Do This Stuff Already

These are things we need to try to do this year.  We often talk about wanting to do things, but we never really write them down and then we forget or put them off.  I’ll cross off as we get them done.  I’ll also add more when they come up.

  • Take down our Christmas tree.  Yeah, it’s still up and surprisingly still alive.
  • Buy a new car – Lo’s bit the dust, but we were going to buy one anyway. We bought a 2011 Ford Fusion – fully loaded! – at the end of January. 1/2013
  • Attempt to fix Lo’s car.  It’s the timing belt, it’s a long shot, but it’s not worth anything now, so why not?  If it works, we’ll keep his instead of mine.  If not, we’ll sell it for parts. He fixed it in the beginning of February – saving us $1000’s. 2/2013
  • Sell my car.  My sister/bil are buying it.  I’m going to miss it!
  • Organize the pantry.  It is a mess.  That is my fault.  I’ve seriously never organized it since we threw everything in there after we moved.  In May. FINALLY 1/6/13
  • Get furnace repaired – two issues came up with our recent furnace inspection. HE DID IT – saving us $1100! 1/14/13
  • Get Boof’s teeth cleaned.  She has gingivitis and her breath is NASTY.  Her breath is SO much better.  2/2013
  • Organize fridge better.  The side by side was hard for us to get used to and it’s kind of a mess in there still. 1/9/13
  • Fix sink in Val’s bathroom He’s my hero 1/16/13
  • Add a cabinet door on the back of the peninsula so we can utilize the weird corner cabinet from the other side.
  • Buy vent redirector for green room.  It drives Lo crazy that the couch sits over the vent (but it’s up on legs so it’s not too bad). I don’t know when he did this, but it’s done.
  • Frame out the mirror in his bathroom
  • Add closet shelves in my closet and organize.  There’s a lot of wasted space.  He added shelves – now it’s my responsibility to organize.
  • Fix coat closet door or do this  Fixed the door – it was off track. 3/2013
  • Find spice bottle trays to fit in drawer (failed on this last year and spice door is terrifying)  Yay! Found inexpensive trays at Container store that fit perfectly!
  • Recover/refinish window seat
  • Orb gold door knobs
  • Sand and paint white table in basement  Lo did this
  • Gutter guards
  • Stain deck
  • Mulch beds
  • Photo wall – which means, print photos
  • Get canvas prints made I finally got some…just need to hang!
  • Hang art
  • Figure out which wine rack to build
  • Make a craft a month, new or old (I tend to wait until near Christmas to make stuff for people).
  • Build a salad table 5/2013
  • Build or buy a shoe bench for entryway
  • Get knocked up 1/2013 🙂
  • Do better at keeping up with magazines.  My pile is out of control. (doing okay, but not great)
  • Build this blog – get to 150 followers.  I know that doesn’t sound very ambitious, but it can be a process.
  • Master some new yoga poses – like crane and side crane – I’m hit and miss.  Refine headstands (especially triangle and work on handstands).
  • Fix microwave light 5/2013
  • Fix wall in entryway where we hung a mirror that we not only in the wrong place and too close to the light switch, but it looked terrible.
  • Paint/rehang basement railing
  • Stabilize (and maybe paint) main floor stair railing
  • Place rest of solar lights bought on clearance over the winter
  • Get security bars or alarm for basement windows
  • Figure something out with carpet in living room and master bedroom.  We got it cleaned, but spots are pulling up from the fibers and it’s looking bad.  May do engineered wood in these areas instead of carpet.
  • Refinish old dressers
  • Patch bad spot on countertop and possible refinish (our neighbors used a kit on theirs and it looks great)
  • Paint vanity in master bedroom – for some reason it’s two-toned.
  • Think about security system

To Buy:

  • Light globe for kitchen  Yay – found it used at Furniture ReStore for like $5.
  • TV for above fireplace – Lo hung it on a swing out arm so we can see it from kitchen
  • Couch for front room – 5/2013
  • End tables for front room and green room
  • Coffee table for front room
  • Furniture for basement
  • Patio Furniture – 6/2013
  • Chair or something for front porch
  • Fridge water filter
  • fire extinguishers for upstairs and basement (only have in kitchen and garage)
  • seeds for garden

Pinspiration: Thinking about doing these…

Things for next years list because this is getting too long = expensive

  • Paint bedroom and possibly downstairs
  • Frame out/change closets between nursery/pink horse room.  Yes, we have rooms called nursery and pink horse room.
  • Add real closet to OSU room.
  • Add paver patio off deck
  • New carpet (may do wood instead)
  • Refinish bedroom furniture (from Julie)
  • Get a bed or daybed for other spare room
  • Maybe add a doggie door (Boof is starting to love being in the backyard)


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