Snippets from our week

Snippets from our week

Jenson watches a couple of shows in the morning before Marlowe gets up – otherwise known as mommy time (when I either get on the computer, or get stuff ready if we are going somewhere).  He picks between a few shows (Sesame Street, Super Why?, Doc McStuffins, Daniel Tiger, or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).  When an episode is over, Netflix skips the opening song/credits for the next and goes straight to the show, and Jenson always says “Start it, start it!” He has to hear the jingle.  Lately he’s wanted to watch the same episode for days for certain shows and recites some of the words and sings the songs along with the shows.  He also sits on hit potty while watching tv, so he ends up with a big ring on his butt when he stands up from sitting on a hard plastic seat.  It’s kind of funny.


Marlowe has been sleeping slightly better.  She’s not fussing through the night as much, and going slightly longer between feedings.  She’s also nursing better.  This is after 3 visits to the chiropractor…I can’t say for sure that’s the reason, but it seems to be likely.  She goes back twice more next week to address the tightness in her jaw, and that should take care of it.  Today is the first day in a long time that she wasn’t fussy for a portion of the day too.  She even smiled at people and didn’t take a ridiculous amount of naps like she normally does.


Lo is also going to a chiropractor.  If you’ve ever seen his posture, this is a good thing.  The chiro seems to think he can fix him, so it’s worth a shot.

Marlowe is on the move now!  She has rolled front to back once (last week) and back to front twice this week.  She can also scoot herself all around on the play mat.  I do think some of her recent fussiness had to do with learning these skills.  I think she was going through a “leap” (Mental Leap 4 from the Wonder Weeks theory – the World of Events), so hopefully things are better until the next Wonder Week (which are frequent through the first year).


We have local friends!  This is exciting.  A guy that Lo worked with in IT at the Court and his wife live 10 minutes from us, and we finally got together with them.  We hung out with them years ago when we lived downtown one random drunken night out with court people.  I had a blast with Matt’s wife and we said we’d get together again and never did.  Fast forward 6-7 years and we both live around here, have 2 kids (they have a girl who is one month older than Jenson, and a boy who is 4 months older than Marlowe), she works part-time, and neither of us know anyone where we live.  It’s kind of perfect.  Jenson and M got along GREAT (after they both got over their shyness).  I think we’ll be spending a lot of time with them.  As I told them, it’s nice to have someone to hang out with that you liked before kids – not just because you’re thrown together because the kids are friends.

Boof is still a crack head.  I don’t know what has gotten into her, but she’s a special dog.  She’s not being bad, but she’s being slightly more annoying than usual.  She begs like never before, and always trying to get our attention.  I swear we don’t neglect her and I give her plenty of attention during the day, but she follows me around constantly.  She even started waiting for me to go to bed again most nights.  This is her wanting her dinner….an hour before she normally eats.

IMG_7189 IMG_7201

I couldn’t decide what to watch after everyone goes to bed, so I ended up watching Hart of Dixie because it’s rated highly and there are several seasons (so it should take awhile to get through).  It’s decent…cheesy, but fine.  But the music is AMAZING.  It’s pretty much my “The Lone Bellow” Pandora station (with a hint of Lumineers), which Lo hates because he thinks its boring, but I loooove it.

We’ve had a lot of play dates lately.  I think I’m just ready to get out of the house this spring and feel like I can manage it finally, but it’s nice for both me and Jenson (Marlowe is just along for the ride).  I think he’s had 5 get togethers with other kids in the last two weeks – some twice in one day.  In all cases but one, the kids are older than him – he loves playing with older kids and copying them – and they usually take the lead and like to be bossy, so it’s perfect.

IMG_7097 IMG_7264

As I posted on FB today, 10 years ago I accidentally hit on Lo at work via email.  I say accidentally because while I was interested in him, I had no intention of hitting on him.  I actually was going out with someone else that night who I had been casually seeing (though he was moving, so there was an end date in sight).  I got home from work and told my roommate that I think I hit on the IT guy.  She asked if that was a good thing and I said “I think so”.  Lo asked me out the following week and I was said “Sure, I’m free in two weeks from Tuesday”.  He thought I was blowing him off, but that was really when I was free next.  I was going out of town over the weekends and I played volleyball 3-4 times a week back then.  We finally went out for a drink, and the rest is history.  When we were young…


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