Rusty Wallace Racing Experience

Lo and our friend Chuck did the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience on Saturday and had a great time.  They’ve been talking about doing a racing course or something like that for awhile, so when they saw an Amazon deal for this one at the Kentucky Speedway, they went for it. I can’t say I wasn’t […]

St. Patrick’s Day may forever be a letdown.

We didn’t go out this year for St. Patrick’s Day.  Honestly, St. Patrick’s Day lost a lot of its allure when I had to go gluten-free and could no longer drink real beer. St. Patrick’s Day used to be my favorite holiday and Guinness used to be my favorite beer.  One year, I spent part […]

Back from Siesta Key!

Seventy degrees to twenty degrees today.  We preferred going from twenty degrees to seventies when we left Ohio for Florida on Saturday – but we are happy to have our doggy back!  We booked out trip before we knew we were adopting a dog – otherwise we would have driven and taken her with us […]

Zoolights, Success!

We’ve planned to go to Zoolights at the Columbus Zoo for weeks with our friends.  We picked four different days and each day there was a weather issue…rain, rain, high wind, and then heavy snow.  Finally yesterday the weather cooperated and it was just going to be cold.  We can handle cold… We met at […]

What we did this weekend: Christmas fun and rashes

On Friday I had a hair appointment after work in the Short North at Waldo’s on High.  I had a cut and balayage highlights put in and they look pretty good.  I went to this salon instead of my normal salon, which is down the street, because I won a certificate in the silent auction […]

What we did this weekend: Double Hosting Sunday

On Friday we pretty much just relaxed.  I folded magazine pages to make magazine bowls, we watched lots of tv, Lo made breakfast for dinner, and then we turned in. Saturday was a sleep in day, which I needed since I didn’t get to the weekend before.  I worked on some blog posts for Living […]