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Holding Court

Holding Court

Jenson likes to line things up – like his toys and books.  It’s something he’s been doing pretty much since he could walk.  A little toddler OCD perhaps?  Regardless, it’s adorable.

As you can see from Feb:


Last month I walked into the living room where he was playing and he was setting his stuffed animals up around him on his little couch.  He needed my help because some of them were falling over, but once they were situated, he was so happy.  He sat there with them for at least 15 minutes – talking to them and just hanging out.  Holding court.

stuffed animalsstuffed animals

stuffed animalsstuffed animals

He also spent some time lining up a pile of magazines, except he had so many books on the floor that he was just placing them wherever there was empty floor space, making sure they weren’t touching.

stuffed animals

Then he asked me to lay down with him on the couch, which usually ends up him sitting on my head.  But this time he was just being sweet and snuggly.

hanging with momhanging with mom



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