Pumpkin Wine Bottle and Halloween deco

I’m very excited for our first Halloween and trick-or-treating in our new house since I’ve never had trick-or-treaters before.  I’ve made and bought a few decorations and our friend gave us a big tub of decorations that they no longer use.

Awhile back I pinned a wine bottle painted like a jack-o-lantern and finally got the spray paint to make it.  Lo taped off the face for me and then I sprayed it and let it sit for a day.  It didn’t come out perfectly, but it looks pretty cool.  I have 2 more taped off to spray tomorrow.  It’s super simple…just remove the label from your bottle, along with the sticky stuff left behind, tape off the neck for the stem using painters tape, and cut the face out of painters tape and stick on the bottle.  Spray with orange spray paint and allow to dry for a day before removing the tape.
Then I realized how the skeleton that we had hanging from our dining room light has her hands like she’s holding a bottle and I decided to pose her with it.

And then I decided that she should serve the other skeleton some wine…

Then I decided that they should have a whole meal and spent way too much time arranging them and the table and taking tons of pictures.  This was time that I really didn’t have to spare by the way…

But it looks cool and it makes me happy when I walk into our dining room.

I also set up our mantle with some stuff Kelley gave me…

And then hung a mummy over the toilet in our guest bathroom because I happened to notice there was a nail already in the wall and a loop on the back of the mummy….

We also made a little graveyard below our porch but I haven’t taken pictures yet.

Are you doing any decorating for Halloween?

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