St. Patrick’s Day may forever be a letdown.

We didn’t go out this year for St. Patrick’s Day.  Honestly, St. Patrick’s Day lost a lot of its allure when I had to go gluten-free and could no longer drink real beer. St. Patrick’s Day used to be my favorite holiday and Guinness used to be my favorite beer.  One year, I spent part of St. Patrick’s Day at the Guinness Factory in Ireland and we got to see a flash mob before they were even happening in America.  Have I ever mentioned I love Ireland?guinness factory passionguinness factory flash mobguinness factoryI’ve had a ton of other fun St. Patty’s Days – including one with 2 of my sisters after a volleyball tournament that got a little out of hand with green beer and stuffed animals.  I coincidentally ended up with the flu over the next few days, which my sisters still claim was actually a hangover (because they were hungover too).

Last year we had a lot of fun out during the day with friends, but when we continued into the evening, I didn’t want to be out anymore.  It’s no fun drinking vodka and soda on a holiday that specifically celebrates beer.  No Guinness = lots of jealously on St. Patrick’s Day.

2012 st. patsInstead of going out this year, I made an Irish dinner for Sunday movie night for our friends.  Corned beef, cabbage gratin, roasted potatoes, and balsamic roasted turnips and carrots.  Oh, and green chocolate chip cookies.  Kelley brought Irish cheeses and crackers and chebe cheese rolls.  And Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.  Dinner turned out great, the 4 dogs had a lot of fun and were all tired out halfway through the movie except Mason.  We watched 127 Hours (or whatever it’s called – I don’t feel like googling it).  It’s a fantastic movie about a hiker who gets trapped.   Lo and I had both seen it, but they hadn’t.  All in all, it was a nice day (the Buckeye’s won the Big10 Championship, though I napped through most of it), but felt very little like what used to be my favorite holiday.  I’m sure I’ll have more in the future that are a ton of fun – it just wasn’t in the cards this year.  Someday there will be a pill for gluttards I can take that will allow me to drink Guinness again.  And eat cheddar cheese and pretzel Combos.  Those are the first two things I want to have when that happens.

What was your St. Patrick’s Day like?

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