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Jenson update: 14 months

Jenson update: 14 months

Jenson is 14 months!  We went to Vegas again to visit Max and Co., enjoyed a baby shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Jenson’s twin cousins (boys), and took a long weekend to visit my family for Thanksgiving.

with max  thanksgiving

The best news of the month – sleeping through the night consistently!!!  And he got his cast off and had no issues using his arm!  Such a relief!  I also stopped pumping regularly (YAY!) and we started mixing breastmilk bottles from my freezer stash with cows milk and he isn’t having any issues.  He also perfected his standing, and can stand up really steady without any support and from sitting/crawling, and he started taking a few steps here and there.

balloon cast off

He started to become super obsessed with Lo this month.  He still can be clingy to me, but it’s not unusual for him to push me away and reach for Lo, or to say “daddy, daddy” when he sees him.  He had a cold, fever, and pink eye all at some point during this month, but was mostly in good spirits regardless.

reading with daddy

Monthly Jenson update:  November  7 – December 6, 2014 

  • Age:  14 month old
  • Weight:  almost 21 lbs
  • Length:  approx. 30 inches
  • Size:  He’s wearing mostly 12 month clothing, but some 9 month onesies still fit, and some 18 month clothing is starting to fit well enough.
  • Diapers:  Cloth diapers, except at night.  Not much change here.  He’s gone back and forth with diaper rash, but I think it’s related to trying new foods.  He moved up to size 4 diapers for disposables.
  • Hair and Eyes: His hair got so long again this month!  We decided one day at the last minute that he needed a haircut and were able to walk in at a Barber shop in Dublin.  The guy was great with him and gave him SUCH a good haircut.  Jenson sat by himself and only cried at the end when he had to hold his head looking down to cut the bottom of the back.  I think we’ll be going here in the future!  His eyes are more hazel now, which is always what I expected. Big and bright.  Here’s the before, during, and after haircut.  (he has nap head in the after shot)

pre haircut haircutdaddy

  • Teeth: He has his two bottom teeth and got four top teeth this month!  He was a little fussy, but not terrible. It’s so weird seeing so many teeth in there now!  We thought he was working on his 1 year molars a few weeks back, but nothing happened and they seemed to stop bugging him.


  • Sleeping: He finally started sleeping through the night consistently again!  YAY!  He goes to sleep around 715-730 p.m. and wakes between 5 and 630 a.m.  I bring him into bed and nurse him, and he often goes back to sleep for a bit.  He wakes and cries out through the night, and moves all over the crib, but settles himself.  He woke a couple of times, but usually something was going on (teeth, diaper leakage, etc). He still usually takes 2 naps a day, but not usually in his crib.  If we are home, he’s with one of us usually, if he’s with his sitter, he naps beside her on the couch usually.

sleeping nursing pad nap sleeping

  • Eating:  Jenson eats well enough now, unless he has teeth or something bugging him.  Sometimes he prefers to be spoonfed than to feed himself, but we just do what we need to do to get him to eat.  He mostly only nurses before bed, in the morning, and before naps on the weekend.  He usually has 3 bottles while we are at work, which are mostly cow’s milk, mixed with some thawed breastmilk from my stash.  He also tried peanut butter this month – and loved it – with no reaction.  Sometimes he drops things on his own head or get a little messy.

cheese on head  hummus

  • Movement: He started standing and taking steps this month!  He stands very steady – can get up and down without support, and takes tentative steps.  He LOVES dancing too – he can’t fight the music.  He claps and dancing when he hears it.

dancing dancing standing

  • Words & Sounds:
    Dada and daddy, Mama, Bff (Boof), Nana, Yeah!, BapPap (repeating Pappap), pappaw, yellow, toothbrush, ball, blue, duck.  He vocab exploded this month.  He mocks so many words that we say, including his name, and says sock (and sockie), doggy, Max, jumpy and bouncy, Sadie, bye bye, night night.  I pretty much stopped keeping track each week because he says so many words – probably at least 40 words.  He knows what a lot of words are too, like duck, ball, and sock.
  • Milestones:
    – cast came off!
    – second haircut
    – second trip to vegas
    – standing up and sitting down without support
    – taking steps
    – drinking cows milk
    – eats peanut butter
    – lots of new words
    – sleeping through the night!
    – 4 new top teeth
    – pink eye (I’m sure this won’t be the first time)
    – Zoolights

zoolights pink eye

  • Favorite Toys/Activities:
    – Books!  Especially books with flaps.
    – Clapping and dancing
    – Loves kisses (giving and receiving) and having his face stroked
    – Looking at himself in the mirror
    – Playing with Braxton
    – Sleeping between us in the bed
    – Likes being tickled in his armpits and his chunky thighs – Playing in “his” plastic container cabinet in the kitchen
    – Looking at pictures and videos of himself on our phones
    – Swimming in the pool
    – Playing in the bathtub
    – Riding in his wagon around the house
    – High 5’s and touchdowns!

touchdown swimming reading on flightvolleyball  with sadie

  • Dislikes:
    – Getting his hair rinsed – he tries to climb out of the tub
    – Getting eye drops put in for pink eye, or using the snot sucker
    – Wearing shoes – when we put shoes on him, his legs don’t work.  He doesn’t throw a fit, but he won’t support his weight.  It’s kind of funny – he doesn’t need to wear them, so it’s okay.
    – Not getting his way (like every kid)

laying on the floor

This face.  We love him beyond belief.

happy before bed

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