Gluten-free Breaded Asiago Tilapia

We hadn’t had fish in a few weeks, so when I needed something that would thaw quickly for the next day, frozen tilapia filets would be perfect.  When I organized the pantry recently, I found some gluten-free breadcrumbs and thought I’d give them a shot.  Just in case the breadcrumbs sucked, I decided to mix […]

Red Gold Lasagna Kit giveaway and recipe

Lasagna is the ultimate comfort food…cheesy, meaty, saucy pasta.  It seems complicated, but it’s not – especially when you let the noodles cook right in the lasagna – just layer and bake.  Lasagna freezes well, so it never hurts to make a double batch and freeze one for later (or share the lasagna love and […]

Roasted Balsamic Butternut Squash with Goat Cheese

I like most variety of winter squash, but Lo isn’t a big fan.  He’ll eat a squash dish if I make it (usually), but he’s not a big fan…just a good sport.  And he probably won’t eat leftovers, so I’ll be like – why have I been eating this for 5 days in a row?!  […]

Gluten free Zucchini Bread

I ended up with some extra zucchini in my fridge this summer (unfortunately, it wasn’t grown in my volunteer garden), so I decided to make some gluten-free zucchini bread for a Norwex party I was hosting (more on Norwex another time…but it’s awesome – and I’m not paid to say that).  I got a new […]

PB Oat Balls, or Boobie Balls

I can’t believe I haven’t posted my recipe for Boobie Balls yet, considering I’ve sent it to everyone I know who is lactating, may be within the next year, or just likes snacks.  See, I call these Boobie Balls, but they aren’t going to make anyone lactate, rather they are good for supporting already occurring lactation (and […]

Wake up with Butter Coffee (I’m serious)

I know, I know, butter coffee doesn’t sound very appealing…. I was laying in bed while Jenson was napping beside me one Saturday late morning, scrolling through my facebook feed when I saw a post about Bulletproof Coffee.  I read the article in the link and decided that it sounded gross, but I just had […]

Slow Cooker BBQ Potato Soup

I had a bag of yukon gold potatoes that had been hanging out since before Jenson was born that I needed to use up before they sprouted their own babies.  Potato soup seemed like the easiest way to use up the whole bag and would require the least amount of time in the kitchen.  I […]

Spicy Eggplant and Beef

This meal sure isn’t pretty….  As a matter of fact, it looks truly gross – but it is so good!  Even Lo really liked it and he’s never been thrilled with any eggplant recipe I made.  My sister emailed the recipe to me and when I had an eggplant lingering in the fridge from taking […]

Red Gold Summer Grilling Giveaway and Spicy Tomato Burger

During the summertime, we love making burgers and grilling.  When Red Gold Tomatoes sent me a gift pack with burger recipes, a variety pack of tomatoes including new flavors, spicy ketchup, and an apron, and asked me to try out their recipes, I was all about it.  We love adding different ingredients and seasonings to […]