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Our Weekend – Relaxing and Organizing

We returned from vacation on Thursday, and we had Friday off from work, so we had a long, but relaxing weekend.  We really should have went to look at and test drive some cars, but instead we decided to be mostly lazy.  Lo did some snow shoveling and other outdoor activities – including most of Boof’s walks, so I was the laziest for sure.

On Friday afternoon we decided we should take Boof to the vet because she was still have diarrhea (I seriously can never spell that word without looking it up).  The vet had a 5 p.m. open, so it worked out perfectly, thought that meant I couldn’t go to the yoga class I had hoped to attend.  Everything checked out okay and we got some pills to give her, were told to skip her evening meal, and resume with chicken and rice for a few days.  She was so unhappy with us that evening.  She thought we had forgotten to feed her and was really sad all night.  It was so hard!  We prepped food for her (plain chicken and white rice) and some for us in the crockpot (Slow Cooker Asian Glazed Chicken – post coming for that) and watched some movies (including End of Watch – it was good).  We debated over whether to let Boof sleep in our bed because we felt so bad, but we decided that we wouldn’t invite her up, but if she got up there for some reason, we wouldn’t kick her out.  She ended up getting in bed with me in the morning after Lo had walked and fed her (he gets up way earlier than me), so I didn’t make her get down and we slept for 2 more hours.

On Saturday we did much of the same as Friday.  Relaxing.  Movie watching (21 Jump Street – it was okayish).  Blogging.  We had a (late) Christmas party to go to at our friends house.  They usually have the party early in December every year, but since they were in the process of moving (near us!) at that time, they delayed it.  It was our 3rd year going and is always a lot of fun.  The highlight of the night is the White Elephant gift exchange.  The gifts are almost always fun, random, secondhand, and/or alcoholic -so there’s a lot of stealing going on.  This year the gifts included Cookie Dough Flavored Vodka, Billy Big Mouth Bass, Wine, Beer, Justin Bieber Fun Pack, Star Wars Fun Pack, Bowl Set, Booze and Mustache Bag (our contribution), “Your Orgasmic Pregnancy” Book (what we won – but we hid it so a lady who was pregnant actually ended up with it), a drink dispenser that was a man figure and his peepee was the spout (!), a weird Face kit for a clay pot, 101 99 Nights of Great Sex Board Game (two of the cards had been removed by the contributors), 2 Fertility “Kits” (one “kit” has been around for years and is 5/5 at producing babies within the year – the other “kit” is brand new and produced a baby for the couple who bought it before they could even gift it).  The reason I have kit in quotations, is because they are a pretty random group of items.  One couple actually ended up with both fertility kits, so we are expecting twins for them!  There’s one more gift that I’m forgetting – but a bottle of wine will do that do me.

We started out Sunday pretty lazy, but I finally organized the pantry – that had been unorganized since we moved.  In May!  I’ll post about the process.  I was always so embarrassed when anyone would look in my pantry.  While I was working on that (for hours), Lo took down the Christmas trees and decorations.  I organized a couple of other cabinets in the kitchen, Lo vacuumed, and then we ate dinner and back to the couch we went.

There were definitely some naps that were had this weekend.  Not naming any names, but….

man and dog relaxing and nappingI swear those were two different days!  Hope you had a good weekend – do anything fun?

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