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Photo Favorites: December 15 – 21, 2014

Photo Favorites: December 15 – 21, 2014

I mentioned that we got our Christmas tree last week, but what I didn’t mention is that we picked out a great tree and when we had the guy drill a hole up the trunk for our tree stand, he drilled it quite crookedly.  There’s  really no way to fix that, so we had a slanty tree.  The only way to fix it was to buy a clamp stand to use instead, and that seemed like too much work.  Next year we’ll go to a real tree farm where they use a machine to drill the hole to ensure that it’s straight.  It worked out well enough because it leaned towards the wall, so we didn’t have to worry about it falling forward.

Surprisingly, Jenson hardly messed with the tree the whole time it was up.  Lo just made sure that unbreakable ornaments were on the bottom, and he didn’t even mess with those.  Every once in awhile he’d go over and touch the needles, but he didn’t pick at them or mess with anything.  We were fairly certain we were going to have to put a superyard gate around it, and luckily we didn’t need to.

Photo Favorites: December 8 – 14, 2014

After Lo put the lights on our slanty tree, Jenson spent some time checking it out and critiquing his work.

christmas tree christmas tree

He was pretty interested in the strand of lights, and then he decided that they were terrifying or something, and started crying hard.

christmas treechristmas tree
Posing with Boofy and trying to put a bow on his head.

christmas tree christmas tree christmas tree

The slanty tree in all it’s glory.  It also had an incredibly long top branch, which Lo didn’t feel like trimming, so our star looks a little like it’s floating  way above the tree. It’s all good…Jenson didn’t care.

christmas tree christmas tree

christmas tree

Boof showing off her Christmas finest (which I forgot to let her wear on Christmas).  She actually likes to wear shirts, despite Lo’s belief.  She runs over and sits down in front of me anytime she sees me holding one of her shirts.

They were reading before bed.  Jenson must have wanted to see what the pictures looked like from above.

boof reading

– Jenson with Mary Louise.  I realized that I have almost zero pictures of them together, which is insane, considering the amount of time she spends with him.  Her hair looked nice, so I asked her to pose with him.
– Riding on his bouncy elephant
– This is the face he makes when he’s watching videos of himself.  It’s so funny.  He smiles every now and then or looks at us to make sure we are watching too, but mostly he makes this serious face.

jenson and ml riding elephant watching videos\

I have no idea what he was eating here, but it didn’t go well.

messy eating

It was a chilly day, but seemed good for a walk, so he wore his bear suit that Aunt Summer sent him.  He stayed nice and toasty.

going for a walk going for a walk

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