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MLS Cup Championship

MLS Cup Championship

The Columbus Crew went to the MLS Cup Championship again – the second time in 7 years – and we got to go to the game again.  The last time was a bit more of an adventure because the game was in L.A., and this time the game was at home, but we wouldn’t have been able to go if it wasn’t at home this late in my pregnancy.  Well, I wouldn’t have been able to, and I’m not sure Lo would’ve taken the risk even if I was okay with it.

Jenson got to go to Nana and Papaw’s for a cookie-making adventure and to spend the night.  He had a blast, I’m sure, because sugar and cousins, and family.  Oh, and pie.  He’s got a thing for pie, and Nana and Papaw are happy to oblige.  I warned them that he’s going to expect pie every time he comes now!  Somehow I don’t think that’ll be a problem (which is fine with me because we never have pie, so he’s not going to get it here!).

A little heavy on the sprinkles…

cookie making cookie making

Tasting some of the goods

cookie making cookie making

Yogurt break to add a little protein to that sugar.  And then a crash and a book with Peepaw and Sadie.

cookie making cookie making

So while he had fun there, we went to the game with some of Lo’s friends who have been watching Crew games together for longer than I’ve been around.  We all used to go to a ton of home games, but with some of us having families and others moving or having other priorities, it doesn’t happen much anymore.  Lo only made it to about 4 games this year, and I only got to 2.  And I’ll be honest, I’m a fair-weather fan – not meaning that I only support them when they are good, but that I only go when the weather is fair.  I would have gone to the Championship no matter the weather, but luckily it was going to be high 40’s-50’s for the whole game, so not too bad.

mls cup mls cup mls cup mls cup

I didn’t take many pics (I’m in a group photo on someone else’s phone) and the Crew lost to Portland, but it was still a fun game.  There were some major officiating issues, including one where the ball was out of bounds to everyone in the entire stadium except the ref, which led directly to a Portland goal, but all in all, the Crew was just outplayed – there will always be poor reffing calls for both teams.

It would have been better for it to end like last time, but at least they made it back to the big game in a year that it didn’t appear they even had a chance early on.

mls cup crew 2008

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