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Facebook. Drama?

I can’t believe how many people on Facebook complain about how they can’t stand the drama of Facebook or how they need to “take a break from Facebook” or they warn/threaten that they are going to be cutting down their friend list (or all three). Now it’s fine if they decide it’s just not for them – but they don’t really need to make a big deal about it. 

1. Most people won’t care or notice if you left or unfriended them. But when you post a threat to leave or “clean out your friend list”, they’ll beg and plead for you not to, because they feel like they should. They will leave tons of comments begging you to stay or to not delete them from your “friends” list. So when you actually say that you can’t stand the drama, you are actually creating more by being dramatic.

2. It’s a website that you can pretty much control what you are exposed to, and also what you expose. You can friend who you want, read what you want, share what you want, hide people that you “have” to be friends with, but don’t actually want any contact with. You can also create secret special groups so you only share things with the people that you choose. Delete the people you don’t want to be friends with or if they are creating drama. Again- see number 1.

3. Facebook taking up too much time? Uh…get a life, get a job, get a hobby, or whatever it takes so that you fill up those hours that you spend on FB. When you are busy, you don’t really care what someone’s dog did that day. Is that not working? Join Pinterest. You’ll waste so much time on there that you won’t have time for Facebook. If you do need to take a break- just do it. Chances are, most people won’t even notice (sorry, but it’s the truth). The people who you are close to will probably notice, but if you’re that close to them, email, text, or tell them in person. If you post it, it’s because you want people to beg you not to. Drama.

As for drama- people that have drama in their lives seem to have much of it because they allow it or create it. I can’t even tell you about the last time I was dealing with drama- because I just won’t involve myself in it. People tell me about the drama in their lives, but it has nothing to do with me. I may complain and sympathize with them, but when we’re done, it’s not my drama.

Rules for Facebook:
If you don’t have anything nice to post or comment, don’t. You just look like an ahole when you do that. Different political views or fav sports teams? Shut your trapper – your comments aren’t going to change anyone’s mind.

Don’t post that you need farm animals or corn or whatever the hell you’re looking for for your facebook game. It just makes you look pathetic. If you want to play a game, play “words with friends”. You’ll at least use some brain power with that one.

Don’t send me hearts or flowers or poke me or other weird things like that. If you are thinking of me, just post “hi” on my page, or send me a message. that way it’s at least a little personal and not something that you did en mass.

Don’t post anything that will make you look bad if a job interviewer looked at your page. This includes your drama! How will you handle a job if you can’t even pretend to handle your life? And yes, companies have people looking at your social media before hiring you. It doesn’t really matter if you think you’re set to private.

Finally, don’t send friend requests if you aren’t, or don’t intend to be someone’s friend. Just because you know my sister or my last name, or i knew your daughter 15 years ago, doesn’t mean we need to be friends. It just makes you look nosy, even if it is for good intentions. And if I don’t accept you, don’t send me another request. It isn’t going to happen! If that makes me a bitch, you shouldn’t want to be my friend anyway.

Think of facebook as a way to supplement your friendships…post little things that aren’t worth a phone call or text, comment when you have something nice to add or something to ask, post pictures that others would want to see, and don’t be an a-hole.

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