high wind, and then heavy snow.  Finally yesterday the weather cooperated and it was just going 

What we did this weekend: Christmas fun and rashes

On Friday I had a hair appointment after work in the Short North at Waldo’s on High.  I had a cut and balayage highlights put in and they look pretty good.  I went to this salon instead of my normal salon, which is down the 

What we did this weekend: Double Hosting Sunday

On Friday we pretty much just relaxed.  I folded magazine pages to make magazine bowls, we watched lots of tv, Lo made breakfast for dinner, and then we turned in. Saturday was a sleep in day, which I needed since I didn’t get to the