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Recently…patio furniture, zoo, adoption and more!

Recently, this is what’s been going on….

I posted Fitness Friday on Thursday and didn’t realize it until Thursday night!  Since I don’t play in volleyball leagues anymore, it’s hard to keep track of what day it is during the week!

We finally got to IKEA to get our patio furniture after switching cars with Lo’s mom so we’d have an SUV.  It was almost disastrous because the table and 6 chair set was out of stock.  It turned out the chairs with arms were out of stock, but they still had the table and other chair options.  We were going to get 8 chairs total, because the table has leaves that fold out to sit 8-10.  So we got 2 of the armless folding chairs (which I planned to get as the extras), and a matching 2 person bench.  We figured that once the normal dining chairs are in stock and we can get the ones we want, we can use the bench as other seating on the deck or porch.  We also got a side table and lamps for the living room, a large picture for above the couch, and a variety of other small items.  We’ll have to go back for the chairs and maybe some baby stuff, but they should fit in our car.

We went to the Zoo with friends who came into town with their almost 2 year old. The weather was good and not super-hot, but I was still pretty worn out after walking through the entire Zoo.  We’ll probably get a membership next year so we can take the baby often since it’s only 5 minutes down the road.


I LOVE komodo dragons.  I used to dream about them all the time.  I don’t really anymore and I kind of miss it – even though they were usually try to kill me.komodo

This monkey was pretty industrious with his Lowe’s yard waste bag, and then he dropped it when he got close to the top and gave up.monkey

Our friends’ baby’s final adoption hearing was on Monday and we were lucky enough to be able to attend.  I’m so excited our baby will grow up with him!  He was such a poker face that day, but I finally got this: braxton adoption day

Ever since Boof ate a cake, she’s been waking up early in the morning.  She used to sleep until she heard Lo downstairs in the kitchen and then she’d go down to get her food.  For months before that, she used to have to be lured from bed with a little piece of carrot so he’d have time to feed and walk her.  So her trying to get up at 5 during the week and 6 on the weekends just isn’t working for us.  He’ll tell her to go back to bed and sometimes she’ll listen, or he’ll just invite her up into the bed and she’ll sleep for a bit longer.  It’s still annoying.  I don’t know if it has anything to do with the chocolate and the cake, or whether she’s really hungry in the morning since she’s on the diet food.

Oh – and she also doesn’t like me anymore.  I’ll sit by her and she’ll get up and move.  She pretty much only tolerates me rubbing her belly in the morning and before we go upstairs for the night.  I’ve started feeding her again to see if that helps, but she pretty much only likes Lo.  She gets excited when I come in the door, but she gets over that pretty quickly.  She done this with me before – she’ll get over it.  In the meantime, this is how she looks at me:boof mad


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