Organizing photos, baby books and memories

I feel like I’m constantly behind on a million things I want to do…but maybe that’s just life with kids?  Lately I’m obsessed with wanting to write things down for my kids so they have documented memories forever.  I think a lot of it has to do with how much Marlowe is changing, and how […]

What to expect: Bringing baby home

I found this post languishing in drafts from awhile ago, and decided I should finish it.  I know a lot of people who’ve brought home babies recently, or who are about to, so I’ve been thinking about all of that newborn stuff lately.  We also watched our neighbors 8 week old recently, and it’s insane […]

Bedtime and morning weaning from nursing

Jenson recovered from his mysterious virus over last weekend and is back to himself, though a little clingy still.  Basically, he vomited for 7 days without having any other symptoms of flu or other illness.  We went to urgent care first (on a Sunday after Christmas), and to the pediatrician 3 times within a week […]

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Onesie

Jenson has a Thanksgiving outfit that his Aunt Summer and Uncle Gary sent him, but I couldn’t resist making this turkey onesie because I’ve had it pinned since before we were even ready for kids.  The website I pinned it from is no longer available, so I had to wing it (no pun intended).  He […]

Got mastitis? Tips for nursing and nursing woes.

Mastitis is breast inflammation caused by an obstruction from plugged milk ducts, infection from bacteria that enters through a cracked nipple, or allergy, and is most common in the baby’s first 2 months of nursing. Stress and fatigue can increase risk of mastitis (what new mom doesn’t experience stress and fatigue?!!). I suffered from mastitis 2 […]

Jenson update: One Month Old

Jenson is almost 5.5 weeks now, but I was waiting on his 1 month appointment before doing his monthly update.  Or I forgot to do one.  You pick.  He had his one month appointment on Tuesday and it went well.  His growth is perfect and he made it through his Hep B shot, though he […]